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SOTA News 2018
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    SOTA Product Tips
    • Happy 22nd Birthday SOTA!
    • Recommendations Before You Begin
    • Rubber Probe Test
    • Video – Making Larger Quantities of Ionic~Colloidal Silver
    • Magnetic Pulser Tip – Get a Grip
    • Video – BT Length of Session
    • Our Customers Say

    New Vaccine Series - Free to Watch
    • An Investigation of the “Pro Versus Anti Vaccine” Debate
    • Trust in Vaccines … Decreasing
    • Scientific Fraud
    • Research Evidence
    • First–Ever Peer–Reviewed Study of Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated Children Reveals
    • More on Vaccines

    What’s Happening at SOTA?
    • New Product Kit
    • New Mobi Address
    • Bio Tuner Product Manuals Update – Do Not Use and Cautions
    SOTA Product Tips
    • Magnetic Pulser with Braille
    • SOTA Product Tip Videos
    Health Tips
    • Medical Medium

    What’s Happening at SOTA?
    • SOTA Mission
    • Upgrade Program
    SOTA Product Tips
    • Bio Tuner Rubber Electrodes
    • Increase the Lifespan of Your Silver Wires
    • Expand Your Options When Using LightWorks
    • Ozonating Food
    Health Tips
    • Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie
    Inspirational Insights
    • "How Ya' Livin'?"
    • National Health Federation

    What’s Happening at SOTA?
    • Scooterin' to and from Work
    • Rubber Probes for Your Silver Pulser
    SOTA Product Tips
    • Bio Tuner Tip
    • Silver for Your Pets
    • Using the SOTA Units
    Inspirational Insights
    • Encouraging Failure
    • Nine Life Lessons
    • Congratulations Chris

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