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SOTA News July 2023

From Our Hearts to Yours

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Updates on SOTA Inventory

Water O3zonators are back in stock with a brand new On/Off Touch Switch. Instead of pressing the On/Off button you simply touch the surface of the unit where indicated.

SOTA Water Ozonator Touch Start Button

The branding has also been updated and the unit now ships in a custom enclosure similar to the Magnetic Pulser. The cloth carrying case has been discontinued to keep pricing down.

SOTA Water Ozonator Packaging Box

Remember, you can upgrade your Water O3zonater at any time for 50% off a new one.

Cotton Sleeves - Velcro are back in stock for those of you who like the old-fashioned, tried-and-true approach to wetting the Silver Pulser probes. We continue to be well stocked with the newer Sponge Sleeves.

The velcro sleeves have been modified to reduce skin irritation - the velcro no longer extends to the edge of the sleeve.

Magnetic Pulser — Model MP7 we are hoping to have these in stock & shipping in September (2023).

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The New SOTA Quick Start Video For The Water O3zonator

SOTA's Quick Start Video - Water Ozonator

In a few short minutes (3:28), this Quick Start video demonstrates, step-by-step, how to use and incorporate the Water O3zonator in your life. Many of our staff are featured in this production.

Watch Quick Start Video (3:28)
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Opinions Please!

Owners of Water O3zonators — we have questions.

We want the details on your relationship with your Water Ozonator! How do you use it; how often; where do you store it; does it make you happy?

SOTA Water Ozonator

Please click on the button below to give us your feedback on the Survey Planet website. We will share the results in a future newsletter.

Water O3zonator Survey
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The SOTA Product Family Quick Start Video

SOTA's Quick Start Video

The new video is now live on our Home page.

This is the first step in the plan to turn our written materials into video content. In a few short minutes the Quickstart video demonstrates, step-by-step, how to use each of our units and how to make them part of your lifestyle. It also includes clips of people using our units in their daily life. Many of our staff are featured in this production.

Watch Quick Start Video (18:34)
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The Path Less Traveled

"Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see." Mark Twain

Be Kind

Acts of Kindness

These stories of kindness (at 0:24 & 8:48) may bring a tear to your eye.

We can be so isolated from people that enter our lives. Lost in our worries, distracted by opinions and events both around us and in the world out there. We forget to be gentle, we forget to be patient, to forgive both ourselves and others. We forget that kindness is love and no matter our beliefs about life, kindness is food for happiness.

Been to this video many times and it makes me tearful every time. ... @misskelly9184

One day someone told me I'm a good mom. They didn't know how much those words meant to me. ... @lorenparker7846

Kindness is a gift, that everyone can afford to give. ... @anitacarter8060

Views: 2.05M | Comments: 1,316 | Subscribers: 2.6M
Watch Video (11:08)
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BBC The Power of Kindness

The extraordinary power of kindness | BBC Ideas

Every day for a year Bernadette Russell did a random act of kindness for a stranger. How did it change her? And what happens to your brain when you're kind?

A powerful message expressed rather eloquently. Thank you for this beautiful video, BBC Ideas. I hope this will reach millions of people and act as an inspiration like it has for me. Keep going! :) ... @curiouslyunruffled

This is absolutely amazing! I feel exactly the same way! So much so that I'm starting my own passion project related to Kindness, called 'Kindness for Health'.

One act of kindness a day can significantly improve the wellbeing of the giver, the receiver and anyone who witnessed the act of kindness.
... @elliottsmart4423

Thank you for this wonderful video. Quote to remember: The small stuff may actually be the big stuff. ... @angelina8811

Views: 21,544 | Comments: 19 | Subscribers: 446K
Watch Video (6:37)
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"Love the new video! Well done! [new Quick Start video]...

... Jeremy K, USA

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"I want to thank you for your newsletter. It came at the perfect time , to interrupt a stream of emails bemoaning the state of the world. But yours reminded me of whats really true, that love is what really matters, our attitude to others, regardless of what is happening in the world. Animals are so open with their hearts. Our doggie just sits and stares at us when he wants something, and sometimes all that is, is some love and attention! Thank you for the Dose of Unconditional Love, it was perfect timing.

Lots of Love to you and all your team.

... Michael W, Australia

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"I felt humbled by your Animal video.

Thank you all for making all the health equipment to bless us all!

... Deanna S, USA

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Water O3zonator Reviews
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The SOTA Water Ozonator
The Water O3zonator produces freshly-ozonated water providing drinkable oxygen to the body's energy systems.
Unit Demonstration
More About the Water O3zonator
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The SOTA Silver Pulser
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