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Katharine A., Victoria, Australia

"The SOTA Team has gone above and beyond to ensure my equipment continues to work long after I purchased it. This is the customer care we dream of with ALL companies. Thank you SOTA – you are customer care leaders as you show true empathy and problem solving."
Katharine A., Victoria, Australia

Robert. B, British Columbia, Canada

"I'm very pleased with my purchase of the Water Ozonator. All of your products are very well made and the ozonator is no exception. I currently have a Silver Pulser Lite, Water Ozonator, Magnetic Pulser and Lightworks and they've all been so very helpful. I would also like to compliment you on the excellent customer service I've experienced from SOTA over the years."
Robert. B, British Columbia, Canada

Paul. H, Essex, England

"SOTA is a decent honest company with integrity that I have always respected. It shows in all of their work over the years"
Paul. H, Essex, England

Wow! Your team really has it together! A great heart, great product, and great business follow-up! Yea, team SOTA! Praising God for each one of you!

Jane. A, North Carolina, USA
Donald. J, Mississippi, USA

"I purchased several of the SOTA products many years ago. Years after my initial purchase, I contacted them with a question and received a prompt, accurate response. Thank you SOTA for bringing quality, useful products to the public market and backing it with fast, friendly support."
Donald. J, Mississippi, USA

I rotate these wonderful health products almost every day. Combined with a healthy diet and a variety of exercise, I rarely get sick. At 91 years old, I'm looking forward to blowing out the candles on my birthday cake at 100 years old. Thanks for making such great products that help people raise their level of wellness.

David M, California, USA
Marjorie W, Washington, USA

"I've got nothing to lose and everything to win by applying the SOTA products ... I'm thrilled with the SOTA Products and also with the way the company instills trust with their loving and caring ways."
Marjorie W, Washington, USA

The SOTA products are our best friends! We have used the SOTA units for 7 years with total success.

Leland, M., Utah, USA

SOTA Instruments is a miracle moving the world closer to a place where tools for Wellness are available for all of us.

Adrian B., Florida, USA
Christopher J., California, USA

"I am grateful for your kindness and over the top customer satisfaction. Ethics that can't be taught, but can only come from genetics. Everything happens for a reason and there are no accidents. You guys have made a man and his kitty cat ever so closer to being our best possible selves."
Christopher J., California, USA

Cosmo K., British Columbia, Canada

"I am blown away by my experience with the SOTA crew. The way you do business is unlike any other company I have ever had dealings with. You are a company with major integrity and major heart! Needless to say, your customer service is second to none! I am so grateful I have found SOTA because it really shows me that there are awesome people out there in the world doing awesome things and not just to make a buck but to really make a positive difference in our world. You've definitely made a positive difference in my life."
Cosmo K., British Columbia, Canada

"The Hand Paddles give out something comforting to the body, like a warm hug from sunbathing"
Carol O., Manila, Philippines

Phyllis H., Connecticut, USA

"Love the Magnetic Pulser. I use it daily. And the Bio Tuner relaxes my thoughts, allowing me to fall asleep gently on days where the stress from my job keeps my mind awake. These products have amazing benefits. Quality products at affordable prices. Thank You :)"
Phyllis H., Connecticut, USA

Being part of the SOTA Community has brought light, hope and inspiration to my life. Anything is possible when people with integrity and compassion – like those at SOTA – continue to work toward true health and wellness.

Deanna P., Alberta, Canada
Ari, Wisconsin, USA

"I'd like to express my sincerest thank you to SOTA for its commitment to exceptional customer service. As a small business owner and consumer of many health related products/supplements, I interact with a large number of vendors and suppliers. SOTA is at the very top. With gratitude!"
Ari, Wisconsin, USA

There are some things in life that you can skimp on … Your products are not those things. That's how I feel. What you guys are doing — I have no words.

Dennis W., Virginia, USA
Tung Nguyen, New South Wales, Australia

"By the way. I love what you guys do. I respect why you do it. And I thank God that there are people like you in the world. It is amazing the gift you bring to the world. You guys help make it readily available to pundits like me who are not electronically savvy. Thanks a lot!"
Tung Nguyen, New South Wales, Australia

Received the Magnetic Pulser today, it works absolutely perfect. My friends and I have been using your products for many years in a word brilliant. Just want to say a massive thank you, from day 1 the professionalism from you and your company has been nothing short of first class, the enthusiasm and manner which you portray is heartwarming, thank you so much it is an absolute pleasure to have done business with you.

