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    Politics and Media Insights
    • The Genetically Modified Food Story
    • Is Our Health Threatened?
    • Is Labeling GMOs the Answer?
    • Why Ban GMOs?
    • What Can Farmers do?
    • Who are the Heroes?
    • Who Controls Our Food Supply and Our Health?
    Love Tap
    • Words of wisdom from a concentration camp survivor

    What’s Happening at SOTA?
    • “Get a Grip!” on Your Magnetic Pulser
    • It’s Show Time!
      New “How To” Videos for the BT8 and SP6
    • SOTA Product Tips on Facebook and Twitter
    Politics and Media Insights
    • Is it a Good Thing that Central Bankers Control our Financial System?
    • Do Central Banks Control More than Our Finances?
    • Hero Among Us
    • Conspiracy or Good Business?
    Special Feature
    • Have a Peek at The Trends Journal
    Waking Up … to Discover Solutions
    • Kids Create Their Own Bank
    • Thrive the Movement
    • How Best to Share News
    Health Tip
    • Follow-up on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)
    Love Tap
    • The Amazing Story of Emmanuel Kelly

    Politics and Media Insights
    • How Safe are Smart Meters, WiFi and Cell Phones?
    • Independent Scientists Band Together
    • Early Warnings Ignored
    • Wireless Exposure is Creating a Sickness Syndrome
    • Do Government Safety Standards Protect Us?
    • More Evidence for Damage to Health
    • Media Reports on Research
    • Do Smart Meters have a Hidden Purpose?
    • Who are the Heroes?
    • Summing Up
    Love Tap
    • Shy Boy and his Friend with The Prayer

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