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The LightWorks
The LightWorks Pad
What the LightWorks Pad is
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The SOTA LightWorks Pad is an easy-to-use flexible pad that can be applied almost anywhere on the body. The LightWorks Pad offers the health benefits of both Red and Near Infrared (NIR) light using the modern technology of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs).
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What the LightWorks Pad does
The SOTA LightWorks Pad uses LED light technology with Red and Near Infrared (NIR) lights. It was NASA, the Space Agency in the USA, that led the way by researching the benefits of using LEDs—both Red and Near Infrared (NIR) at the beginning of this century. Since, then both Red and NIR LEDs have been well researched for the health benefits they bring to the body.

Our body cells rely on light to function. We absorb light through our skin and eyes. Light is a stimulus that creates the natural flow of electricity within, and in turn, our electrical systems produce the energy for our bodies to function.

The flexibility of the pad means it can easily be secured for use around a leg or arm for hands–free use. It can also be applied to your back or over the abdominal area, or almost anywhere you want to experience the benefits of healthy LED light.

The LightWorks Pad is a simple and convenient way to bring the benefits of healthy Red and Near Infrared (NIR) light to your life.

How to use the LightWorks Pad
The SOTA LightWorks Pad can readily be placed anywhere on the body, with the exception of the eyes. The large surface area makes it ideal for harder to reach areas like the back and shoulders. The LightWorks Pad can be secured in place using the supplied Velcro® straps—allowing it to be comfortably wrapped around joints and limbs.

Here's a special bonus! The LightWorks Pad can also be used with the SOTA LightWorks Model LW2. The cord that comes with the LightWorks can be used to plug the LightWorks Pad into the base of the LightWorks. When used with the LightWorks, the LightWorks Pad offers the option of using the seven beneficial frequencies of the LightWorks. These frequencies are based on the frequencies of healthy body cells and tissue—for additional stimulation of the body electric for energy, health and well–being.

The SOTA LightWorks Pad has a built–in 20 minute timer. When used with the LightWorks, however, the timing is controlled by the LightWorks Unit. When used as part of a Wellness Protocol, the LightWorks Pad can be used as often as needed. LED light triggers ongoing effects and as a result, it is not necessary to apply the LED light daily or use continuously. However, for more specific purposes, longer and more frequent sessions may be beneficial.

For more detailed instructions, read The SOTA Products User Guide and the Product Manual.
User Guide back to top
The SOTA Products User Guide offers tips and suggestions for each of the SOTA Units:
Picture of The SOTA Products User Guide
  • Just starting out? ... See Recommendations Before You Begin.
  • Using more than one Unit? ... You'll find tips to help.
  • Wondering how to integrate the Units for your Wellness? ... There are recommendations for a Basic Wellness Program and a Focused Wellness Program.
  • Embracing Wellness? ... You'll find tips for an Ongoing Wellness Program.

Accessories Includedback to top
One (1) LightWorks Pad Cord Picture of Accessories
Two (2) Velcro® Straps
One (1) Product Manual
One (1) Wall Adaptor
We stock Wall Adaptors with blades for North America, Asia, UK, Europe and Australia. Please specify the type of blade required when ordering.
Using with the SOTA LightWorks Model LW2
Can be used with the SOTA LightWorks by simply plugging it into the base of the unit using the accessory cord included with the SOTA LightWorks Model LW2.

More on Light back to top
Enjoying fresh air and sunlight has been recognized for health benefits over the centuries. An important part of treatment at early health spas was exposure to natural sunlight for a period of time each day. Graph of Light RangesIf it was cold, patients would be bundled in blankets to sit in the sun, or dressed warmly to walk about, while they exposed their faces to the sun. The sun bathes the Earth in a broad range of electromagnetic frequencies. We see some of these rays as visible light. All light is not visible. Just beyond each end of the visible color spectrum are colors that are not visible to the naked eye—Ultraviolet light at one end and Infrared light at the other end.

The sun nourishes us with light that includes a full spectrum of color through our eyes, our skin and through our foods. In addition, however, we are subjected to artificial lighting, processed or dead foods, poisonous food additives, toxic chemicals in our air and water, off-gassing from furniture and building materials, and harried lifestyles. That’s enough to give us a quick picture why we may lack light or specific colors as nutrients.

Here's a story that reveals how we depend on light: "A young doctor, a hunter, observed that in some years, prize-winning deer antlers were much larger than usual, but in others, even the very best of the prize-winning antlers were far below average in size. The physical development of young animals and ducks in the wild matched in degrees the size of the deer antlers, or lack of it. Investigation showed that the years in which the deer grew large antlers and in which there was good physical development of young animals in the wild, were clearly years with high rates of sunshine hours." (Flax Oil, Johanna Budwig)

Live food as in fresh vegetables and fruits are a major source of light. For example, through the process of photosynthesis, plants store the energy of sunlight. Chewing starts the digestive process to release the stored light to nourish us. Native cultures recognized how the color of herbs and flowers had specific healing qualities.

Red Light

In addition to a long history of use, Red as applied through LED light, has been recently researched for benefits to human life. Red is considered a hot or stimulating color. In nature, the element hydrogen is Red.

Stimulating, forceful and vigorous. Red is the color of power and vitality with a cheering effect. Traditionally, Red is thought to be related to nutritional metabolism, blood, liver and skin.

Near Infrared Light

The benefits of the use of Near Infrared (NIR) LED light caught public attention with NASA experiments using NIR LED light for plant growth in space. This research was expanded to apply NIR LED light to benefit human health.

NIR light is not strictly defined as a color as it is not visible to the human eye. Traditionally, NIR light is thought to be related to the eyes, muscles, nerves, immune function and skin.