John L., St Helen's Merseyside, United Kingdom
Pixie V., Ontario, Canada

"My life has changed for the better ... I feel excellent! I am very grateful to SOTA."
Pixie V., Ontario, Canada

"I wanted to take this time to stop and say thank you for developing such amazing products! This has been an amazing journey. I will continue to use these products for life!"
Sandra B., New York, USA

Kenneth B., Nevada, USA

"Your company is so respectful-sounding whenever I call. You're a wonderful company, because you care about people first, then the process of dealing with people, and of course last, but definitely not least, the product. And the products are made with great quality!!!!! I've also seen all the Russ Torlage videos and his spirit really comes through as respectful, genuine and sincere."
Kenneth B., Nevada, USA

"Your products are amazing. The ones we bought [Silver Pulser, Magnetic Pulser, Water Ozonator] paid for themselves the first year we had them. Planning to get some for family."

Angel B., Newark, New Jersey, USA
Seval D., Istanbul, Turkey

"I have 3 products and I am very happy with them. I feel good and lucky that I can reach companies like you whose first aim is not to make money, instead first aim is to help people to improve their well-being."
Seval D., Istanbul, Turkey

My experience was amazing and I’m very grateful I had the Magnetic Pulser in my tool kit as well as the Colloidal Silver to help me.

S. Smith, Utah, USA

When SOTA innovates their existing products, they are great and simplified in design, and my family and I get excited to get the new versions [through the Upgrade program]. Hope to see more products in the future.

Tommy H., Virginia, USA
Kanta M., Ceuta, Spain

"I am fascinated with what you do, and the technology that you are using in your products, which helps me, my mother and my clients to feel more energized and enthusiastic about life every single day."
Kanta M., Ceuta, Spain

"From the bottom (side, front, back) of my heart... thank you!! Thank you for always for being there.... for existing to spread hope and knowledge to many!!"
Carol O., Manila, Philippines

I thank God for directing me to the products. They have really made a significant difference in my life.

Vince B-F., Iowa, USA
Guy G., Cardiff, United Kingdom

"I have read through your member area and I am immensely impressed with what you have achieved, your vision, courage and patience, and your integrity!"
Guy G., Cardiff, United Kingdom

"I would just like to express my gratitude for the ingenuity, commitment, vision and courage demonstrated on the part of you and your colleagues in bringing the SOTA range of products to market. The videos and information on your website have been an inspiration to me in [my wellness] journey... both for myself as well as family and friends."
Charles McA., Halifax, United Kingdom

Katrina G., Stepaside, Ireland

"Thank you for providing customers with these life changing tools. The work your company does is fantastic."
Katrina G., Stepaside, Ireland

S.D.L., California, USA

"Thank you for the on-line tutorials for using Sota Instruments. They're perfect."
S.D.L., California, USA

JP, Texas, USA

"Thank you SOTA. You have great products...!"
JP, Texas, USA

"Thanks to SOTA for making my life more enjoyable to live. Thank you for making such quality, long lasting and useful products."
James K. H., Massachusetts, USA

Dee S., Arizona, USA

"I believe wholeheartedly in your business, you as professionals selling incredible machines and your intent behind them: WELLNESS."
Dee S., Arizona, USA

I can say that the SOTA units have made the biggest turnaround for the better. I think the SOTA machines are great! They have made a huge improvement ... and I expect that will further improve as I keep using them. I give them my highest recommendation.

D.K., Queensland, Australia

"Thank you ... I'm looking forward to trying your company's products. If they're anything like your customer service then I've just purchased some of the best products the world has to offer. Thank you all a million and keep up the great work!!!"
Damin R., Colorado, USA

Deanna P., Alberta, Canada

"You are an excellent company, keep doing what you are doing as you have helped a lot of people. Wonderful company, wonderful service."
Deanna P., Alberta, Canada

SOTA has opened up a whole new world to us and to our community.

Bo E., Montana, USA

"I hope you know how much I appreciate your doing everything possible to help me. It means so much to me and I have been spreading the good word about the SOTA Products. Thank you again for bringing these wonderful products into my home. I never plan to stop using them."
Faye Easley, Mississippi, USA

Tom Genot, Chachoengsao, Thailand

"You make extremely excellent videos, very clear, understandable & to the point. Thanks."
Tom Genot, Chachoengsao, Thailand

You are such a pure service for people…it is moving to me. I couldn't feel more taken care of and considered in every way. Thank you for brightening the path for everyone. I love you guys - to me you are as good as it gets.

