SOTA News November 2020 SOTA News November 2020

SOTA News November 2020

What's Happening at SOTA?

Coming to your mailbox — SOTA LOVE in a box!

SOTA Shipping Boxes
This past year has been a time of growth and change for SOTA. We're focused on ways to spread the joy and love that is part of SOTA Values, and our newly–designed shipping boxes are just the latest example! Our team had fun creating custom boxes sprinkled with fun and heartfelt messages that we hope will put a smile on your face!

As our traditional shipping boxes are used up, we'll begin using these new 'SOTAboxes', designed and created — and shipped — with lots of heart.
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Look for the Helpers

There's a famous story from the late Fred Rogers (of "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood") ... when he was a child and worried about scary news, his mother would tell him, "Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping."

We have been watching "the helpers" at the National Health Federation (NHF) for decades. These selfless individuals consistently go to the wall on behalf of people like you and me, protecting our rights to access healthy food and use natural health therapies.

They are at the heart of "Health Freedom"...

Their efforts are often behind the scenes, out of the public eye, but we're grateful to them for being the sole voice of reason against major agrochemical companies, defending our food sources, our planet, and all of us against toxic chemicals at Codex meetings (International meetings where government representatives from all over the world meet and often decide to minimize our nutrients and maximize our exposure to toxic chemicals!)

Please join us in donating to NHF and investing in our future. A donation link is available at:
The National Health Federation
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SOTA Product Tips

A Breakdown of each Bio Tuner Mode

SOTA Bio Tuner FAQ
The Bio Tuner provides six different Modes for you to experiment and discover which works best with you. The choice of Modes also allows you to try different Modes for comfort. You may find some Modes are more comfortable than others.

In all Modes, the base frequency of 1,000 Hz pulse-modulated by 111.11 Hz is present. Modes 1, 2, and 3 may seem stronger because the pulse width is wider. Modes 4, 5, and 6 may be perceived as having a gentler feel as the pulse width is narrower.

You will notice the only difference between the Modes is the output, or how the frequency is delivered. You can choose a different output depending on your feeling preference – a continuous output, one second on/one second off, or the 7.83 Hz Earth Schumann frequency.

Here is a breakdown of each Mode:

Mode 1-3 (550 µS pulse width):

Mode 1: 1,000 Hz modulated by 111.11 Hz
Output = Continuous
Mode 2: 1,000 Hz modulated by 111.11 Hz
Output = 1 Second ON, 1 Second OFF (0.5 Hz)
Mode 3: 1,000 Hz modulated by 111.11 Hz
Output = Amplitude Modulated by 7.83 Hz Schumann (Earth) Sine Wave

Mode 4-6 (220 µS pulse width):

Mode 4: 1,000 Hz modulated by 111.11 Hz
Output = Continuous
Mode 5: 1,000 Hz modulated by 111.11 Hz
Output = 1 Second ON, 1 Second OFF (0.5 Hz)
Mode 6: 1,000 Hz modulated by 111.11 Hz
Output = Amplitude Modulated by 7.83 Hz Schumann (Earth) Sine Wave

One Mode is not considered to be more beneficial than another. You will receive a broad range of harmonic frequencies, not one single frequency, so you can't get it "wrong".
Bio Tuner Modes FAQ

To learn more about our other Frequently Asked Questions, please visit:
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Customer Comment
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Ionic~Colloidal Silver Uses

Did you know you can use Ionic~Colloidal Silver to rinse your vegetables and fruits before storing, to clean toothbrushes, and as part of your first-aid kit? And that's just to name a few!

To find out more about this versatile solution, read:
A Guide For Ways to Use Ionic~Colloidal Silver
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Water Ozonator Tip — Placement of your unit

And a tip this week for all you WOZees out there (people who use the SOTA Water Ozonator)!

Deciding WHERE you set up your unit for ozonating can impact the life of your unit.

Remember to choose a well–ventilated area. Also if you have your Water Ozonator near your stove, please do not ozonate water while you are cooking. The cooking oils may get into the ozone chamber which over time will require the ozone tube to be cleaned.

Your WOZ creates ozone from the surrounding air and so it is best for your WOZ to be exposed to the freshest and cleanest air possible.
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Ionic~Colloidal Silver — Tips for Storing

Properly storing your Ionic~Colloidal Silver is just as important as preparing it.

In this video clip, Russ Torlage of SOTA Instruments provides three simple tips that can make all the difference for Ionic~Colloidal Silver that will last for weeks–even months–and still retain its potency.
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More SOTA Product Tip Videos

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