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Life and Health
Life and Health

What has worked, what hasn't and what are some of the pitfalls on our journey to improve life and gain better health? For us the first step was taking responsibility for our own life and health.

With our health, for example, while we learn from and work with health professionals, ultimately we take responsibility for our own health and well–being. We bring you articles with tips to gain a balanced life, to regain and then maintain health. Like many of you, our health journey means we’ve tried an enormous number of products in the process of discovering the natural therapies that work for us.

Two models for health have co–existed over the past century—the Natural Health Model and the Medical Health Model. The Natural Health Model is the older of the two approaches to health as this model dates back many centuries. During the 1900’s, however, the Medical Health Model established dominance to the point where an understanding of the Natural Health Model has been lost to most of society. …
Have you noticed it’s getting harder to be healthy? We sure have. The quality of our air, water and food, that we rely on to sustain us, has changed. We don’t notice when we consume a pollutant here or an additive there—they don’t seem to harm us. Eventually, however, the pollutants and additives along with stress add up—to the point we get sick. Let’s look at a few of the reasons …
Creating health is a process not a destination. We create either health or disease with the things we do every day. In other words, if you take steps every day to create health, you will be healthier. If the steps you take daily create disease, you will eventually be ill. We offer 12–steps to build health.
Dr. Bernie Siegel says simply that problems are “… God’s reset button.” Illness is a dramatic signal that we need to make changes in our attitude and in our lives. Does illness happen to us willy–nilly at the whim of fate or life? … or … do we play a role in the creation of our illnesses?
The politics of food is encroaching on the labeling of organic foods. This report gives the straight goods on labeling and tips to help decide if the “organic” food you purchase is truly organic. It also includes information on how to determine from a label if the foods have been genetically modified and cites studies that indicate the health benefits of organic foods. Well-referenced.
As a parent, making the decision as to what type of treatment to choose for a child with a serious condition can be agonizing. Carol, the mother of a young son, shares the struggle that she and her husband went through to make the decisions they felt would be best for their son. This story does not involve any of the SOTA units. We present Carol’s journey with her son as it may help other parents who have to make tough decisions about their own child’s health.
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