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The word about SOTA Products travels primarily by conversations between person to person, friend to friend ... but sometimes SOTA or our products pop up in videos, movies, magazines, books, newspapers, online, offline – the world over!

If you come across an article or other media featuring SOTA or our products, we would love to see it! Please let us know by emailing us at [email protected].

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Are emails from SOTA – like our SOTA eNews, order or shipping confirmation emails – ending up in your junk or spam folder? Or worse yet – not coming through at all?

Luckily, there is a simple fix — just add us to your safe senders list (sometimes called a "whitelist"). This lets your email system know you want to receive emails from SOTA.

Depending on your email server or program, you can add specific email addresses or even whole domains.

To make sure you get all of your SOTA-related emails, if you are able to add a whole domain we suggest adding – and you may need to contact your email provider for that. If you can only identify specific email addresses as safe, please add [email protected] and [email protected] and [email protected].
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Updating Your SOTA Profile

Did you know that the "My Profile" section of offers several time-saving tools to streamline your SOTA experience?!

You can update:

You can also view your past and present order history, including invoices with shipping tracking numbers.

Tracking your shipment online is a great way to monitor your order as it makes its journey to your doorstep. We've made it easy and convenient ... click on the tracking number(s) on your invoice and you'll be taken directly to the shipper's website for the latest status for your shipment.
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Customer Comment
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SOTA Product Tips

LightWorks Paddle Labeling

LightWorks Paddle
What color is your LightWorks Model LW2 Hand Paddle?

It's super simple to figure out – without even turning on the unit!

The Hand Paddle color is written on the inside of the lens at the top of the Hand Paddle (the "12 o'clock" position), where it will always be visible and is protected – it won't wear off or get scratched.

If you haven't yet explored the world of light, color and frequencies, we invite you to visit
SOTA LightWorks
where you'll find the Model LW2, our how-to video, FAQs and additional resources.
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How To 'See' the Pulse of Your Magnetic Pulser

How can you verify something you can't see?

Using a common pair of steel pliers, Russ Torlage of SOTA Instruments provides visual evidence revealing the magnetic pulse in both regular and fast modes of the Magnetic Pulser.
Watch Video
Check out other SOTA Product Tip Videos:
More Video Tips
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Interested in knowing what accessories are available for your SOTA Products?

Here's a quick way to view all the accessories available for your SOTA Products:
A photo and brief description is included, as well as the order button.
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What Mode should I use — Regular or Fast?

Which Mode to use can depend on why you are using the Magnetic Pulser:

The Regular Mode has a higher Gauss output (6000 Gauss) and is measurable to 9". The benefit of the Regular Mode is the strength and depth of the field generated. The trade-off is it takes approximately 5 to 7 seconds for each pulse to be delivered.

The Fast Mode has a lower Gauss output (2500 Gauss) and is measurable to 7". This Mode is best used when not needing a stronger and deeper field. The benefit of the Fast Mode is the pulses are delivered very quickly, approximately every second. The trade-off is the intensity of each pulse is less.

In summary, Regular Mode = high Gauss every 5-7 seconds and Fast Mode = lower Gauss every second.

To learn more about this or our other Frequently Asked Questions, please visit:
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Does wearing lotion keep the light from penetrating my skin?

A natural cream or lotion that is absorbed by the skin should not block the LED light. For maximum effectiveness though, avoid applying heavy creams or lotions before using the LightWorks products.
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