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SOTA News November 2019
SOTA News November 2019


The Latest on the SOTA LightWorks Pad

LightWorks Pad UPDATE
The LightWorks Pad has been a bit of a roller coaster ride ... at one point we were feeling optimistic and encouraged that Health Canada had reached out to us – we thought it meant they were willing to work with us. Unfortunately, this doesn't appear to be the case as our products are still being denied entry into Canada.

We remain hopeful those at Health Canada with open hearts and minds will prevail – but in the meantime, we don't know when we will be able to process and ship LightWorks Pad orders.

Sadly, this is not our "first rodeo" so to speak. 19 years ago, we had a similar challenge with Health Canada. You can learn more about that experience here: Experience with Health Canada.

Please know we are doing everything we can: working with regulatory consultants, local politicians and government representatives.

We are still accepting advance orders for the LightWorks Pad. For those who have already ordered, rest assured payment will not be processed until we're ready to ship. We're grateful for your patience.

Thank you everyone for your loyalty and encouragement.

SOTA Customer Care Team

Halloween Ears & Halloween Bunny Halloween Ears & Halloween Bunny
Here is the SOTA Customer Care Team serving customers with a twist on Halloween ;)

Review Us on Google

Google Reviews
We need your help! Do you have an opinion on your SOTA products and/or your SOTA experience, before–during–after the sale?

We'd love it if you could go to our Google business page and post a review. This way, when people Google SOTA, they will be able to use reviews of SOTA's products to help them with their purchasing decisions.

Google Reviews
You can post a review, ask questions and even post pictures of yourself with your SOTA unit. We'd love to hear from you!

You need to have a Google Account in order to leave a review. If you have one, go to the link above and in the right hand column there should be a box about us. Scroll about 1/2 way down the box and you will find a button saying 'Write a Review'. The image shows the 'Write a Review' button. Thanks.

Update to Restocking Fees

SOTA Products
Effective as of October 15, 2019, we updated our Restocking Fee policy.

While the minimum restocking fee for the Bio Tuner and Silver Pulser remain at 20%, the LightWorks, LightWorks Hand Paddles, Magnetic Pulser and Water Ozonator have all increased to 15%.

For all orders placed on or after October 15, 2019 the new restocking fee's will apply.

Please note: Due to the personal nature of the LightWorks Pad, it is subject to a 50% restocking fee once opened.
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Gently Used Units

SOTA Products
Gently Used Units are products that have returned to us within 30 days of order and are in 'like new' condition. They are covered by the same warranty and return policy as a new unit and are sold at a 15% discount!

To find out about availability, please contact our Customer Care Team via phone at 1.250.770.2023 or 1.800.224.0242 (toll-free in Canada & USA) or email us at Please remember – Gently Used units are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

Updating your Profile

Couple viewing their laptop
Did you know that the "My Profile" section of offers several time-saving tools to streamline your SOTA experience?!

You can update:
•   billing and shipping addresses
•   your email address
•   your password
•   your eNews subscription
•   order currency (US or Canadian Dollar)

You can also view your past and present order history, including invoices with shipping tracking numbers.

Tracking your shipment online is a great way to monitor your order as it makes its journey to your doorstep. We've made it easy and convenient ... click on the tracking number(s) on your invoice and you'll be taken directly to the shipper's website for the latest status for your shipment. And for our customers shipping to the USA – remember you can use your tracking number at either or

SOTA Product Tips

How Long Do My Silver Wires Last?

Making Ionic~Colloidal Silver
Did you know?

A pair of Silver Wires can produce up to 70-80 gallons of Ionic~Colloidal Silver if cared for properly. To get the most from your Silver Wires we suggest periodically switching the wires side to side as well as flipping top to bottom. This evens out the wear on the wires. Also, when cleaning your wires there is no need to scrub – a gentle wipe with the green scrub pad is sufficient.

Watch Video: Increase the Lifespan of Your Silver Wires
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I Don't Feel Anything — Is My Magnetic Pulser Working?

Product Tip Video
Seeing is believing, but what about when there's nothing to see? You can see the charging lights go off one by one and the red light go off when the pulse is released, but what about the actual pulse? Pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) are invisible to the eye, but their existence can definitely be verified.

Our newest Product Tip Video, "How To 'See' the Pulse of Your Magnetic Pulser" is now available!

SOTA Founder Russ Torlage provides a demonstration as a visual confirmation that the 'invisible' pulsed electromagnetic field is active and real. It is so simple you can easily do it yourself!

Check out this and our other SOTA Product Tip Videos and How-to Demonstration Videos on YouTube.

We're adding to the playlist all the time!

Watch Video: How To 'See' the Pulse of Your Magnetic Pulser
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How to Cool the Magnetic Pulser Hand Paddle

Magnetic Pulser
It's normal for the Hand Paddle to become warm during pulsing. The coil encased in the Hand Paddle generates heat when the magnetic field is released. The heat is a result of the energy being generated by the high Gauss output of the pulse. If it becomes uncomfortable, we suggest placing some padding between you and the Hand Paddle, like a single layer of towel or blanket, always ensuring there is proper airflow around the head of the paddle.

A better option – use an ice pack or two. Cool your paddle off between sessions by applying an ice pack to the paddle face (you can even apply two – one for each side of the paddle). We've tested this suggestion, and the face of the Hand Paddle is brought back to a comfortable temperature quickly and efficiently.
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An Energizing Way to Hydrate Your Body

Drinking Ozonated Water
What's one of the simplest ways to oxygenate and hydrate your body?

Drink Ozonated Water.

Can anyone drink ozonated water? Yes! It's water with extra oxygen – pretty straightforward stuff. For best results, drink ozonated water 30 minutes before eating food as ozonated water absorbs better on an empty stomach.

Care for your body ... and it will care for you in return.
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Using the LightWorks
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Political Insights

Supporting the National Health Federation

National Health Federation
Once again, the National Health Federation (NHF) came to our defense and single-handedly prevented a proposal which would allow genetically modified (GMO) foods to slip into countries that ban such foods. Now, it's likely you didn't know anything about this. That's exactly what special interests count on.

The NHF fights our battles on the front lines and behind the scenes, looking out for OUR interests and those of future generations. NHF President Scott Tips is often the lone voice on the floor of Codex meetings, speaking out against the push for more poisons and less nutrients in our foods and supplements.

Advocacy at this level requires funding, and we wholeheartedly encourage you to join SOTA by investing in our future with a donation to the NHF. Spread the word! A donation link and more information about the NHF's good works is available at

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