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    What’s Happening at SOTA?
    • SOTA Celebrates a Birthday!
    • Healing is Voltage
    • New - Frequently Asked Questions
    • New - Cautions for the SOTA Products
    • New - How to Compare
    • SOTA Magnetic Pulser Featured on Major TV Network
    • Electricity and Silver Used for Water Purification
    • Discount on Some New Magnetic Pulsers
    • Silver Pulser: New Micropulsing Cord
    • Silver Pulser: Tip for making Ionic~Colloidal Silver
    • LightWorks: Using Two Hand Paddles
    • Accessories for the Silver Pulser
    • New Micropulsing Cords and New Rubber Probes

    What’s Happening at SOTA?
    • Magnetic Pulser … only discounted units in stock
    • Silver Wires … Good News

    The Politics of Health
    • 60 Minutes: Life over Death
    • A Voice for Health Freedom
    • Good News at the International Level
    • Breaking News for Health Freedom
    • Initiative in Europe Fights for Health Products
    Creating Solutions
    • Spotlight on Education
    • Spotlight on the New Economy
    • What is the Role of Government?
    • Why Does Power Corrupt?
    • Warning from a US President
    • The Tapeworm Economy
    • Voters say No to a Bank Bailout in Iceland
    • Preparing for more Economic Disruption
    • Inside Job
    • Lessons from the Depression

    What’s Happening at SOTA?
    • A Magnetic Pulser Idea
    • New Product Demonstration Videos
    • Our Mission
    • New SOTA Product Websites
    Other News
    • Messing with Our Minds
    • Health … The Longevity Project
    • The Economy
    • A Love Story

    What’s Happening at SOTA?
    • Paypal is now a Payment Option
    • Update on Conductive Rubber Probes
    • Additions to the LightWorks Kit
    • New Book Recommends SOTA
    • Thank You for Helping Us to Help Others
    • SOTA Goes Mobi
    • SOTA How to Videos now on Youtube
    • New website
    The Food Front
    • A Child’s Convincing Experiment
    Two Bright Spots on the World Scene
    • What is Happening in Iceland?
    • Thrive: Why are so Many Struggling to Survive?
    The Economy
    • Would You Manage Your Finances this Way?
    • 60 Minutes: A Lobbyist’s Perspective
    • 60 Minutes: Congress Profiting on Insider Information
    • Three Things
    A Love Tap
    • TED Talk: The Power of Vulnerability
    • The Power of Love

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