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From Our Hearts to Yours

We send a lot of love to the Ukranian & Russian people. If we are to believe the media, our politicians and government bureaucrats, the Ukrainian leader is the good guy and the Russian leader is the bad guy. 'Maybe' is what comes to mind. Our truth though, resonates more with the idea there is probably a more complicated picture that shows the Ukranian & Russian leadership both bear responsibility.
Russia Ukraine Broken Heart
A neighbor once shared a story with me. She is an elementary school student counselor. She was telling me how this young boy, we'll call him Jack, had hit another boy at school. Jack's school record now labeled him as a bully and that record would follow him all through to graduation. Every teacher until he left the school system would see Jack as a bully. She said she sat down with him and asked him what happened? Why did he hit the other boy? Jack told her that since the beginning of the school year (many months) the other boy had taunted him, belittled him, called him names – at every turn there he was. Jack told her he couldn't take it anymore and hit him to make him stop.
She asked me 'who is the bully?' The school system says Jack is, he punched the other boy. From an outsider's perspective that would seem true, and yet when listening to the whole story is it? Is taunting, belittling and calling names not a form of bullying?
We are living in a time where we need to question – blindly following a narrative could lead, in this case, to nuclear or world war. Do we really want our leaders taking us down that path? Do we really want to expose our youth to the trauma involved in fighting a war?

Russ and I were recently driving in a neighboring town and we drove past a store with a big sign 'Ukrainian & Russian deli'. My heart opened when I saw this sign.
I thought wouldn't it be powerful whenever two countries are having a dispute that we show love & unity for both countries?
Occasionally, in our area we see people flying the Ukrainian flag ... and I wonder how our world might change if instead both the Ukrainian & Russian flags were flown together?
Russia Ukraine Shaking Hands
There is information, credible information out there, showing the Ukrainian leadership is not so innocent as the media would like us to believe – just as the little boy that Jack hit was not so innocent.
This month we are adding a section to the newsletter called, The Path Less Traveled. We will share some of our sources if you would like to listen to a different view of what is going on.
Today when reading anything, we always keep in mind 'Maybe'. For in truth, in today's world none of us really knows what is truth ... it is a time of turning within ourselves and learning to listen to our hearts so that we can allow as much love to flow out into the world as possible.

For us, we send the Ukrainian & Russian people our love. History shows us that it is our leadership fomenting war & divisiveness that leads to great suffering. Yet when enough of us are willing to see this and are willing to open our minds & hearts to a greater truth – a truth that recognizes in any argument all parties have things to learn – and stop accepting what the media, politicians & government bureaucrats would have us believe, maybe we will open a door to creating a different world, a world of compassion and acceptance for all... just maybe.

We also have some SOTA product updates this month. Just to tease you a bit, next month we will be announcing a new addition to our product line!
We love receiving all your feedback - you make us think - you make us question - please keep it up!
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Customer Service Shares...

Sara on the Phone
  1. When ordering multiple units or accessories, it is possible your order will ship from different locations resulting in multiple packages delivered on different dates.
  2. We love to hear about your experience with our products. We refer to these stories as Living Treasures. Please call and ask to speak to our Living Treasures Team if you are interested in sharing your SOTA Experience.
  3. We are unable to answer medical questions when it comes to curing, treating or preventing any medical or health condition because we are not Doctors and our products are not medical devices.

    For those of you who say, "I know you cannot answer any medical questions but...", we're on to that trick! But we do understand the frustration behind explaining our products. We are in the process of developing materials designed to help better empower you when using the SOTA Products.
  4. If you experience a problem with your unit, please check our Troubleshooting Guides. Most problems can be cleared using these guides found under the Our Products section of our website.
  5. We have Customers in 145 countries around the world. If you are interested in ordering from us, chances are we'd be able to ship to you directly. Contact our Customer Care Team for more details.
Call Toll Free: 1.800.224.0242 or 1.250.770.2023
Monday to Friday, 8AM to 4PM Pacific time
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SP5 Adaptor for USB Accessories — $6 USD

DIN to USB Adapter
Is this the Silver Pulser model SP5 with the round (DIN) adaptor; the one with cords that have pins on the end?

That's the one! We found a way to connect newer USB style accessories with units using the DIN jacks!

We didn't want SP5 owners to have to upgrade to a newer unit due to a lack of available accessories, thus the DIN to USB Adaptor was born, allowing you to use your SP5 for many years.
Order DIN to USB Adaptor Online
Or call Toll Free: 1.800.224.0242 or 1.250.770.2023
Monday to Friday, 8AM to 4PM Pacific time
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Our Conductive Rubber Probes are Multiplying!

