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SOTA News 1997
SOTA News 1997
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November 1997
New Model - SOTA Water Ozonator

We’ve sold out of the WOZ1. The Water Ozonator, Model WOZ2 will soon be available. This unit is virtually the same as the WOZ1 with a little higher output, thus the need to call it a different model number. It is a beautifully built unit that outputs 25mg/Hr O3. It has a replaceable stainless-steel ozone chamber (good for 2 years of continuous use!), and best of all it is powered by a Wall Adaptor (which means it will run off a 12VDC battery). Picture of WOZ2We’ve been testing the unit for about 1 month now. In addition, we’ve specified a UL Approved aquarium air pump with a 4 PSI output. A very reliable and quiet operating pump that is the same small size as the ozone generator. Price is $225 USD or $295 CDN. Shipping included.

Remember, The Water Ozonator, Model WOZ2 is intended for water ozonation, and NOT for inhalation. Ozone Gas can be damaging to sensitive lung tissues.

October 1997
New Model – SOTA Water Ozonator
Picture of WOZ1The actual product will be called The Water Ozonator Model WOZ1. We have completed our search and chosen a great little unit which is completely ozone friendly. The Water Ozonator unit will have an option for full battery operation by utilizing a Battery Powered Air Pump. All parts have now been ordered, and we expect to ship within 2-3 weeks. We'll soon be building a website featuring The Water Ozonator unit including full specifications and color photos.

October 1997
New Accessory – Probe Cord Electrodes
Picture of Probe CordsThe Stainless Steel electrodes used with the Silver Pulser will eventually corrode. Unfortunately, there is little we (or anyone) can do about this (except Mother Nature herself) since the worst possible conditions for corrosion are created—salt water, natural oils, and electricity all combined = corrosion. This has been an on-going concern for us from day one.

We’ve looked into many different metals. The best is titanium, but it is toxic, extremely hard to solder and very expensive. Stainless is the best economic choice for anti-corrosive properties, but it is also extremely hard to solder. No-holds barred solution then is gold. Picture of New Probe CordsIt too is expensive (but reasonable when applied as a plating rather than a solid rod), and adheres to solder very well. To plate gold, you must have the proper base metals for adhesion. This is our solution: We start with a base of copper (Cu) for the rod, flash 10 microns of silver (Ag) over the copper, and then plate 80 microns of gold (Au) over the silver. Then we drill a tiny pilot hole in one end of the rod for soldering and crimping of the wire to the rod for a superior electrical connection. Finally, custom molded PVC jackets cover the rod. Additionally, we increased the size of the wire conductor for longer life and durability. This is our own design. It seems to not create as much irritation, and the cotton sleeves hardly need replacing or cleaning. These new probe cords will be available by the end of November if all goes well. Good news is the replacement price for these gold probe cords will only be slightly higher than the stainless ones. All Silver Pulsers will come with the new gold probes as a standard option.

September 1997
New Model - SOTA Zapper
Picture of ZHC3Our original unit just got a facelift with improved circuitry. The controls are now on the end panel for easy slippin’-in-the-pocket. Also, we’ve upgraded the circuitry so the battery (which is now included) will last even longer. In addition, the toggle switch has been upgraded to a more reliable version. We hope you will enjoy these newer features. The best news: the cost of The Zapper ZHC3 stays the same.

April 1997
Change in Product Names
A minor change. We have decided to remove the exclamation point at the end of our product names. 

The reason is a customer wrote in requesting to be removed from our mailing list because she will not buy a product that has an exclamation point referring to it. At first we thought this was an odd request, but then we got thinking about it. This customer’s point is well taken. It is and will always be our policy to try and present new products in the most unbiased way possible. We have no hidden agendas. We wish to be a company you can trust explicitly. That trust is earned. So as not to unintentionally or subliminally bias or direct your decision in any way towards purchasing goods from us, we have decided to remove the exclamation point from all of our product names. So, thank-you for that letter. It allows us to take another step forward.

February 1997
SOTA Magnetic Pulser Now Shipping
Picture of MPG1Thank you all who waited patiently for this unit. Expect to see your new MPG in the mail by week’s end.

January 1997
New Website Address
SOTA has a new Domain Name:

January 1997
Accessory Improvements - Free Upgrades Offered
We really do continually strive to maintain the highest quality possible. Two areas that have concerned us have been resolved:
  • We have new Micropulsing probes. Our original design made use of a crimped fitting onto high-grade stainless-steel pins. We found over time that some of these probes would corrode slightly, and lose the electrical connection. Our new design involves the use of solid stainless steel rods soldered with food-grade (completely non-toxic) solder.

Return your present probe set for a FREE upgrade to the new ends.

  • The Colloidal Silver light bulb sometimes gets broken in shipping, or the unit gets bumped during normal use and the delicate bulb is damaged. This will prevent the unit from making Colloidal Silver. We now have included a socket for the bulb, which makes for easy replacement. We will replace your broken bulb for FREE and include with the replacement the new socket for easy fixin’. Thank-you all for your patience in these matters. We are here to serve you the very best we can.

January 1997
Sharing Testimonials
We’ve received some heart-warming testimonials so we’ve decided to post them for everyone to enjoy. We appreciate receiving these wonderful stories from the heart.

January 1997
Retailers Welcome
If anyone wants to become a Retailer for our products, please get in touch and request the information.

January 1997
Product Photos
You may have noticed we finally got photos of many of our products and added them to the site.

January 1997
Happy New Year
Happy New Year Everyone from the Gang at SOTA. We hope you had a great holiday and that the new year brings many happy and joyous moments.

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