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From Our Hearts to Yours

Thank you for joining us!

We are happy to be again shipping all our products including our new Magnetic Pulser Model MP7. Russ put a lot of effort into the new coil design and we really hope you like it. For everyone who currently has a previous model of the Magnetic Pulser Model 1,2,3,4,5 or 6 and want to get the benefits of having a paddle that runs a lot cooler, remember we have an Upgrade Program for you. Our amazing manufacturers finished production of our new Bio Tuner Lite Model BTL1 way ahead of schedule and it is now shipping! And if you currently own a Magnetic Pulser we would love your feedback – we are thinking of eliminating a feature – but before we do we want to hear from you.

For our section on The Path Less Traveled a friend shared a video of a powerful school lesson that deeply touched us. Considering what we have gone through together these last 3 years and is still ongoing thought we would also share some videos that allow us to step back and think about what kind of human being do we want to be? And how does our choice impact society, our community, our country and the world?

What we love about being human is that we learn, grow, trip, fall, get up, dust off ... and we always have so many choices of how we want to experience life together on this planet. We can choose to be kind, tolerant, inclusive or we can choose to be hateful, judgmental and exclusive. And often we can go back and forth between the extremes as we learn and live our lives. The beautiful thing is that we have the capability to change in any moment and to strive to be better humans on this planet. We love learning about freedom and how responsibility is a big part of freedom. And we have learned how important the words 'I apologize' or 'I was wrong' or 'Please forgive me' are in helping to heal those that we harm as we learn how to be a better human.

And lastly, the Dutch farmers deserve a mention. Like the Truckers Convoy of Canada that gave hope and inspired millions around the planet – these farmers who are being faced with losing their livelihood due to political climate laws have been protesting. They chose to form a political party and in the recent elections they won 15 seats in the Upper House with almost 20% of the vote. 49 parties were registered to participate in the election with 19 of them winning at least 1 seat – so these results are considered a landslide victory. The people came out and voted in record numbers. In 2017 National Geographic wrote an article ... 'The Netherlands has become an agricultural giant by showing what the future of farming could look like. The great indoors provides optimal growing conditions for lettuce and other leafy greens. Each acre in the greenhouse yields as much lettuce as 10 outdoor acres and cuts the need for chemicals by 97 percent.' The article was titled 'This Tiny Country Feeds the World' – cutting 1/3 of the use of fertilizers and reducing farmland would clearly have an effect on the food supply. Here in Canada and many other countries these same laws are being enacted.

We love when you share with us – thank you!

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To Beep or Not to Beep!

Magnetic Pulser Owners We Need Your Opinion!

Our models MP5, MP6 & MP7 have a beep function. The beep button is within the orange circle in the image below. When pressed the unit beeps each time a pulse is released.

SOTA MP Beep on Pulse

We want to know if you use this beep function?

Please click on the button below to give us your feedback on the Survey Planet website. We will share the results in our next newsletter.

Magnetic Pulser Beep Survey
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Magnetic Pulser Model MP7 Now Shipping

SOTA Magnetic Pulser MP7

Russ is always looking for ways to improve our products, and one day he had a thought that perhaps the coil for the Magnetic Pulser could be improved. Everything about that coil had been designed around the original MPG1 created over 25 years ago. That single thought set him on a journey of discovery. Over the course of a year he tested different wire thicknesses, different coil sizes, different types of wire, different ratios of coil design - all to find the perfect coil that would output the highest Gauss and the lowest possible heat output while keeping the price affordable.

After many versions of prototypes, samples and testing he found it – and this new coil is being used in our new Magnetic Pulser Model MP7 which we are now shipping. The new coil in the paddle runs warm-hot allowing for longer sessions and the Gauss increased for Regular Mode up to >7000 (from >6000).

Those of you who own a previous model can upgrade and receive a 50% discount.

Order the Magnetic Pulser Online
or Call Us to Order
1.800.224.0242 or 1.250.770.2023
Monday to Friday, 8AM to 4PM Pacific time
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SOTA's New Bio Tuner Lite Now Shipping!

SOTA Bio Tuner Lite

The Bio Tuner Lite (BTL1) is a simplified version of our existing model BT9. A comparison chart is available online by clicking the button link below.

View the Bio Tuner Lite Online
Or call Toll Free:
1.800.224.0242 or 1.250.770.2023
Monday to Friday, 8AM to 4PM Pacific time
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The Path Less Traveled

Video - Bystander Effect

Who Are We When It Counts?

It's an uncomfortable question. This lady shares a compelling lesson in school that highlights a choice most of us will face at some point in our lives; doing what is right, or turning away.

What a great teacher though. I mean how often do you get a lesson that will last a lifetime? ... ChatterBox_Muse

In a few short minutes they learned something that a lot of folks don't learn in entire lifetime. ... Winston 'Balloon Hunter' Smith

He would likely be so fired today but I think what he did was the best education ever. ... Leslie Temple

Views: 1.3M | Comments: 1,974 | Subscribers: 13.1K
View Bystander Video (2:52)
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Video - Konstantin Kisin - Climate Change

The Oxford University Debate Club Discusses Woke Culture and Climate Change.

