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    Health Tips
    • How Gluten Creates Havoc in Our Bodies
    • How One Woman’s Life Was Changed
    • Discover for Yourself
    • We Are Each Hosts to a World of Microbes
    • Organizer of the Gluten Summit - His Mission
    • The Next Summit - Now That You Know,
      Where Do You Go?
    • The Future of Nutrition Conference

    Product News
    • New Product - SOTA USB Stick
    • New Kit - All SOTA Products
    • No Longer Recommend
    SOTA News
    • Facebook and Twitter
    • Paying with Credit Card or PayPal?
    Politics and Media Insights
    • War or Peace?
    • Hidden History Lessons
    • Continuing Justification for War
    Encouraging Examples for Change
    • Rejecting War as a Solution
    • Police Protecting Citizens
    • Is Peaceful Revolution Possible?
    • We All Have Things in Common
    • Genetically Modified Foods ... more
    Love Tap

    Health Tips
    • Is There One Main Contributor to Disease?
    • Food Sensitivities and Hidden Inflammation
    • Do Fats Play a Role in Inflammation?
    • What about GMOs?
    • Does the Water We Drink Feed Inflammation?
    • Chronic Stress and Inflammation
    • Our Food Supply
    • Shopping Tips
    Love Tap

    Politics and Media Insights
    • Government in Service ... to the people
    • Is a Democracy the best form of Government?
    • Is there an Ideal Form of Government?
    • How do We Create Governments that Serve Us?
    • Resolving Conflict
    • Meeting in a Circle
    • Communities Protecting Their Rights
    • Creating a Vision
    Love Tap

    Product News
    • Our New Silver Pulser - Model SP7
    • Upgrade to New Model
    • Our New (Old) Micropulsing Cords!
    • Product Manual Updates … Cautions
    • Time to Replace Your Airstone and Tubing?
    What's New at SOTA?
    • A Time for Change
    Ways to Keep in the Loop
    • Thrive Movement
    • Dr. Russell Blaylock
    • Dr. Mark Hyman
    • Green Med Info
    What Would You Like to Create in Your Life?
    • Gregg Braden
    • Inner Guidance, Our Divine Birthright
    Love Tap
    • Listening to a Leopard teaches us …
    Thank You

    Our Products … a Review
    • The Silver Pulser
    • The Magnetic Pulser
    • The Water Ozonator
    • The Bio Tuner
    • The LightWorks
    Product News
    • Our New Silver Pulser – Model SP7
    • Upgrade to New Model Silver Pulser SP7
    • Increases to Kit Pricing
    • Silver Micropulsing Cords – Now Available
    • Coming Soon(ish) – The Magnetic Pulser MP6!
    • Upgrade to New Model Magnetic Pulser MP6
    Love Tap
    • How Wolves Help …

    Time for Change
    Product News
    • Our New Magnetic Pulser – Model MP6
    • Reduced Pricing on Magnetic Pulser MP5
    • Upgrade to the New Magnetic Pulser MP6
    Love Tap
    • Home for the Holidays

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