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    What’s Happening at SOTA?
    • Update on Conductive Rubber Probes
    • New All Cotton Sleeves
    • Where the SOTA Products are Manufactured
    • SOTA Receives NHF Award
    Learning More About Governments
    • Preparing for a New Government
    • Who Foments and Funds Wars?
    • How the Media Controls Us
    • Thrive: Knowing the Problem Leads to Solutions
    • How One Person Can Make a Difference!
    • Supreme Court Justice Stevens Opens Up
    • Notes from a Guantánamo Survivor
    • The NDA Act: Our Disappearing Rights and Liberties
    • First State to Rebel Against Indefinite Detention
    Health Tips
    • Medical Doctor Overcomes Debilitating MS
    • What is the Single Best Thing we can do for our Health?

    What’s Happening at SOTA?
    • New Models: SP6 and BT8
    • Program to Upgrade Older Models
    • New Micropulsing Cords
    • Update on Conductive Rubber Probes
    • SOTA enters the Twitter and Blog World
    • Benefits … a new page at

    What’s Happening at SOTA?
    • SOTA enters the Facebook World
    • SOTA moves to Renewable Energy
    Governments … What Have We Created?
    • A Parable about Wild Pigs
    • Television Host has Common Sense
    • Government Spying … on its people!
    • Family Farms under Attack …
    HERO of Our Times
    • District Judge rules against NDAA
    Health Tips … Food?
    • Should Artificial Sweeteners be Food?
    • A New, more Insidious, Artificial Sweetener
    • 60 Minutes - Flavor Enhancers
    • 60 Minutes - Sugar
    • What Happened to the Blueberries?
    Health Tips … Food!
    • Ted Talk – 11-year old Offers a Solution
    • The Little Town that Could …
    • Putting Love into the Soil
    • The Omnivore’s Dilemma

    What’s Happening at SOTA?
    • Discount increased to 15% on Gently Used Units
    • 25% Discount on the Bio Tuner BT7 while quantities last
    • Kiva ... a Donation that Keeps on Helping
    Politics and Media Insights
    • Wake Up to the Illusion Update
      • Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth
      • The Newsroom
    • Preparing for a New Government Update
      • How Easy it is to Drag the Common People to War
      • What we Have in Common is More Important
    • How Informed are You? ... a Thrive quiz
    Health Tips
    • The SOTA Reboot Adventure
    • The Body Responds ... to Micronutrients
    • Forkes Over Knives - exposing our Food Industry
    • Hungry for Change
    Love Tap
    • The Man Behind the Music that Keeps on Giving

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