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From Our Hearts to Yours

Empowering You on Your Wellness Journey

What you believe about yourself... is true.

Recently I was visiting a friend who was running through the laundry list of challenges that accompany life. As we were walking out and in reference to our previous conversation she stated, "I just wish I had more confidence. I don't know where to find it but that's what I need."

Lovingly, I turned and shared something I had discovered for myself: "My friend... do you know what confidence is? It's a choice."

She looked at me a little baffled so I continued: "Having confidence or not having confidence starts with a thought. If you change your thoughts & feelings to being confident then you will show up as someone with confidence."

Sometimes all it takes is a little reminder that ultimately, we are each responsible for our thoughts. We are the ones that choose to believe or not to believe. Being confident stems from being authentically you. In any given moment, all you can do is show up and be you. Unapologetically, quirkily, distinctively, authentically you.

We share more on this in The Path Less Traveled below.

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Ready to nurture yourself?
Rediscover balance and inner harmony with the Bio Tuner.

The SOTA products use nature's own technologies - electricity, magnetic fields, ozone, harmonic frequencies – awakening our energy, uncovering vitality and restoring balance helping each of us to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. The SOTA units are designed to be used as part of a Wellness Lifestyle... which may include things like exercise, eating good nutritious foods, juicing, meditating and using Wellness Products like ours.

The Bio Tuner supports the mind-body connection by offering harmonic frequencies to promote overall relaxation and help create an inner sense of well-being, allowing you to tap into a greater sense of calm, balance and tranquility. Small enough to fit in your pocket, the Bio Tuner is an easy-to-use relaxation product and features an automatic timer for 20-minute sessions and has six comfort settings.

Harmonic Frequencies for serenity.
Harmonic Frequencies help create a deeper connection with the body's control center to foster calm, balance and creativity. This offers an opportunity to bring yourself back into a state of equilibrium and balance at any time.

SOTA Bio Tuner Lite

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SOTA Bio Tuner Lite

Looking to invest in your wellness journey but also need the most affordable option available? Our Lite line might be for you.

Designed and engineered with the same quality and care that you've grown to trust from SOTA, the Lite products have fewer bells and whistles than their parent products while still offering the same output specifications.

The Bio Tuner Lite is an economy version of the Bio Tuner. While there is no difference in the application of the Bio Tuner and the Bio Tuner Lite, the Bio Tuner has additional Modes and accessories, not included with the Bio Tuner Lite.

The Bio Tuner Lite (BTL1) is a simplified version of the existing model BT9. A comparison chart is available online by clicking the button link below.

Compare Bio Tuners
To place your order or for any questions
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Monday to Friday, 8AM to 4PM Pacific time

[email protected]
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Looking to Tap Into Tranquility?

Hear what others say about their Bio Tuner

Image of Customer

"I started using the Bio Tuner for about 25 minutes per day. A couple of days later, I could feel a little lifting. Then a couple of more days passed, and I felt a little more lifting. On day 7, I woke up and knew I was back to myself. That was 5 years ago."

Connie K., Illinois, USA

Image of Customer

"My brother told me about the Bio Tuner. I admit I was very skeptical about this technology. Day after day, I continued with the Bio Tuner and I just keep feeling better and better. I feel really positive after three weeks of use now. I also sleep the best I have in years. Thank you for making this technology available to us. It has truly been the key for me in my life."

John Thurman, California, USA

Image of Customer

"It is amazing how much difference the Bio Tuner has made to my life, right from the start. I am calmer. Life seems easier and I wake up happy, thinking of new possibilities. Getting more done. I used to take things in my stride when I was younger. Over time that faded. Thankfully, I'm back to that state again and it's wonderful. As the unit is battery-operated, I love the portability of it too."

Heather W., Victoria, Australia

Bio Tuner FAQsClick Me!

In just a few minutes learn how to use and easily incorporate the SOTA Bio Tuner into your wellness lifestyle. This Quick Start Video offers step-by-step instructions on using the Bio Tuner as well as the best ways to ensure you stay consistent for maximum results.

SOTA's Bio Tuner Quick Start Video on Micropulsing

SOTA Customers from all over the world share their thoughts...

Bio Tuner FAQsCheck out the SOTA Bio Tuner Customer Reviews!
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SOTA Bio Tuner Lite

We Need Your Help

Keep an Eye Out for a SOTA Survey

Because in the end, it's always about our customers... we're looking to serve you even better. In that spirit, we're in the process of designing a SOTA survey that will be sent to our customer base. That's you! Please watch for this survey... a few minutes of your time helps shape the future of SOTA.

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Athletic tape on Magnetic Pulser paddle

Silver Pulser Model: ZBB2 - 1996

Send Us Your Old Photos

Pulsing in the 1990s? Ozonating water circa 2007? Bio Tuning for over a decade? Have you been a SOTA user for awhile? We would LOVE to see any videos or photos, of past Units. Send us any old evidence... it's always a treat to see SOTA as part of your wellness journey for all these years.

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The Path Less Traveled

The world needs YOU.
You are exactly who you need to be.

For some, the dilemma lies in the uncertainty.
You'd like to show up as "you", you just aren't sure who that is. For so long we've been conditioned to fit in and live up to expectations... until we realize expectations are simply illusions created to please others. And most times they are so far from who we are - so far from our personal truth - that we need reminding that authenticity is where our truth resides.

Not only that, we need to set aside judgment and allow others to be exactly who they are. Be a Mr. Jensen and when the world labels, critiques and judges someone, let's find the human connection and remind each other of our best.

SOTA's Silver Pulser Quick Start Video on Micropulsing

Mr. Jensen

It's not necessary to be the best IN the world but to be your best FOR the world.

I'm 42, grew up with undiagnosed ADHD until a few years ago... This made me bawl for about 10 minutes.
... @DorsenFirebeard

I have chills right now. I am a speech therapist and I have several children that exhibit behaviors as you did as a child. Your former teacher stands out from the rest. I hope he knows how he made a difference in your life. I wish more were like him! Many blessings to you! Thank you for sharing.
... @valeriajohnson1004

This made me cry. Just a beautiful message about believing in others. Thank you for sharing this with the world!!!
... @matatiamaloata7007

Views: 3.2M | Comments: 692 | Subscribers: 9.9K
Watch Video (3:12)
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To help define who you are and what you believe, Brene Brown reminds us that vulnerability turns out to be the equivalent of courage. When we have the courage to show up in our own lives, big shifts and transformations can take place.

SOTA's Silver Pulser Quick Start Video on Micropulsing

Brene Brown on Vulnerability

"You are imperfect and wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging!"
... @dmz140

She writes with such beautiful vulnerability that let's you know you can be vulnerable also.... Strong back soft front!
... @bulldog3512

Wow, I am impressed! Brene Brown just took the negative energy from a bunch of internet anonymous hateful comments and reframed them into positive energy and inspiration. That's inspiring and instructional in and of itself!
... @zizendorf

Views: 2M | Comments: 660 | Subscribers: 18.3K
Watch Video (9:41)

More on being ourselves...

  • Video: Oprah on the power of now (60:07)
    This idea that when you're fully present, you can experience all the color, wonder and nuance life is constantly showing us. When you're in the moment... you aren't rewinding past scenarios and anchoring into feelings that no longer serve you. There's no preoccupation about the "what if's" of the future. All we have is now and once we realize that, the only thing that's important... is to show up as we are, in this moment.
  • Video: Brene Brown on belonging (0:45)
    "The opposite of belonging is fitting in."

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