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SOTA News 2015
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    SOTA News
    • Was It Vaccinations that Eradicated Disease?
    • Do Vaccines Compromise Our Immune Systems?
    • Is It the Unvaccinated Spreading the Disease?
    • Is It Possible to Determine if it is the Unvaccinated or the Vaccinated?
    • Compare the Death Rates

    SOTA News
    • 2015 - Organizations SOTA Supports
    Tips on Using SOTA Products
    • Why does the Bio Tuner have 6 modes?
    • What's nano silver?
    • Does the SOTA Silver Pulser produce nano silver?
    • What's a Water Ozonator for?
    • Can I ozonate olive oil with my Water Ozonator?
    • Wondering why your SOTA Water Ozonator continues to bubble after the end of the ozonating session?
    • Water Ozonator Tip - Chilled Water or Room Temperature Water?
    Health Tips
    • Healing Cancer …
    • Fasting … Health Benefits
    • Using Humor … Seriously!
    Love Tap
    • Why I think this world should end
    • The Elephant Whisperer

    Mold Awareness
    SOTA News
    • Recognizing the Role of the NHF … and Our Award
    Product News
    • Sold Out - LightWorks Model LW1
    • Sneak Peak - Our New LightWorks Model LW2
    • Discounts on Existing LightWorks Hand Paddles
    • SOTA Tips
    • Our Versatile Wall Adaptors
    • Manuals for SOTA Products
    Health Tips
    • Vote on Vaccinations
    • Gut Bacteria … Our Hidden Healers
    • The Scoop on Fats
    • The Health of Our Planet: Sustainable Energy
    Political and Media Insights
    • Is It Really News?

    Health Tips
    • Bacterial Superheroes
    • Our Immune System … and Microbes
    • Wisdom from a Mother and Transformed Medical Doctor
    • Your Microbiome, Brain and Behavior
    • Your Microbiome and Mental Health
    • Your Microbiome and Weight
    • More on Your Microbiome and Weight
    • Food that Nourishes a Healthy Microbiome

    SOTA News
    • Say "Cheese!"
    • New Bio Tuner, Model BT9 Now Available
    • Product Manual Updates … Cautions
    • New FAQ for the Silver Pulser
    Tips on Using SOTA Products
    • Silver Pulser Tips - Cotton Sleeves
    • Magnetic Pulser - New Indicator Lights
    • More Tips on Using the Magnetic Pulser
    • "Get a Grip!" on your Magnetic Pulser
    • Ionic~Colloidal Silver Tips
    • Cleaning SOTA Products
    Health Tips
    • 5 - 2 Diet
    • How Safe Is Our Food Supply?
    • Are GMOs and Round Up a Threat?
    • Glyphosate Linked to Autism?
    • GMO Discoveries Around the World
    • New MacDonald's Farm
    Love Tap
    • Music Makes Us Alive Inside
    • Love Without Boundaries
    • Humor to Open Our Hearts

    SOTA News
    • Hello! Bonjour! iHola!
    • Ordering Internationally
    Tips on Using SOTA Products
    • Silver Pulser Tip - Diet & Supplements
    • Magnetic Pulser - Bump Ons
    • Proper Care of the SOTA Units
    Health Tips
    • Microbiome and the Brain
    • It Takes Guts
    Politics and Media Insight
    • Asking the Right Question
    • A Courageous Woman
    Love Tap
    • Overcoming Barriers
    • Best Friends

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