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    From Our Hearts to Yours
    • A Timeless Reminder [video]
    • Holiday Greetings

    Brought to you by...
    • The YumaLite — a Simple & Convenient way to bring light into your life
    From Our Hearts to Yours
    • New — Sponge Sleeves for the Silver Pulser
    • People are Starting to Come Together [videos]
    • YumaLite 68% Off Sale continues!
    • Doctors, Researchers & Countries Who Have Taken the Path Less Travelled [videos]
    • New — Shorter Arm Band & Clip
    • Customer Comments
    • New — Wrist Strap for the Silver Pulser — Custom Fit

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    • The SOTA LightWorks Pad — gentle Red and Near Infrared (NIR) LEDs to awaken the body's natural tendency towards health and well-being
    From Our Hearts to Yours
    • Question about COVID hospitalizations & vaccinations
    • Divine timing
    • YumaLite sale starting October 15th
    • What are the most important experiences we share with others? [video]
    • Do our good intentions unknowingly cross the line from helpful to hurtful? [video]
    • Why don't the vaccine hesitant believe us? [article]
    • Love teachers who love what they do! [video]
    • Let Nature Touch You [video]
    • Sir David Attenborough – mental health and nature [video]
    • Customer comments

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    • The SOTA Bio Tuner — Create an inner sense of calm, balance & tranquility
    From Our Hearts to Yours
    • Our collective journey
    • COVID Logic – How to outwit a smart virus [video]
    • Apparently COVID is still a thing! [video]
    • How many labels do you carry? [video]
    • This moment in human history [video]
    • The hidden cost of industrial farming [video]
    • Informed consent – it's your right [video]
    • EMF hazards summit

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    • The SOTA Water Ozonator — Fresh taste and extra oxygen to energize and hydrate your body
    From Our Hearts to Yours
    • As the narrative continues ... what is important to you?
    • Be kind [video]
    • Heroes are showing up in every country around the world
    • What makes the biggest difference to your health? [video]
    • Kindness boomerang [video]
    • A Woman follows her heart in the Bosnia / Serb war

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    • The SOTA Magnetic Pulser — You'll get a charge out of this!
    From Our Hearts to Yours
    • Love is calling... will you answer?
    • Is this why we're drawn to blue skies and sunny days?
    • Which is truth, the world we see around us or the world we see on the news?

    From Russ & Lesley ...
    Health & Politics
    • World Doctors Alliance share a message of Hope
    • Creating Fear to Push COVID ... what does the Science Say?
    • Planet Lockdown Documentary & Dr Sucharit Bhakdi

    Canadian Doctors Speak Out on ...
    SOTA Product Tips
    • How Ionic~Colloidal Silver Should Look
    • Ordering Internationally
    • SOTA Product Brochure
    • The sound of my Hand Paddle has changed. Is my unit losing power?

    What's Happening at SOTA?
    SOTA Product Tips
    • Ionic~Colloidal Silver demonstration with Russ Torlage
    • Read all about it! Making Ionic~Colloidal Silver with the Silver Pulser
    • Silver Pulser Tip — Storing Ionic~Colloidal Silver

    • The SOTA Mission