Water Ozonator

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Model: WOZ5
$350.00 USD

The Water Ozonator by SOTA is designed to produce a glass of fresh ozone water for drinking, to increase oxygen content of the water and give a fresher taste. Independent laboratory tests show the SOTA Water Ozonator "sterilizes drinking water that is heavily contaminated with several different micro organisms."*

The SOTA Water Ozonator is portable as it operates using 12 Volts. Ozone output is greater than 200 mg/Hr.

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* Nova Biologicals Inc., Texas, US

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Jeff B, Texas, USA

"I have had this unit (WOZ5) for almost five years, and I wanted to let you know that I have not had a single issue in all those years... It's wonderful. Thank you! It's a great product, and I would highly recommend it."

Jeff B, Texas, USA

I have been nothing short of blown away at your dedication to your customers. I drink ozonator water every day and the difference in my energy levels and how I feel is astounding. Thank you for making a real quality water ozonator. If only more people knew how wonderful these machines are.

Michael C., Barcelona, Spain

Just a quick message to say I absolutely love my new Water Ozonator. I use it every day, twice a day. I've noticed that when I come in from work very tired, late in the evening I drink one glass and I stop yawning.

Sean D., California, USA
Curtis Cooperman, New Jersey, USA

"Thanks for being there and we love the new Water Ozone Generator. Beautiful. It functions and operates like a dream."

Curtis Cooperman, New Jersey, USA

I am convinced that the ozone is a very important part of this protocol. I love you all SOTA. You are my friends and family that I haven't met, but love with all my heart.

A.I., Ukraine
Alice Manzer, California, USA

"I have used these units for over 6 years now as part of my overall plan to maintain my health and zesty spirit at the age of 81 years … I have the Silver Pulser, Magnetic Pulser and Water Ozonator. Thank you SOTA for being a partner with me in my ongoing commitment to staying healthy."

Alice Manzer, California, USA

When I started drinking ozonated water I felt better almost immediately. The difference was quite dramatic.

Paul Holloway, United Kingdom
Rose Elliot, California, USA

"My husband and I now have the Water Ozonator, and from the first drink I could feel the life-giving energy. I praise God that you are here to help me and others."

Rose Elliot, California, USA
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