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What the Bio Tuner is
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  Bio Tuner Model BT9
  Accessories are Included
The SOTA Bio Tuner supports the mind-body connection by offering harmonic frequencies that help create an inner sense of calm, balance and tranquility.
$275.00 USD
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Payment Plans Available
Example: $27.27/mo (18 mo) at APR of 36% (rates from 10-36% APR).

Silver Pulser Lite
Model: BTL1
Some Accessories included
We have an economy version of the Bio Tuner — the SOTA Bio Tuner Lite.
$160.00 USD
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Quick Start Video
Discover the Bio Tuner (4:15)

Customer Reviews
Denise B. from Massachusetts owns a SOTA Bio Tuner

Denise B.
Massachusetts, USA


After the very first session [with the Bio Tuner] I had this sensation like my brain clicked back on. It was like the sun was shining inside me; I could hear things much more clearly. I incorporated using the device into my morning meditation/breathwork sessions three times a week.

Adam D. from Australia owns a SOTA Bio Tuner

Adam D.


I purchased the Bio Tuner and can't begin to tell you how happy I am with it. I had never actually known what it felt like to be truly happy or excited about anything. It took 25 days with 20 minutes on Mode 1 twice a day morning and night to turn me into a new man. It literally changed my life.


I have one (SOTA Bio Tuner) and it’s good for a multitude of different issues. I especially find it induces deep relaxation and supports mental and emotional wellness. Now my mind is clear, my emotions balanced, I feel great and I can accomplish a lot more in a day.

photo_pub_customer_img_Kim-C.jpg from Alberta owns a SOTA Bio Tuner

Kym C.
Alberta, Canada


I just cannot sit quietly long enough to shut down my brain in order to meditate. So, how do you slow down a "monkey brain" for optimum relaxation... "You get a Bio Tuner"

Phyllis H. from Connecticut owns a SOTA Bio Tuner

Phyllis H.
Connecticut, USA

John Thurman from California owns a SOTA Bio Tuner

John Thurman
California, USA


My brother told me about the Bio Tuner. I admit I was very skeptical about this technology. Day after day, I continued with the Bio Tuner and I just keep feeling better and better. I feel really positive after three weeks of use now. I also sleep the best I have in years... It has truly been the key for me in my life.


I felt a lot more relaxed. I began to enjoy simple, everyday activities a lot more. I felt more joy and spirituality. I am calmer and less aggressive making me a nicer guy.

Peter Veenstra from British Columbia owns a SOTA Bio Tuner

Peter Veenstra
British Columbia


... this has worked better than anything I've ever tried. I'm actually blown away by how quickly and efficiently it works! I feel a general calmness throughout the day and am not worried about little things like I used to ... I would recommend anyone to try it!

C. Luongo from New Jersey owns a SOTA Bio Tuner

Kellie M.
California, USA

Louis J. from Alabama owns a SOTA Bio Tuner

Louis J.
Alabama, USA


I have had one of these [Bio Tuner] for many years and they are way cool feel good machines...

Feature Chart
Bio Tuner (BT9)
Accessories Included  
Ear Clips with Rubber Electrodes 1 pair
Extra Rubber Electrodes 2 pair
Arm Band with Clip
9 Volt Alkaline Battery
Product Manual
Modes 6
Automatic Timer 20 Minutes
Low Battery Warning - Red Light & Beep
Quartz Crystal Frequency Control
Constant Voltage
7.83 Hz Schumann Earth Frequency - Modes 3 & 6
CE and RoHS certified
Upgrade Program - learn more
Warranty 3 years

The Bio Tuner Model BT9 is also available in the following kits:

Model: KWR
Accessories included
The SOTA Wellness & Relaxation Kit
  • 1 Silver Pulser SP7
  • 1 Magnetic Pulser MP7
  • 1 Water Ozonator WOZ5
  • 1 Bio Tuner BT9
  • more...
$1,246.50 USD
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How to Use
User Guide
Product Manual
Share Your Experience
Do Not Use
How to Compare

What the Bio Tuner does back to top
The Bio Tuner delivers a broad range of harmonic frequencies. These frequencies promote a sense of well-being and relaxation, a key component of any Wellness Lifestyle. The Bio Tuner is an easy-to-use, portable relaxation system.

A Wellness Lifestyle incorporates a holistic approach to living life in a way that supports abundant health. A holistic or wellness approach views our bodies on many levels which may include: mechanical, chemical, mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual, as well as electrical.