Pamela M., Arizona, USA

You have not had an easy journey! I congratulate you on your determination and tenacity in the effort to empower individuals in their own wellness care. I enjoyed hearing how Spirit guided Sota along the way!

Taylor J., Montana, USA

"Thank you for all your help, emails and professional communication. Nothing was too much trouble. This is why I am now purchasing most of my products from companies like yours. I may have to go half way around the world, but it's all worth it. Thank you for your website also, I visit it often, usually late at night when I have 'my' time on the computer. Can not get enough of reading everything and LEARNING ..."
Hayley F., Strathalbyn, South Australia

The service I received from SOTA was fantastic and I've found the items very easy to use. I have recommended you to my friends. Thank you so much. One very happy customer.

Tracy Theobald, United Kingdom
Janice Allan, California, USA

"Thanks so much for the info. I really appreciate all you guys do and the hassles you go thru to help others."
Janice Allan, California, USA

Thank you SOTA for sharing good health. I will be spreading the word. A Big Thank You!

Carlos Hernandez, California, USA

"I am grateful to have these products & the support is outstanding."
Suzanne W., California, USA

Thank you for all you do to help us to maintain our good health and well-being. Your website has allowed me to obtain information and products incomparable to anything else I have had access to. It's quite obvious that your heart is kind and your Spirit generous. Thank you. Keep up the good work.

Lillian B., Utah, USA
Carolyn Shamis, Texas, USA

"Thank you for the fabulous troubleshooting service on the telephone for my wonderful Magnetic Pulser. It works and I love it ... and I needed it right then ... YEAHHHHHHH."
Carolyn Shamis, Texas, USA

I really appreciate your fine work and your friendly rapport with your customers ... It is amazing how much difference in energy ... these units make for me.

F.Z., British Columbia, Canada

I'm really writing to say how pleased I am with SOTA :-) … I will continue to tell people about your company and products when I can.

Diane L., California, USA
Shaun Montgomery, United Kingdom

"Bless you. You have restored my faith in human nature. I was told you were a great bunch of people to do business with and this was absolutely right. Once again, thank you for your superb service."
Shaun Montgomery, United Kingdom

The Sota family makes business transactions a pleasure rather than a chore. I am delighted with your ongoing customer service responses.

Craig D., California, USA
Rachel Zorros,  Florida, USA

"Every SOTA product I have and use, improves my life so much."
Rachel Zorros, Florida, USA

"By the way, you guys are the most professional people I've ever worked with, I'm going to spread the word to everybody."
Aaron Abner, Kentucky, USA

Not only do I believe in the SOTA products, but also think the company is, by all evidence, a wonderful and truly caring group of people. Thank you to everyone there for me, for everything they continue to do.

F.B., Atlanta, Georgia, USA
K. Wise, Australia

"Thank you all for all you do for us. I encourage you to keep on doing what you are doing. You are such a blessing to so many people with the items you provide … my family's quality of life has improved greatly since we purchased your units."
K. Wise, Australia

Hello SOTA Family. I appreciate how wisely you are doing business. These are exciting times for me as I enter into this next stage of health. Educating myself is a big part of the adventure. Thank you for all that you do in the name of Health and Freedom!

TaraShea Hendrick, Florida, USA

I'm very impressed with the design and construction quality, as well as the attention to small detail. Well done!

Christian Von Wechmar, South Africa

"I have considered y'all friends for the years since I first made your acquaintance. Reading on your new site, the history of Russ & Lesley, and SOTA, the company they founded, was very inspiring and set a good example for the rest of us on the importance of 'staying the course' and confronting all the obstacles that any worthwhile endeavor is going to throw in your path. I don't think I would have had the depth of commitment that you all showed in persevering to the present. I wish you all well, in whatever way you CAN proceed, over the course of your life, and only wish your company may continue to provide the cost-effective solution and technology that you have dedicated your lives to. Quite an accomplishment for you, Russ. This world needs people like you and Lesley to make fighting the good fight worthwhile. Keep up the good work! You ALL are 'my kind of people'!!"
Alan G, Texas, USA

I can't thank you and your company enough for providing such a valuable product and extending what I call "Stellar Service"; oh so rare these days. To all at the SOTA organization, thank you for all that you are and all that you do. But mostly, thank you for just being you and light-years ahead!

D. Bickel, Kentucky, USA

May SOTA be here for a long, long time.

