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From Our Hearts to Yours

As the Narrative Continues ... What is Important to You?

Can we recognize and respect each other, for our differences? Are you able to allow room for others who believe differently than you? This is the foundation of freedom, for if we cannot allow others to live their truths then we will continually relinquish our freedoms to government. With the Covid agenda playing out – some are choosing to participate in demonstrations to demand the return of freedoms; to question and challenge those in power. Others are choosing to discuss and share research and information ignored by mainstream media with family, friends and neighbors. And many are trusting that government is doing what is best. There is a wide spectrum of where our beliefs position us today.
I have a friend who I love deeply and events in our world almost tore apart that friendship. Why? Because our truth of what is going on was different. Thankfully, we both value our friendship more than our truths. That didn't happen overnight. At first I tried to convince him with my information and he tried to convince me with his information. No amount of information he sent my way would move me from what I know as truth. I realized it was the same for him. No amount of information that I sent his way would move him from his truth. How to move forward? We acknowledged that neither his truth nor my truth was greater. His truth is just as important to him as my truth is to me. And we both respected each other's truths while not agreeing with them. We both recognize that we are intelligent human beings and have a right to our own beliefs. Love means being okay with that. Freedom means being okay with that.
I was reading an article recently on the polarity between those who believe in what the government is doing and those who believe government is corrupt and not acting in our best interests. Yet, these two groups had something in common. They each think that those who believe opposite of them are 'stupid'. In truth, each person is acting according to what is truth for them. And as long as one person's truth doesn't encroach on the freedom of another person, shouldn't this be okay? Do we really need to resort to thinking each other 'stupid'? I have to admit, that I have on occasion fallen to this line of thinking 'People who have drank the kool-aid' ... and yet, when I take the time to truly look at these individuals I see they are incredibly caring, intelligent people who are exposed to different information which they believe to be true. Just as I am an incredibly caring, intelligent person who is exposed to information which I believe is true. So we actually have more in common than we think.

How can we move forward? How can we reach out to each other to heal the divide being created? Our freedom hinges on us finding ways to heal the divide. No matter what our beliefs are, we can each uplift or help others with acts of kindness.
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Be Kind
As an example, a cab driver recalls a memory that he will never forget — an act of kindness that sustains him and makes him feel good about himself. His story ends at 6:25 of the 11:00 minute video.

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Heroes are Showing Up in Every Country Around the World

We all have the potential to be heroes — acting out of kindness to help another as the cab driver in the video above; sharing our truth with another in a loving way ... really, isn't a hero someone who chooses through small or large acts to make this world a better place for someone else? Below is one Canadian standing up and living their truth.

MP Derek Sloan
Derek Sloan, a Member of Parliament in Canada, is a lone voice in the halls of elected representatives. Derek raises concerns about the censorship of doctors & scientists.

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Dr Mike Evans on Walking

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Kindness Boomerang — "One Day"

Is kindness contagious? While working with the theme of KINDNESS, a member of our SOTA News team was given an example of how kindness gets passed along. She was taking a friend's dog for a walk as the friend was recuperating from minor surgery. As she passed a construction site, she asked a young man, who was directing traffic, a question about the site. After answering her as she walked away, he said: "I really like your hat." She was wearing a sunhat. It made her feel wonderful that this young man wanted to compliment her with a simple kind remark.

Here's how an act of kindness by another construction worker gets passed along.

Kindness Boomerang video

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Following Her Heart in Bosnia

Bosnian Woman Visiting Jail
A woman who lived through the war between the Bosnians and Serbs in the early 1980s is a heroic example of what a kind heart and a kind act can do. Amid the intense hatred between the Serbs and Bosnians, she could have fueled the hatred when the Serbs captured her husband. She knew wherever he was, he would be in grave danger. Despite her fears, she followed her heart. She decided to treat the enemy as she hoped the enemy would treat her husband. Every day she took food and magazines to the jail where Serbian prisoners were held. "The word about her astonishing initiative spread." The Serbs ended up sparing her husband's life. He was eventually released.
Reference: "Women of Kosova", Sally Armstrong, Homemaker's Magazine, June 1999.
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Customer Comment...


Lately my wife and I have been watching David Icke (among other related videos) and remarked on how much either he has or we have changed — though more likely everyone has. How can one not. Posting his link on your SOTA newsletter made me realize both of you have been engaged dealing with government bureaucracy for umpteen years — and now that we too are affected (in our "remote" setting), have a new-found deep gratitude for those that actually voice their heart-felt observations openly.

It takes courage; not the courage born of ego, but that of the heart. We feel gratitude and a strong support. There is no knowing just how far a voice travels when it's aligned with Spirit. I also realize that any stand we take is tested — it's how we grow. Needless to say, these times are awesome in every way. So, thank you, thank you, thank you! We would not choose to miss it for the world ...
U. R., British Columbia, Canada

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