All living things are electrical in nature. We view the SOTA Products as a way of working with the body's natural electricity or energy, contributing to Wellness. This is similar to how exercise, eating good nutritious foods, juicing and meditating all help nourish the body and contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Picture of Ear Clip attached to Ear
How to use the Bio Tuner back to top
Ear Clips are placed on the lobe of each ear as close to the jaw as possible. The unit offers six comfort settings or modes.

The Bio Tuner is timed for a ~20 minute cycle. One session can be 20-40 minutes or more. The unit can be used daily or as often as needed throughout the day. How long and how often you use the Bio Tuner is a personal choice, based on your own wellness goals. It often takes at least 30 consecutive days of use to experience benefits.

For more detailed instructions, watch the following How-to Video or read The SOTA Products User Guide and the Product Manual.
User Guide back to top
The SOTA Products User Guide offers tips and suggestions for each of the SOTA Units:
Picture of The SOTA Products User GuidePicture of The SOTA Products User Guide
  • Just starting out? ... See Recommendations Before You Begin.
  • Using more than one Unit? ... You'll find tips to help.
  • Wondering how to Integrate the Units for your Wellness? ... There are recommendations for a Basic Wellness Program and a More Intense Wellness Program.
  • Embracing Wellness? ... You'll find tips for a Continued Wellness Program.

Russ demonstrates how to use the Bio Tuner. (length: 15:44)

Accessories Included back to top
Picture of Accessories
One (1) Cord
One (1) Pair Ear Clips
Two (2) Pair Conductive Rubber Electrodes
One (1) Arm Band with Clip
One (1) Product Manual
One (1) 9-Volt Alkaline Battery
Using Conductive Pads with the Bio Tuner
Picture of Conductive PadsThe Micropulsing Cord or the Bio Tuner Cord can be used with Conductive Pads. To purchase Conductive Pads, we suggest checking online or visiting your local supply store. The Conductive Pads need to have a female pin style connector.

Share Your Experience back to top
Sharing your Experience with the SOTA Products helps others.
Features back to top
The frequency output of the Bio Tuner is Quartz Crystal controlled for highest accuracy.
The base frequency 1,000 Hz is modulated by 111.11 Hz.
The unit outputs a broad range of harmonic frequencies.
The unit has a built-in digital timer.
The unit offers six different settings or modes. Two of the modes, Mode 3 and Mode 6, incorporate the Schumann or Earth frequency of 7.83 Hz.
A gentle audible beep sounds at the end of the 20 minute session and when the battery is getting low.
LED lights indicate a) the unit has sufficient power b) the circuits are operating properly c) which mode is operating.
The unit operates at a constant voltage as the battery weakens. This feature ensures that the output does not decrease as the battery wears out.
The output transformer is coupled to prevent Direct Current (DC) from appearing at the output.
The SOTA Upgrade Program: Purchasing a SOTA product entitles you to upgrade your original model to the newest model - at any time - at a discount of up to 50%.
The SOTA Bio Tuner is covered by a three-year warranty.
The Bio Tuner is CE certified. This is a European standard that indicates an electronic unit conforms to essential safety requirements to operate as a household consumer product.
The Bio Tuner is RoHS Compliant. This is a European standard that restricts the use of six hazardous materials, including lead, in electronic and electrical equipment

Do Not Use back to top
Do not use in the following situations as safety has not been explored:
In the case of pregnancy.
With an implanted device such as a pacemaker, etc.
As with all electrical products, do not use near water, when driving a car or when operating heavy equipment.
Do Not:
Suddenly increase the intensity to the maximum level. The intensity should be increased gradually to a comfortable level to ensure safety.
Connect the Bio Tuner Cord to any other USB outlet, such as a computer or power supply. Do not plug any other USB connections into the Bio Tuner, other than the Bio Tuner Cord.

Cautions back to top
If you are on psychiatric medication, have a neurological condition or seizures, please consult your health care provider prior to using the Bio Tuner.
If you experience an increase in tinnitus or ringing in the ears, please discontinue use.
If you experience headaches or nerve pain when using the unit, consider Modes 4, 5 or 6 as they have a gentler output. If headaches or nerve pain persist, please discontinue use.
While this technology is generally considered safe, there exists potential for rare individual reactions that cannot reasonably be foreseen. Therefore, your use of the SOTA Products constitutes your agreement that you are responsible for your decision to use the technology.

