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The Political Story
The Political Story
Pull up a chair and get comfortable while we share our story. SOTA had been making the units available for about 4 years when we received the first letter from a government regulatory agency in Canada—a directive to immediately stop selling our products. Within a short period of time, we received a letter from a government regulatory agency in the US as well. In order to continue to make our products available, our attention was increasingly absorbed by government regulations over a 4-year span, from March 2000 to April 2004.

Government regulators can be most intimidating so it is easy to fold rather than persevere and work towards resolving the situation. We feel our struggle may help others so we are including a chronology of events during the 4 years we fought to continue to make our products available.

We share our feelings, frustrations and progress—often using excerpts of letters that reveal how we fought for our existence with Health Canada and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in the US. As a Canadian company, we’ve been fortunate that we were able to find ways to keep communication lines open with Health Canada.

Health Canada
It started with a Letter. On March 31, 2000 we received a letter from Sheila Welock, Compliance Officer with the Therapeutic Products Program. The letter stated:

“… you are asked to immediately stop all sales and advertisement of these products.”

The steps we took kept communication open and allowed us to keep our products available …
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in the US
When the Federal Trade Commission in the US wrote to SOTA accusing us of misleading the public, they sent a lengthy list of requirements. We again had to take steps in order to stay in business. Here are the steps that led to a successful resolution for SOTA with the FTC …

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