Share Your Experience back to top
Sharing your Experience with the SOTA Products helps others.
Features back to top
The LightWorks Pad offers two monochromatic colors or single frequencies of light—Red and Near Infrared LEDs.
The unit offers 42 Red and 48 Near Infrared LEDs for a total of 90 LEDs.
The unit has a built-in 20-minute digital timer.
The LightWorks Pad is flexible, allowing it to be readily applied anywhere on the body (expect the eyes).
The LightWorks Pad can also be used with the LightWorks Model LW2 to receive the added benefits of the seven healthy frequencies. Up to two LightWorks Pads can be used at the same time with the LightWorks Model LW2 unit.
The unit has the option, with the addition of a universal adaptor, to operate from a 12 Volt DC source such as an automobile battery or appropriate solar panel.
The unit has a low voltage indicator—LEDs will blink rapidly when unit is connected to a power source that doesn't meet the minimum voltage required for proper operation.
The SOTA Upgrade Program: Purchasing a SOTA product entitles you to upgrade your original model to the newest model – at any time – at a discount of up to 50%.
The SOTA LightWorks Pad is covered by a one (1) year warranty.
The LightWorks Pad is CE certified. This is a European standard that indicates an electronic unit conforms to essential safety requirements to operate as a household consumer product.
The LightWorks Pad is also RoHS Compliant. This is a European standard that restricts the use of 6 hazardous materials, including lead, in electronic and electrical equipment.

Do Not Use back to top
Do not use in the following situations as safety has not been explored:
  In the case of pregnancy.
  In the area of an active implanted device such as a pacemaker, etc.
  On the eyes
As with all electrical products, do not use near water, when driving a car or when operating heavy equipment.
Do not connect the LightWorks Pad Cord to any other USB outlet, such as a computer or power supply. Do not plug any other USB connections into the LightWorks Pad, other than the LightWorks Pad Cord and the LightWorks Cord.

Cautions back to top
When in use, please ensure there is proper airflow around the LightWorks Pad to prevent overheating.
Caution is advised when using heat–producing or heat–sensitive ointments, lotions or medications as a skin burn may occur.
Caution is advised if using the LightWorks Pad on the face – please use protective eyewear, such as tanning goggles.
If you are on light-sensitive medications, please consult your health care provider prior to using the LightWorks Pad.
While this technology is generally considered safe, there exists potential for rare individual reactions that cannot reasonably be foreseen. Therefore, your use of the SOTA Products constitutes your agreement that you are responsible for your decision to use the technology. SOTA assumes no responsibility for any direct or indirect loss or damage believed to arise from using the SOTA Products.

Frequently Asked Questions back to top
For an answer to any of the following, click on the question.
What tips will help me get the most benefit from my LightWorks Product?
What is Infrared light?
Is this the same as Ultraviolet light?
How deep does the LED light penetrate?
Will LED light damage my skin?
Does wearing lotion keep the light from penetrating my skin?
Is it okay to use the LightWorks Products on animals?
Where are the LightWorks Products manufactured?
Do you have any testimonials about the benefits of using the SOTA units?
Can the SOTA Products be used together?
Are the SOTA Products approved or licensed by any governments?

Product Manual back to top
Each unit comes with a manual that explains how to use the unit.
Joules Output back to top
Research indicates that a minimum output of 4 Joules per cm2 is required to be effective.

LightWorks Pad when used
with the LightWorks
Manual Option2 Automatic
Joules/cm2 Constant Mode
Modes A–G
All Modes
11 11 5 7
  1. The LightWorks Pad output is per 20 minutes.
  2. For the LightWorks Manual Option, Constant and Modes A – G output is per 20 minutes.
  3. For the LightWorks in Automatic Option, output is per 24 minutes (3 minutes in each Mode).

Electrical Specificationsback to top
Power Requirements
12 Volts DC @ 1.5 Amps, Tip or Center Positive.
With an additional attachment, the LightWorks Pad can also be operated from a 12 Volt DC automobile battery or an appropriate Solar Panel. Purchase a Universal Power Cord with Tip or Center Positive from an electronics store for this purpose.
Light Output Specifications
Red LEDs: Features 42 high–intensity Red LED lights with a wavelength of 660 nanometers (nm) (+/– 10 nm).
Near Infrared (NIR) LEDs: Features 48 high–intensity Near Infrared invisible LED lights with a wavelength of 850 nanometers (nm) (+/– 10 nm).
Total Light Output: 1608 milliwatts (mW)*.
* Light Output measured using a Newport Optical 1830-C Light Meter.

Troubleshooting back to top
If you experience a problem with the LightWorks Pad, please check our Troubleshooting Guide. Most problems can be cleared using this Guide.
Countries that Participate in Manufacturing
The manufacturing of the SOTA Products is a global collaboration. The following countries participate in the making of the LightWorks Pad (listed in alphabetical order): Canada, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand and the USA. Our units say Made in China because China is the last step in the assembly of the units.

We are grateful that the people in all of these countries help us to produce quality products at reasonable prices for our customers.

Warranty back to top
The LightWorks Pad is covered by a one (1) year parts and labor warranty on all internally mounted components.

How To Compare back to top
Picture of woman with Questions
There are two comparisons that are generally made when comparing the LightWorks units to other light devices on the market. The first comparison is the output – stated as milliwatts or in some cases millicandella. The second comparison is to compare LED light to Laser light.

When comparing outputs, there is much confusion surrounding the correct way to measure the output of LED light units. Some manufacturers of LED light units are erroneously describing the light output of their units. There are three ways to describe LED lights–only one of the ways actually describes the light output or health value.
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