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SOTA News June 2023

From Our Hearts to Yours

Welcome to SUMMER! ... for us in the North.

Living in Canada we may celebrate summer a little more intensely than those who live in warmer climates. In fact, it's safe to say, we LOVE summer.

Like music and laughter, love is universal and crosses racial divides, gender issues, and even flourishes between different species when given a chance (see videos below).

As we move forward through these times of power, corruption and censorship we are reminded of the impact of the power of love. We are mindful that there is always another step we can take in learning how to use the power of love to help each of us heal in this world. Perhaps it is the power of love that will bring us to a place of unity in creating a world where kindness, acceptance and compassion flourishes.

Meme - power of love

We love when you share with us – thank you!

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To Beep or Not to Beep!

Last month we asked if you used the Sound Option on your Magnetic Pulser?

The sound button is within the orange circle in the image below. When pressed the unit beeps each time a pulse is released.

SOTA MP Beep on Pulse

Thank you for responding. Here are the results to the question, "Do you use the Sound Button?"...

  • YES: 44%
  • NO:  56%

The No vote outnumbers the Yes vote but enough people find it useful we will keep it in future models of the Magnetic Pulser.

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SOTA's New Quick Start Video

SOTA's Quick Start Video

The new video is now live on our Home page.

This is the start of our plan to turn our written materials into video content. In a few short minutes the Quickstart video demonstrates, step-by-step, how to use each of our units and how to make them part of your lifestyle. It also includes clips of people using our units in their daily life.

Watch Quick Start Video (18:34)
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We Did a Deep Dive on 9-Volt Batteries

9-volt batteries

At some point you will replace the battery that comes with the Silver Pulser & Bio Tuner. Or, in the case of the Silver Pulser Lite & Bio Tuner Lite, you will need to purchase a battery to start using them.

Below, we offer some brands and links to rechargeable batteries that work well in our units.

SOTA unit battery compartment

The battery compartment in SOTA units is very close to the maximum dimensions recommended by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) for 9 volt batteries:

  IEC Standard SOTA Battery
Maximum Height 48.5 mm 48.3 mm
Maximum Width 26.5 mm 26.3 mm
Maximum Depth 17.5 mm 16.7 mm

Battery manufacturers don't always follow the standards and may produce a battery that is difficult to fit into our battery compartments. Here are some batteries we purchased and tested (SOTA has no affiliation or commission):

Brand 9 Volt Batteries mAh
SHENMZ - Rechargeable - Rechargeable
EBL - Rechargeable - Rechargeable
Energizer - Rechargeable - Rechargeable
  • mAh = battery capacity. A higher mAh = longer use before needing recharging.
  • 2 batteries are helpful as one battery can be charging while the other is being used.

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Request for Readers

Mighty Supercell

Some of you may remember our series on Super Cell that was on our website. A book is in the process for "young adults, parents as a read-aloud, and all who are young at heart." We think all SOTA customers are "young at heart".

Are you interested...

  • in seeing how a forkful of food reaches cells everywhere in your body to give you energy?
  • in how your body’s natural electrical systems are essential to all body functions?
  • in discovering the difference between the brain and the mind?

Led by the mighty Super Cell, you will be taken on a light-hearted journey titled Adventures in the Body with Super Cell and subtitled How Your Body Cells use Electricity to Give You Energy ... and Health.

Your body cells have a story to tell ... and they'd love to share it with you.

We are requesting readers for this 12 chapter, 56-page manuscript to have a peek at cells as they work to keep us lively and enjoying life. The book is in the process of being illustrated but for reader feedback, illustrations will not be included. We welcome readers who are health professionals as well.

If you are interested in reading the manuscript and then completing a feedback form to give comments, please introduce yourself in an email to: [email protected].

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The Path Less Traveled

Video - animals that love

Love is Universal

If we received a bit of unconditional affection every day how would it change our lives? Compassion blooms from an open heart.

One of the most beautiful videos ever. I cry every time. ... Mj Degens

Excellent choice of a song, a counterpoint. What humans find difficult to give and receive from one another, animals are able to do so freely. ... Christel Sands

This is what I imagine Heaven to be like. ... Diana Pitcher

Views: 87,952 | Comments: 41 | Subscribers: 538
Watch Video (2:57)
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SOTA NewsCustomer Comments...

"This is WONDERFUL NEWS, I can't wait for mine to arrive [new Magnetic Pulser MP7]...

... Anthony W, USA

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"Yes, this is a powerful video that simply portrays that we have allowed our essence here on this earth to be stolen.

The teacher's two comments:



and the teacher's simple question: FOR WHAT?

This is something for each man, woman, and child to contemplate. Our world is better for this contemplation.

... Shirley W, Canada

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"Absolutely love your newsletter! I am encouraged today after reading it that good does prevail and like my grandma used to say, "the truth eventually comes out in the wash!"

... Tara J, USA

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"Thank you. Top stuff.

... Susan R, Australia

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"Thank you for the links. I appreciate your newsletters that hopefully will awaken all those who don't already understand the Davos agenda that our government is planning to put into practice.

The Bank of Canada is already hard at work getting ready to roll out CBDCs. If/when they replace our fiat currency and link that to Canadians' digital identities, we will lose our individual rights.

I hope the National Citizens Inquiry will not just look at the past 2 years but will address what's going on now and demand measures to curb government overreach. Most people I know have no idea about these dangers, not even the accountant and investment advisors in my circle. People do not see the forest for the trees, and go on with their daily lives never looking up at the horizon.

... Kathleen P, Canada

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"Great information you are posting. I like the way you think!

God Bless you & your family, not just a saying I really mean it.

... John B, USA

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The SOTA Bio Tuner
The Bio Tuner offers harmonic frequencies that help create an inner sense of calm, balance and tranquility.
Unit Demonstration
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