Conductive Rubber Probes
Used with the Silver Pulser cords and purchased separately or together with new cords the RP4 has been replaced by the RP12 (6 pairs) — $12 USD.
Order RP12 Online
Or call Toll Free: 1.800.224.0242 or 1.250.770.2023
Monday to Friday, 8AM to 4PM Pacific time
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LightWorks Pad Sold Out

LightWorks Pad
We are now sold out of the SOTA LightWorks Pad. A shift in focus means that it may be a year or two before the LightWorks Pad returns to the SOTA Product line. For those who own a SOTA LightWorks Pad, not to worry, product information and support will continue to be available.

We continue to be excited about the potential of Red, Near Infrared (NIR) and LED light applications and look forward to making this technology available in the future.
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The Path Less Traveled

Video - Laughing
Russell Brand interviews Jeffrey Sachs, an economics professor, bestselling author, innovative educator, and global leader in sustainable development on the history of Russia and the Ukraine.

Very important conversation to understand another side of the story, a different perspective. Thanks for facilitating this conversation, Russell ! ... Anna K

OMG this man is a brilliant speaker.. that was a crystal clear explanation ... Rand Burkey

This piece was extremely informative and appreciated I'm sure by a multitude of guests on this channel. Astounding how far back this goes! ... l0rdp3nguin13

Views: 478,875 | Comments: 8,190 | Subscribers: 6.05 million
Watch Video (14:25)

The war will end, and leaders will shake hands. That old woman will keep waiting for her martyred son. And those children will keep waiting for their hero father. I don't know who sold our homeland, but I saw who paid the price. — Mahmoud Darwish – Palestinian poet and author

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Isatu's Women Farmers Group — Kiva Micro-loans

Kiva Micro-loans
Isatu K (first on left), the featured borrower of Isatu's Women Farmers, would like to sincerely thank all the Kiva lenders...

These loans enabled them to break free from the local lenders who were charging them nearly 100% interest, and as a result all group members have fully recovered their businesses. The group has also expanded their farming operations and created a support fund for members children's school fees and stationary costs.

Total loan: $3,250 — 86 lenders @ $38 each.
If you tickle the earth with a hoe she laughs with a harvest. — Douglas Jerrold

Mercy's dream is to create a cost-effective, sustainable dairy farm to pass on to her seven children and even her future grandchildren. Mercy is currently spending too much money on the propane required to heat the milk produced by her cows for pasteurization. The loan will help Mercy to install a 12 cubic meters biodigester that will process the manure from her cows and produce biogas for pasteurization which will cover the cost in two years.

Total loan: $875 — 70 lenders @ $13 each.

At SOTA, we believe it is important to serve life ... to think beyond ourselves. As a company, we donate as part of our service commitment. As a customer, you share in this service to others. One of the organizations we love supporting is Kiva – an international nonprofit organization that specializes in micro-loans.
Visit SOTA's Kiva Page
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Customer Comments...


"Thanks, loved the laughter on train video! Wonderful stuff.
... Jackie P, New Zealand
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"Did I ever tell you about my uncle Sidney? He was a big gambler. One night he's sleeping and he sees a big number five in his dream. So he wakes up that morning and says, "Wow! I had a premonition!" He goes to the racetrack, taking the fifth bus to it; when he's in the track, he goes up to the fifth window and bets five dollars on No. 5 horse. And it worked! The horse came in fifth.
... Dion Erico V, AB, Canada
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"Amazing ?? The day I was looking for my bio tuner after not using it for years, your email showed up. I too have been thinking of this exact subject you mention in your email and have been seeking out great comedy.
... Mat B, ON, Canada
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"If you look at something and it makes you sad, see it for what it really is, and it's amusing. If you see something, as in the big picture, and it makes you sad, look at the specific absurdities and ironic karamas being played out and it's rather laughable. I have seen, on film, many times; when someone has come to a healer to be healed, right before the healer comes in, a person meanders into the group of people and starts clowning around. Pretty soon everyone is light hearted and giggling. And now the healing can work!
... Kim L, WA, USA
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"I believe that if, at the end of it all, according to our abilities, we have done something to make others a little happier, and something to make ourselves a little happier, that is about the best we can do. To make others less happy is a crime. To make ourselves unhappy is where all crime starts. We must try to contribute joy to the world. That is true no matter what our problems, our health, our circumstances. We must try — Roger Ebert
... Robert S, BC, Canada
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Thank you to everyone who submitted comments but didn't make it into the newsletter. Keep them coming!

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The SOTA Silver Pulser
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Making Colloidal Silver
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SOTA are game changing all the products I have from them.
... Steve D, USA

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