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From Our Hearts to Yours

Empowering You on Your Wellness Journey

February. The month of hearts, kindness and love. But what is love?

For some love is a grand gesture, epic tales and huge declarations. For others it lies in the subtle nuances found in the everyday. A bird taking flight, the strength of a tree, the laughter of a child, a thoughtful interaction with a neighbor, a hot cup of tea with a good friend. Love has its hand in it all.

As a universal language love has the power to connect humanity - reminding us we all belong. At SOTA, we experience that connection every day when our customers open their hearts to us - sharing their struggles and their successes.

SOTA on the phone

As a Customer, your ideas, experiences and suggestions are at the heart of what we do. We love hearing from you. The foundation of every product design change, big idea or new project we launch, echoes "what best serves our customers?" When you take the time to share your experiences and feedback with us, not only do our hearts fill with gratitude but it helps us grow. We truly are a community who are sharing, caring and learning – together.

In this SOTA News you'll find some of the wonderful comments and encouraging feedback we've received. They act as inspiration, motivation and remind us that we are all part of a bright, beautiful, supportive community. And that's something we really love.

In its simplicity, love holds the power to make the human experience profoundly meaningful. Because of you, our SOTA customers, we have found meaning everywhere we look.

Russ, Lesley
& The Entire SOTA Team

Brought to you by the SOTA Magnetic Pulser
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Special Upgrade

Do you know as a SOTA customer, you have special privileges?

By purchasing a SOTA product you are automatically eligible for the SOTA Upgrade Program, which entitles you to upgrade your original model – even if it needs repair – to our newest model at a discount of up to 50% off the regular retail price.

Surprised Look

Yes – a brand new unit for up to 50% off just by sending in your old unit!

What happens to those older units?

It is our pay-it-forward program. We take your used unit, refurbish it, verify it meets all specifications, add all new accessories and make it available to others for purchase at a substantial discount. We call this our Used Unit Program. We created this program for people who believe in the technology and want to experience the benefits but don't have the budget for brand new units.

We currently have over 100 people on a wait list for used units. These people have been waiting weeks – even months – for a refurbished unit to become available. By upgrading, you're helping someone who may not be able to afford a new unit. It's a win-win! You receive a brand new unit and someone else gets to benefit from your refurbished unit.

Woman opening package

This isn't one of those "time-limited" deals that expires before you have a chance to think it over ... this opportunity is always available to you.

So how do you upgrade?

Contact us with the make and model of your unit and we'll run the numbers for you. It's simple to get the ball rolling.

Visit Our Upgrade Page
or Call Us
1.800.224.0242 or 1.250.770.2023
Monday to Friday, 8AM to 4PM Pacific time
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YOU: Our True Intention.

We don't sell products.
We provide solutions for a healthier, more balanced, better functioning YOU.

Here is what some of you have to say:

Image of Customer

"The SOTA Team has gone above and beyond to ensure my equipment continues to work long after I purchased it. This is the customer care we dream of with ALL companies. Thank you SOTA – you're customer care leaders as you show true empathy and problem solving."

Katharine A., Victoria, Australia

Image of Customer

"I am fascinated with what you do, and the technology that you are using in your products, which helps me, my mother and my clients to feel more energized and enthusiastic about life every single day."

Kanta M., Ceuta, Spain

Image of Customer

"I am grateful for your kindness and over the top customer satisfaction. Ethics that can't be taught, but can only come from genetics. Everything happens for a reason and there are no accidents. You guys have made a man and his kitty cat ever so closer to being our best possible selves."

Christopher J., California, USA

Image of Customer

"I am blown away by my experience with the SOTA crew. The way you do business is unlike any other company I have ever had dealings with. You are a company with major integrity and major heart! Needless to say, your customer service is second to none! I am so grateful I have found SOTA because it really shows me that there are awesome people out there in the world doing awesome things and not just to make a buck but to really make a positive difference in our world. You've definitely made a positive difference in my life."

Cosmo K., British Columbia, Canada

Image of Customer

"There are only a few companies that offer the integrity and quality of products as Sota instruments. The SOTA products are fairly priced, top notch quality, and quite timely with new wellness innovations. I highly regard and strongly recommend Sota Instruments. Footnote...their staff is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to converse with."

Paul F., California, USA

Image of Customer

"Just wanted to let you know that I support you all, the SOTA company, your products, and your services. And I also wanted to let you know that I applaud your efforts, and am feeling your intentions in my heart."