James Gordon, Denmark

"Thank you for the integrity of your company. I would be pleased to speak to anyone about SOTA."
B. Claridge, British Columbia, Canada

SOTA, I can't speak highly enough about how you have helped me. These units are wonderful! I feel as though I have my life back, and my family has me back too! I feel truly blessed and I am so grateful to everyone at SOTA. Thank you so much!

Cindy Walker, Michigan, USA
Beverly Jennings, Indiana, USA

"I am telling everyone I know about your Company and how great you are to work with!!"
Beverly Jennings, Indiana, USA

I would like to give you an award for the most professional customer service I have ever had the privilege to experience. Everything from the courtesy email to the return instructions and speed of the repairs was expertly done. The SOTA staff certainly are a dedicated group.

Jerome Barker, Wisconsin, USA
Dennis Chapman, California, USA

"The use of the SOTA units is now part of my lifestyle. Thanks SOTA for making a difference!"
Dennis Chapman, California, USA

I must tell you that you are my favourite vendor! Whenever I ask you a question you provide a most complete and sincerely helpful answer and I so appreciate it. You can tell that SOTA is a quality company, not only by its products, but also by the wonderful help you give to your distributors. I just wanted you to know that I appreciate you and that you do stand out amongst the crowd!

L. Linton, New Mexico, USA

"I want to thank you for the hard work you put into helping others... Thank you for not giving up... Just wanted you to know I appreciate what you are doing."
A.R., Idaho, USA

Thanks for answering my questions. I refer people to you all the time. You've got the best products on the market. Keep on keeping on. Thanks again.

Kay L., Hawaii, USA
Nick Kennedy, British Columbia, Canada

"It is such an empowering feeling to have control over my state of health and well-being! Thank you and blessings to the people at SOTA!!!"
Nick Kennedy, British Columbia, Canada

"Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my inquiry so quickly and with this degree of detail. It is greatly appreciated."
Steve Rivette, WA, Australia

Maurice Evans, South Carolina, USA

"I was highly impressed with the quality and durability of these instruments … These units definitely worked for me. I feel great. I also have a lot of respect for SOTA and the integrity of your employees."
Maurice Evans, South Carolina, USA

I send my congratulations on the superb workmanship of SOTA's instruments; and my gratitude for the startlingly simple, effective, cost-efficiency of the units you provide.

N.W. California, USA

"There are only a few companies that offer the integrity and quality of products as Sota instruments. The SOTA products are fairly priced, top notch quality, and quite timely with new wellness innovations. I highly regard and strongly recommend Sota Instruments. Footnote...their staff is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to converse with."
Paul F., California, USA

Addam Leadman, Florida, USA

"I feel very strongly after my research that your products are of the highest quality available at a most reasonable price."
Addam Leadman, Florida, USA

I am an engineer too. And, I love great products. Yours are well designed, well built and reasonably priced. Overall, you are just doing the best from my point of view. Not just the products themselves, but also the philosophy behind it.

M.K., California, USA
Chris Rose, Australia

"My sincere thanks for your honesty and prompt attention. It is great to find an honest business and I wish your team well for the future."
Chris Rose, Australia

Your kindness, charming and fun spirit in helping customers like me has tremendously comforted and uplifted my exhausted body and mind.

Esther, Singapore
Thomas Cross, Alberta, Canada

"You people are doing wonderful work on behalf of your fellow man and I for one am truly grateful."
Thomas Cross, Alberta, Canada

"We shall not forget your extraordinary customer service solutions on our behalf! SOTA Instruments—you are the BEST!"
I. C., California, USA

I feel very grateful for these units because they work very well. I have so much energy and I feel so healthy. I will continue to use them and I would recommend these units to anyone.

Nick Andreadakis, Texas, USA
Larry Dyer, Colorado, USA

"You guys give wonderful service. Thanks so very much!"
Larry Dyer, Colorado, USA

G. E., California, USA

"My hat is off to all of you at SOTA—keep up the good work! I tell everyone I can all the time about you guys. Thank you!"
G.E., California, USA

I've purchased from your company for many years. I found your staff to have been consistently honest, helpful, and quite clear that I am the only one who can decide whether an item is appropriate for my use.

N.W., California, USA
Anita A, British Columbia, Canada

"I appreciate the honesty with which you have treated each of our hurdles. A company with such integrity is extremely rare these days."
Anita A., British Columbia, Canada

What incredible service. Greatly appreciated.

