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SOTA News December 2020

Holiday Greetings
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Christmas is for Sharing

Enjoy a story of British and German soldiers, defying their leaders on Christmas Day, 1914, the first Christmas of World War I, and in so doing showed humanity at its finest.
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What's Happening at SOTA?

SOTA Product Tips

How to Compare Water Ozonators

Did you know there are three commonly used methods to ozonate water? This is just one factor to consider when comparing different brands and models.

To ensure you get the best value, check out this simple guide:
How To Compare

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Will LED light damage my skin?

No. The LightWorks LED light is safe.

To learn more about this or our other Frequently Asked Questions, please visit:
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Silver Pulser Tip — What kind of container to make Ionic~Colloidal Silver in?

We get lots of requests for "insider tips" on using SOTA products, so this week we're focusing on Ionic~Colloidal Silver – specifically what kind of container to use for brewing.

Remember to always use a tall glass container. Do not use metal or plastic.

Here's why:
A tall glass container is to ensure that the silver wires are at least 75% immersed in the water.

Do not use a metal container as the metal may remove the ionic~colloidal silver charge.

Do not use plastic as plastic has an electrostatic charge which can pull the silver ions out of the water to the walls of the plastic container. However, using a plastic funnel to transfer the silver solution to a glass storage container is perfectly fine.

We polled our Customer Care Team for their containers of choice. The majority use a one pint or one quart Mason jar. Others use a glass water pitcher, a Pyrex measuring cup, and a one-quart juice pitcher.
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SOTA Magnetic Pulser Flying Washer Demonstration

Russ Torlage of SOTA Instruments demonstrates how the pulsed magnetic field from the SOTA Magnetic Pulser causes a metal washer to fly through the air.

Originally presented in the late 1990's at a conference, Russ has recreated the demonstration here to clear up any misunderstandings about what the washer trick shows — it confirms the presence of the pulsed magnetic field; not the strength nor quality of the magnetic field, which would be measured by a Tesla Meter.
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Silver Pulser Frequently Asked Questions

SOTA Silver Pulser with Accessories
Have questions about the SOTA Silver Pulser? Find the answers to the most common questions!
Silver Pulser FAQs
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Health Tips

Medical Medium — Heavy Metal Smoothie

Blueberry Smoothie
None of us is immune from heavy metals. They can be absorbed through touch, inhaling, through dental fillings, even food that we eat ... they're everywhere.

Heavy metals (examples include mercury, cadmium, arsenic, chromium, thallium, and lead) are toxic even in the smallest amounts. Over time, they can contribute to reduced mental function, lower energy, and damage to organs resulting in compromised immune systems. This can set the stage for viruses and pathogens, like Epstein-Barr to flourish.

So how do we get rid of these toxic heavy metals we've accumulated? They don't just disappear on their own.

What if it was as simple as drinking a smoothie? In this video Medical Medium Anthony William shares the power of wild blueberries and a quintet of foods in the Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie that act as a team to grab onto and eliminate heavy metals.

You can also learn more by visiting his blog:
Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie
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