S.S., California, USA

Image of Customer

"I rotate these wonderful health products almost every day. Combined with a healthy diet and a variety of exercise, I rarely get sick. At 91 years old, I'm looking forward to blowing out the candles on my birthday cake at 100 years old. Thanks for making such great products that help people raise their level of wellness."

David M, California, USA

Image of Customer

"As a Berkely trained and lifelong electrical engineer and developer, I can testify (and, for the record, I have no affiliation of any sort with them) that this SOTA device is, without question, the most cost/effective solution available for delivering high/energy [pulsed magnetic fields] to specifically/targeted body regions. I am difficult to impress, yet I am impressed by this device. I just purchased a second unit so that I can have one at both of my locations."

S.G., California, USA

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Got Something To Say?
We'd love to hear it.

Do you have something to say about a SOTA Product?

Have you seen a change in your life because of the Silver Pulser?

Does a particular Bio Tuner frequency calm your mind and help you tap into tranquility?

If ever you have a comment or feedback, we would love to hear from you. With your guidance, we continue to grow and learn.

To share your story, provide feedback or maybe even ask a question?

Connect with us at: [email protected]

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"Get a Grip!" on your Magnetic Pulser!

Based on customer feedback, we've been on a mission to find a way to make the Hand Paddle easier to grasp. After exploring many options, we're happy to announce we have a suggestion to recommend. One that's cost-effective and fun, too.

Athletic tape on Magnetic Pulser paddle

Simply take about 14 inches (~35 cm) of athletic sports wrap and wrap it around the handle of the paddle. This provides a slightly cushioned surface that is easier to grip. It sticks only to itself, has no residue and isn't sticky like regular tape.

Also known as self adherent wrap and stretch athletic tape, it's available anywhere that sells first aid supplies. The fun part? It comes in a rainbow of colors and patterns.

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The Path Less Traveled

"The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference."
Elie Wiesel

Video - Mr Indifferent

Mr. Indifferent

A grateful heart, opens the door to see the extraordinary, in the everyday.

Loved the concept & the way its picturised. Lending a helping hand by going out of your comfort zone initially might be uncomfortable but then it becomes a proud habit. Sharing is caring .keep spreading ... @pranjali8199

What a lovely little animation and story! I feel like we don't get enough of these nowadays. Plus not a single word spoken yet a really effective tale and message got across, I like that. We don't all have to be as outgoing as Mr Indifferent eventually becomes but a small act of kindness here and there throughout your days can go a very, very long way towards improving both your life and others' lives. ... @doctahwahwee2237

So I scrolled past this 4 times in the span of 2 years saying this is probably boring and not for me just some random animated short. Some reason today I stop to actually watch it and am I glad I did. This was actually very good like superbly good. I'm glad I stopped and actually watched. ... @denalehayes5023

Views: 51M | Comments: 12,849 | Subscribers: 6.1M
Watch Video (2:45)
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Customer Comments...

We love when you share with us – thank you!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have used Sota Instruments for many years and my recent purchase of a new one with trade in was exceptional in customer service. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

... Peter O., Australia

Congratulations on your 28th Birthday. Bless You. Keep up the wonderful work.

... Barbara R., Canada

Happy Birthday... You've done a stellar job over the years – and like your lovely video says 'I am Grateful to know you.' Thanks for the lovely reminder of all we have to be grateful for.

... Lorna H, Canada

Happy Birthday.

... Rafig Alam A, Saudi Arabia

Amazing products produced on your creative journey! Wishing you all the very best

... Rick and Dianne M., Canada

Happy birthday and congratulations...
We are so grateful for your existence ~ and products ~ and wonderful attitudes ~ and sticktoitiveness ~ particularly of recent ~
We have your silver pulser and water ozone machine and magnetic pulser and use all of them to great effect very very often ~
Your products have always instilled a sense that we are able to exert some control of our wellness ~ in the comfort and sanity of our home ~ without typical medical intervention or pharmaceuticals ~
Cheers to setting out on this adventure 28 years ago ~ and to doing such wonderful things with it along the way ~
Here's to many more ~ please ~ with our best wishes and thanks

... Janet and Phil B., Canada

Dear members of SOTA,
I herewith want to congratuate you with the 28th birthday of your company. Thanks for your wonderful products and services. Hope for all of us that you may continue for still many years.

... Fons P., Netherlands

The amount of work you put into the publication is very much appreciated.

... John B., USA

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Wonderful. I love mine (Magnetic Pulser) too. Amazing powerful health tools.
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We love our SOTA Magnetic Pulser.
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