Wes Bolstad, Saskatchewan, Canada
V.P., Netherlands

"SOTA puts a lot of great care and quality into their instruments. Thank you! I am so glad wonderful people do exist in these times."
V.P., Netherlands

"It's the spirit of your company. There's a vast difference in what I feel from the company and from the people I talk with compared to other companies. Even the man who does the videos; his whole attitude and demeanor is so calm and non-pushy. This is so awesome, and how life should be. In a nutshell, I think God is in your company. He trusts you are honest and will do what's right."
Diana M., Illinois, USA

I am very appreciative of the wonderful service given by your company! You have established tremendous good will with this customer!

Ruth, Michigan, USA
Donald Verner Bodeen, New York, USA

"Your company has been very gracious to deal with and the good will just emanates from your publications."
Donald Verner Bodeen, New York, USA

Thank you. You folks at SOTA are wonderful. Keep up the great work.

Joan Russett, Massachusetts, USA

"You guys are cutting edge, fast and dependable."
Arlene Safier, New Mexico, USA

Thank you very much for being pro-active about your ... products as they mean a lot to those of us that have come to depend on them. Keep up the good work!

C.A., Pennsylvania, USA
Joanne, British Columbia, Canada

"We are really grateful that Mom can use the SOTA units and receive such quick results! Thank you SOTA!"
Joanne, British Columbia, Canada

The real joy is that I can work all day operating my business, study 3 to 4 hours at night, and then survive comfortably on 7 to 8 hours of sleep.

L.C., Massachusetts, USA
H. Johl, Ontario, Canada

"I received your product information … and now it's my turn to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! For caring about our health. Please carry on with your great work."
H. Johl, Ontario, Canada

Your devotion to good service and good customer relations reflects well on you and our opinion of your company's standards.

C.A., Alberta, Canada

"I have purchased a number of your instruments. I was quite impressed by the quality and performance. You have a fine Company. Quality like yours is hard to come by nowadays. I hear nothing but good comments from everyone who has dealt with you. The best part though has been dealing with your Customer Service. Your Customer Service is excellent! Keep up the good work."
D.C., Florida, USA

These units are invaluable to me! What a blessing to have a company like yours in a world like this one. I pray you are allowed to continue for many years to come ... Thank you for any and all efforts on our behalf.

K.C., Texas, USA
S. Hollingsworth, Oregon, USA

"I believe in you and what you are doing for the world. Keep up the fine work with my blessings."
S. Hollingsworth, Oregon, USA

For the rest of my life I will stay on Colloidal Silver, use SOTA units, eat a decent diet, exercise moderately and thank my Creator for guiding me in your direction. I hope SOTA will stay in business for at least another 100 years. The service I have received from your company has been outstanding.

C.C., Alberta, Canada

"I want to express my gratitude and respect to your courage and commitment to do what you do. It needs entrepreneurs like you that actually manufacture quality goods that are clearly distinct. Congratulations and respect - keep up the good work and much more well deserved success to SOTA!"
D.N., Australia

You are one organization who truly informs, without being overbearing and pushy! Thanks a million for your extra special courtesy!

Eugene Milton, Minnesota, USA

"I feel honored and humbled (and sometimes weary) to be a part of the changes taking place on planet Earth at this time. Thank you for your contribution. ... May you be blessed on your journey."
B.J.S., Alabama, USA

You people are doing wonderful work on behalf of your fellow man and I for one am truly grateful and I am sure there are many more. Keep up your good work.

T.C., Alberta, Canada

"I've returned to your site probably over a hundred times and always pick up on a real sense of decency, integrity and heart, which has everything to do with why I'm writing."
D.H., Washington, USA

I am always impressed by your service and commitment to people.

J.D., United Kingdom

Thank you for changing the lives of my family and me.

B.T., Wisconsin, USA

"Thanks very much for the super prompt response and the good information. I am counting my pennies now! This is why I ordered my 3 other products from you in the first place. Your dealings are open and transparent. That kind of business practice builds trust. You are also very good to the customers. My highest regards to you all there."
M.M., Illinois, USA

I want to say thank you to the SOTA Team for their excellent service. I received the replacement (part) today and my problem is solved. All my best wishes for your team.

A.J., South Africa

"Thank you for your kind responses, it's unusual to have such quick and caring responses! Blessing to you all."
T.N., South Africa

Just wanted to let you know that I support you all, the SOTA company, your products, and your services. And I also wanted to let you know that I applaud your efforts, and am feeling your intentions in my heart.

S.S., California, USA