Frequently Asked Questions back to top
For an answer to any of the following, click on the question.
What tips will help me get the most benefit from my Bio Tuner?
Do I need to have the Bio Tuner on high in order for it to work best?
What can be done to reduce skin irritation on the earlobes?
What are the six modes for?
Is it okay to use the Bio Tuner on animals?
I’ve heard electricity can be harmful. Why is this unit beneficial?
How long should the battery last?
Where is the Bio Tuner manufactured?
Do you have any testimonials about the benefits of using the SOTA units?
Can the SOTA Products be used together?
Are the SOTA Products approved or licensed by any governments?

Product Manual back to top
Each unit comes with a manual that explains how to use the unit. A selection of translated manuals as well as manuals for Earlier Models are available for download on the Manuals & Troubleshooting page.
Electrical Specifications back to top
Power Requirements
One 9-Volt Alkaline battery.
  Note: Alkaline batteries are required for proper operation.
Other Power Sources
The Bio Tuner can also be operated using rechargeable batteries. When purchasing rechargeable batteries, it is suggested to take the unit with you to ensure the batteries fit the enclosure (48.3mm x 26.3mm x 16.7mm) as rechargeable batteries are not all the same size. Here are some batteries that will fit:


Description: SHENMZ Rechargeable 9V Batteries, 9V Battery 9Volt 1300mAh Long Lasting All-Purpose with 2-in1 USB Charging Cable

mAh: 1300
Shenmz Rechargeable Battery

Brand: EBL

Description: EBL 9V Rechargeable Batteries NiMH Everyday 280mAh 9V Battery for Smoke Alarm Detector

mAh: 280
EBL Rechargeable Battery

Brand: Energizer

Description: Energizer 9V Batteries, Pre-Charged 9 Volt Rechargeable Batteries

mAh: 175
Energizer Rechargeable Battery
a mAh = battery capacity. A higher mAh = longer use before recharging.
a2 batteries are helpful as one battery can be charging while the other is being used.
Note: SOTA has no affiliation or commission
Output Specifications
Maximum <1.5mA Peak ~40 Volts Peak-Peak into typical 4k ohm load. Minimum <~10uA, 10 Volt Peak-Peak at lowest setting. Output impedance ~20k ohm.
1,000 Hz Squarewave (+/- 1 Hz) pulse-modulated by 111.11 Hz (+/- 1 Hz) Squarewave. Waveforms are Quartz Crystal-Controlled for precise frequency output. There is also a broad range of harmonic frequencies delivered in each pulse as observed on a frequency domain (not time domain) spectrum analyzer.
Pulses are an alternating current (AC) output with no direct current (DC) or offset bias. Output is transformer coupled so that no DC can appear at electrodes. The algebraic sum of positive and negative-going pulses is zero.

Troubleshooting back to top
If you experience a problem with the Bio Tuner, please check our troubleshooting guide. Most problems can be cleared using this guide.
Countries that Participate in Manufacturing
The manufacturing of the SOTA Products is a global collaboration. The following countries participate in the making of the Bio Tuner (listed in alphabetical order): Canada, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand. Our units say Made in China because China is the last step in the assembly of the units.

We are grateful that the people in all of these countries help us to produce quality products at reasonable prices for our customers.
Warranty back to top
The Bio Tuner is covered by a 3-year parts and labor warranty on all internally mounted components. Please note the warranty is void if the failure is due to abuse or negligence.
How To Compare back to top
It is difficult to truly compare the Bio Tuner with other frequency-based products on the market. Each unit on the market has been designed to deliver specific frequencies based on the requirements of the manufacturer.

For example, with the Bio Tuner, we wanted to ensure that a broad range of harmonic frequencies were being delivered – for another unit, this may not be the case.

When comparing Bio Tuners, it is important to not only compare the electrical specifications of the units but also to compare any external testing, certifications or testing standards that the units have or have not met.

The SOTA units have been CE approved and are RoHS compliant.

CE is a European standard that ensures a product meets certain regulatory standards set by the European Union. Having CE on the units ensures products are safe to use and do not output hazardous levels of EMRs (electromagnetic radiation, like cellular phones do).

RoHS is the Restriction of use of Hazardous Substances and is again, a European standard. In order to be RoHS compliant, electronic products must not use any of the following six substances: Cadmium (Cd), hexavalent Chromium (CR VI), Lead (Pb), Mercury (Hg), polybrominated biphenyls (PBB) and polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE).

So, how do you decide which frequency device is for you? Again, this is a difficult question. Each of us needs to read the information available on a product and make the decision ourselves. The Bio Tuner is a consumer product, for general health, well-being and relaxation. Other products may have a different scope.