SOTA News October 2021 SOTA News October 2021

SOTA News October 2021

From Our Hearts to Yours

Our heartfelt love goes out to everyone in this time – to those in Australia who are enduring extreme suppression of some of the most precious qualities of being human – freedom, compassion, connection; to those forced out of jobs they love for valuing a basic Human right – freedom over one's body; to those who are living in a constant state of fear, traumatized by the fear of the virus, we are all in this experience together no matter what belief or how we are experiencing what is unfolding.

With so many lives being disrupted right now – losing one's job, especially when we love what we do – well it can be traumatizing! A local nurse shared this with a friend:
"I retired from the hospital, I couldn't watch and listen to the BS anymore!! ICU was never full with Covid patients ... ever!! The last few weeks of me working there, it was people dbl vx'd coming into the ER [Emergency Room] ... and each one the Dr shrugged off the possibility of the shot being the cause ... I could not be a part of whatever they are allowing to play out!"
The media would have us believe the hospitals are full of the unvaccinated, not so, according to many sources. In looking a little deeper one can see the deception – the CDC has manipulated the definition of unvaccinated creating the illusion that hospitals are filled with the unvaccinated.
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* CDC definition of vaccinated
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Here at SOTA, we believe in divine timing. We see it at work all the time at SOTA.

Two years ago, Health Canada (Canada's FDA) blocked us from bringing our products into the country, effectively shutting us down unless we found an alternative solution. When it happened, we put an enormous amount of energy into attempting to fight this, to have them change their decision ... we failed. If you had told me two years ago that this would be the best thing to happen to us I would have rolled my eyes. Today, I can tell you that we are so grateful to Health Canada for their actions.

This past year the cost of shipping goods out of China & Hong Kong by boat has gone through the roof. Not only have the normal shipping costs gone up, but a new charge has been added for renting shipping containers. To rent a container to ship your goods now costs a premium of anywhere from $28,000 to $40,000 USD per container. It used to be $0. In addition ships are waiting in huge, long lineups at all the ports in North America to unload. IF Health Canada had not interfered in our business – our products would be a lot more expensive with long delays. Because of Health Canada, we changed our shipping to move our goods from China to a fulfillment warehouse in Hong Kong and our orders are shipped directly to customers around the world using Fedex & DHL by air. There are no delays and no large price increases due to the freight costs. It is like being on the receiving end of a miracle.
Cargo Containers

So while there is great change going on right now for so many, somewhere in the experience there will be a silver lining. And it may take a couple years before seeing it.
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We are living in a time where so many of the structures of our society are showing how they are failing us, how they are corrupt, how they don't care about us. Maybe when we look back at this time, we will see the gift in this time. For is not the first step to changing something, seeing that it is not working in our best interests? As more and more of us see this, it gives us the opportunity to see that our structures need to change. A society thrives when every person is given the freedom and equal opportunity to live their lives and pursue their dreams. This is what made America great so long ago - as the land of freedom & opportunity.
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The SOTA LightWorks Pad
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YumaLite Sale Starting October 15th

"Beat the Blues" with the YumaLite!

Are you someone who doesn't get enough exposure to sunlight ... especially in the winter? Maybe you are someone who spends all day indoors exposed to blue light by working in front of a computer, followed by TV in the evening?

Starting October 15th, you can purchase the YumaLite Model YL2 for $29 USD plus shipping (a 67% savings!). Visit the SOTA website to order online or give our Customer Care Team a call at 1.250.770.2023 or 1.800.224.0242 (toll-free in Canada & USA). We're open Monday-Friday, 8AM-4PM Pacific time. This is a limited time offer while supplies last.
Visit YumaLite Sale
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What are the Most Important Experiences We Share with Others?

Video - All That We Share
All That We Share
We live in a time where we quickly put people in boxes. Maybe we have more in common than we think?

•  I feel this ad is healing me. I managed to let myself fall into so much anger and this beautiful clip pulled me back! ... footageisland
•  This is horrible now i'm crying in front of my computer.... Thank you a lot. The world needs more vids like yours. ... Bill Boquet

Views: 8,645,025 | Comments: 2,250
Watch Video (3:00)
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Do our Good Intentions Unknowingly Cross the Line From Helpful to Hurtful?

Video - Road to Hell
Alan Watts — The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions

•  In 2021 this is a must listen, I'm really starting to rethink everything that is going on with the world. ... Judy Sherry
•  This is more relevant than ever lol ... Steven Segura

Views: 1,380,319 | Comments: 4,077
Watch Video (12:53)

More on The Road to Hell :)

•  Article: Why don't the vaccine hesitant believe us? (8 minute read)
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Love Teachers Who Love What They Do!

Video - Holderness Best Worst Year
The Best Worst Year Ever — One Direction Parody

•  Here's me just holding my hand in the air crying and my kids are looking at me like "mom you okay"? LOVE this video, GREAT JOB GUYS ... Elizabeth Stykes
•  The most amazing lessons that kids have learned from all this have been resiliency and persistence. No, you don't always get to do things the way you would have liked but that doesn't have to be a complete disaster. The great teachers out there have used their imagination, persistence and love to try and reach and teach kids in new ways. ... Anne Sullivan

Views: 158,338 | Comments: 327
Watch Video (3:19)
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Let Nature Touch You

Video - Forest Bathing
Forest Bathing | Shinrin-Yoku | Healing in Nature

•  Truth and beauty...Thank you for creating this beautiful video, it's message is sorely needed at this time of nationwide suffering and pain. Nature can truly heal and nurture our wounded hearts and rebalance our mind. Peace and Love ... Robert Jackson
•  TYVM!!! for this wonderful video!!! I have been clean and sober over 8 years now. Nature is so important to me, it keeps me grounded and centered. ... Scott's Thoughts Channel

Views: 317,315 | Comments: 201
Watch Video (4:34)

More on Nature's Healing Touch

•  Video: Sir David Attenborough | Mental health and nature (2:45)
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Customer Comments...


I just started reading this ... It reminds me of a day when i was a young teen and my father who was an Iron worker foreman had come home on a hot summer day ( usually with 2 quarts of cold beer ) ... My father exclaimed that he thought that half the world was building and the other half was tearing things down! ... I thought about it as we sat in silence for a bit, then I said to him, Wow sounds like you had a hell of a day, Then I said to him that I did not believe his statement to be accurate, because if that was the case then wouldn't we all still live in caves? I mean its got to be at least a 60/40 for the builders, right?, and the people trying to do good works? ... He just looked at me, calmer, with a slight grin, and with less frustration, I think you have to be right Harry, thanks ...

Stay strong, keep a warriors love and passion as your shield and fight aganst the lies... H.B, Pennsylvania, USA

"I watched every single one of these videos. You have covered a lot of ground in a positive way. It Is the most informative and educational email I've gotten in a while... Ellie, Pennsylvania, USA

"Thanks for the thoughtful message – and C. Bermingham's Quote. It hits the spot right on target like an arrow striking a bullseye! ... An encouraging email... Frank, USA

"I bought my water ozonator about 7 years ago and I use it regularly but didn't know that the PEOPLE sharing this device were fully authentic, conscious beings. I might have guessed that anyone knowing about the power of ozone would be a bit outside the box... J.L, New York, USA

"Thanks for your newsletter. I so resonate with your thoughts throughout. This is such a potent time when self-referencing is so important. It’s so good to feel you both in the field with us... H.W, California, USA
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The SOTA LightWorks Pad
The LightWorks Pad offers gentle Red and Near Infrared (NIR) LEDs to awaken the body's natural tendency towards health and well-being.
LightWorks Pad on arm
More About the LightWorks Pad
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