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SOTA News 2002
SOTA News 2002
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December 2002
ZBB4 Sold Out—New Model Coming Soon
We have sold out of the previous model ZBB4. The ZBB5 will be available in February 2003. New features include: a) New look, b) Built-in Constant-Current Circuit for the Ionic~Colloidal Silver Output, c) Yellow LED Light indicates when the current through the stimulator electrodes is correct, d) Special DIN style jack to comply with new government regulations, e) Lower price.

November 2002
The SOTA Office is Moving
SOTA is moving to a new city 3 hours from our present location for December 1st, 2002. As of November 28th, 2002 our phone and fax numbers will be changing. New Telephone: 1-250-770-2023, and new Fax: 1-250-770-1999. Our Toll-Free 800# will stay the same at 1-800-224-0242. Our new mailing address is: SOTA Instruments Inc., PO BOX 77, Penticton, BC, V2A 6J8 Canada.

November 2002
Regulatory Restriction in Canada
Due to Canadian Government restrictions, the Bio Tuner Headset is not available in Canada. Please call for more information about your options.

October 2002
New Model - Water Ozonator
Water O3zonator, Picture of WOZ4Model WOZ4 outputs nearly twice the ozone (200mg/Hr) as the previous WOZ3 (108mg/Hr) thanks to a super-efficient new ozone tube design. We have also designed a new Air-Pump that is totally ozone resistant and runs with far less vibration. The WOZ4 is currently on special at $275 US. Regular retail price is $360 US. We expect to ship the new WOZ4 in February 2003.

August 2002
More Pricing Discounts
We are extending our special discounted pricing to the Silver Maker, CSG3 while quantities last: $95.00 US. We are clearing this model in preparation for a new model.

August 2002
More Pricing Discounts
We are offering special discounted pricing on the Water O3zonator, Model WOZ3 while quantities last: $270.00 US. The new WOZ4 will have twice the ozone output (200mg/Hr) and will have a new pump design.

June 2002
A Tribute: The Great Man Has Passed Away
Last night, Sunday June 23, 2002 at 11:40 PM, the physicist, who was the creator of the technology for several of our units, departed from this world. After a nasty fall that created water on his brain, his heart eventually gave out and cardiac arrest followed. He is survived by his loving wife.

I have had the supreme honor to know and work closely with this man. Over the many years he and I have become very close friends, and his loss saddens me deeply. What I remember so fondly of him was his loving heart and desire to help mankind. This he did without ever seeking rewards, and did so tirelessly. Always there to listen, always there to give. His dream was to give to the people of the world technologies that would help them “take back their power” in health and in life. He relentlessly pursued his passion, and succeeded where most others failed. His amazing intellect was eclipsed only by his generosity.

I salute you Sir, and bow my head in reverence and respect. You did very well My Friend, and I will hold your memories in my heart for safekeeping. Thank-you so very much for allowing me into your very private life. The journey has been wonderful, and I will continue to keep your dream alive as long I am able to. You have given me a life mission and I thank-you. You will not be forgotten, ever.

Godspeed to your new shores dear friend, Russ Torlage

May 2002
Pricing Discounts
We are totally re-designing our product line, and to help move into our new products quicker, we are offering special clearance pricing on these products: Silver Pulser, $130 US, Harmonic Pulser, $165 US, Bio Tuner, $191 US, and Zapper, $68 US while quantities last. Our new products will have a molded, stream-lined look, have more functions, and be more user-friendly. We are very excited about this new step, and wanted to give you, our Customers the option of waiting for the new product line, or purchase our current units at a substantial savings. We expect the new products to be available in 6-12 months.

April 2002
New Accessory – Constant Current Adapter
Picture of Constant Current AdaptorThe Constant Current Adapter is designed to convert the Ionic~Colloidal Silver output of the SOTA Silver Maker and/or Silver Pulser from a constant voltage to a constant current for superior Ionic~Colloidal Silver production. Furthermore, it can operate from virtually any DC input voltage (through appropriate jacks and plugs) making it extremely versatile in converting any Ionic~Colloidal Silver maker into a constant current output.

January 2002
FTC Case Closed
The best bit of news in 2 years. On January 4, 2002 SOTA received a letter from the Federal Trade Commission. In the letter the FTC states that the case against SOTA has been closed. We did it. We won our case against the FTC. Most every company that has gone up against the FTC has lost. We wish to thank all of you who have supported our efforts in this and all other issues relating to our basic freedoms and government. We couldn't have done it without your support.

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