Konstantin Kisin offers a perspective on climate change that is breath-taking in it's clarity.

I've watched this 5 times now because it always gives me goosebumps. Thank you Konstantin Kisin and many greetings from Germany. ... Burkhard D

Konstantin showing once again why he and Frances have been rapidly acquiring such a huge audience. Well-reasoned, charismatic, and incredibly funny. Dude's an absolute beast at public speaking. ... Christopher Fowler

Love how Oxford is providing a platform to discuss such difficult topics. I would love to study there one day. ... Mustafa

Views: 1.5M | Comments: 5,434 | Subscribers: 1.78M
Watch Video (9:19)
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Video - Konstantin Kisin - Climate Change

Russell Brand on The Covid Redemption with Actor Tim Robbins

"Here is my conversation with Tim Robbins, who has won an Academy Award and two Golden Globe Awards during his career. He explains his awakening during the pandemic & how some things didn't seem right to him...

Unbelievable how many of my relationships were permanently affected by my distrust of this vaccine push. I bet Tim will lose quite a few himself. ... tmb31

There is a difference between BEING EDUCATED and BEING INTELLIGENT. ... Chiefstryder 45

The worst thing that they ever did was denying people access to dying loved ones. Super inhumane. ... skival

Views: 1.1M | Comments: 12,867 | Subscribers: 6.39M
Watch Video (11:11)
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Video - Shawn Buckley - Pandemic-NCI

Canadian Constitutional lawyer Shawn Buckley Reveals the Many Ways Our Society Failed During the Pandemic.

He also discusses the National Citizen's Inquiry, a citizen-led, citizen-funded initiative independent from government. The Inquiry is documenting the testimonies of experts and other individuals. When we are ready as a country to take a hard look at the events of the pandemic this Inquiry will serve as an objective repository of evidence.

Hello, I am touched deeply by Mr Buckley. Thank you so much for this calm and profund interview. I am so sad to see so much blindness in most people. I am not saying I see clearly myself. Nevertheless I see up to what point people's programming has come to. From the beginning of the TV in 1953 my birth year, propaganda has been growing to an extent never seen before in humanity. Always more and faster like the false promises of eternal growth. Madness. ... louhe

This is such an awsome initiative. I will be forever gratefull to those involved. Citizen lead, peacefull and fair initiatives are the way to go. No one will come and save us but ourselves. Patiently documenting failures and proposed alternative solutions to these failures sets the groundwork to correct our decision making structure in ways that garanty respect of the spirit and letter of our constitution. The race is on, the awakening is happening, the speed of wich will determine how much of our world we can save. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. ... Freedom8Bob

Views: 1.5K | Comments: 9 | Subscribers: 2.7K
Watch Video (1:08:34)
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SOTA NewsCustomer Comments...

"Thank you so much for sending this trailer "Kiss the Ground". I normally get turned off of any talk about climate change. I'm sick of the World Economic forums agenda and their solution to climate change. It's so good to see a real solution that doesn't include depopulation.

... Kathy B, Canada

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"Regarding Kiss the Ground, I agree that organic farming is needed to replenish the mineral depleted soils but CO2 is a Life Gas and More enables plants to grow with less water. It forms a miniscule 4/100 ths of 1% of the earth's atmosphere while 99.96% is made up of other gases and Water Vapor. The global warming turned climate change memes are based on "modified" manmade models. The climate is always changing but the ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM NOT TALKED ABOUT is the Fact the entire Solar system has been warming. Given the Carbon trading gimmick that big Corporations will use to gain more control and given the number of times we have been lied to, I discount this model and demonization of CO2.

... Bill P, USA

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"The 14:25 minute video "You’ve Been Lied to" [November newsletter], following your commentary about not accepting what you here from your Government or the MSM as the absolute truth is good advice given all the deception and propaganda that is obvious to anyone with half a brain.

May God bless you and the staff at SOTA! Pray for divine intervention and Peace!

... David R, USA

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"Thank you

... Spud W, Canada

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"Hey all you beautiful souls.

Wow! Big congratulations to you Russ and Lesley and your team on the new product line.

... Sandrina B, Canada

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"Just wanted to let you know that I discovered you and your products because of your article on Ukraine.

I respect anyone who has the courage to question the given narrative. Things are clearly not quite what they seem and thankfully more and more people are starting to ask questions. Doing so doesn't make them a Putin supporter, an accusation I find very odd. It just means they're a critical and independent thinker.

Keep up the great work. Hopefully, money permitting, I will be buying the new pulsar when it comes out in May.

... Paul S

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"Wow, the feedback you shared from your readers went from one side of the pendulum to the other.

You can always tell who the deluded television watchers are. It's too bad they're so rude with their uneducated opinions.

Take care. And thanks for the great products and articles.

... Andrew F, Canada

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"We Jutta and Rudi M. Love to read your stories! they are really from the Heart.

Being Jehovah's Witnesses since 40 years we love to share the Good News from Gods Word ... Please keep doing what you do so good. May Gods love and peace and hope guide you into the best future ever!

... Jutta & Rudi, Australia

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