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From Our Hearts to Yours

Empowering You on Your Wellness Journey

Hello to all our amazing customers, both new to SOTA and long time supporters.

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Brought to you by the SOTA Silver Pulser

Silver Pulser Tip

The technology used to make a batch of Ionic~Colloidial Silver, is transmitted through a pair of Silver Wires.

Did you know those Silver Wires can produce up to 80 gallons of Ionic~Colloidial Silver? Even more, if you care for your Silver Wires properly.

The SOTA Silver Wires (SW2) are .9999 (99.99%) pure fine silver. To get the most from your wires, we suggest periodically switching the wires side-to-side as well as flipping top to bottom. This evens out the wear on the wires.

When cleaning them, there is no need to be vigorous or forceful. A gentle wipe with the green scrub pad will work just fine.

Video: Caring for Your Silver Wires (0:44)

The price of silver has been trending up for several years as you can see at this website: SilverPrice.Org.

At SOTA, we have not increased our prices to match inflation. But with silver prices on the rise, the market may force our hand and we may have to adjust pricing. That said it might be beneficial for you to purchase our SOTA Silver Wires (SW2) sooner rather than later.

Order Silver Wires
or Call Us to Order
1.800.224.0242 or 1.250.770.2023
Monday to Friday, 8AM to 4PM Pacific time
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Update on SOTA Inventory

SOTA Magnetic Pulser

Magnetic Pulser — Model MP7 — Coming October 2023

You might be wondering whether a product, when used all the time, will eventually lose its effectiveness. Does your SOTA Magnetic Pulser lose its strength?

We designed the Magnetic Pulser to maintain the integrity of every single pulse. Every time. Regardless of the age of the unit. The Magnetic Pulsers are rated for more than 30 million pulses.

What does this mean? If you use your unit for two sessions everyday (on Regular Mode) – it will take over 161 YEARS to reach the 30 million pulses for the capacitor to finally wear out.

Our newest unit the Magnetic Pulser – Model MP7 is no exception.

This latest model features:

  • Faster Pulse Delivery in Regular Mode – the MP7 delivers a pulse every 4 seconds whereas the MP6 delivers a pulse every 5-7 seconds.
  • Higher Output – the MP7 outputs greater than 7000 Gauss at the face of the coil and the field penetrates about 14 inches whereas the MP6 outputs greater than 6000 Gauss and penetrates about 9 inches.

We are hoping to have the MP7 back in stock & shipping in October (2023).

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Buy Now, Pay Later at

SOTA Buy Now Pay Later on Amazon

Here is how we are working to make the SOTA products affordable to a wider audience.

Adding Lite versions of each unit

We've already released the Lite versions of the Silver Pulser & Bio Tuner. Available at a lower price point the Lite models are simplified versions of the main units. There are plans to add a Magnetic Pulser Lite to the Lite line, but the completion date is unknown at this point.

Unfortunately at this time there are no plans to make a Water Ozonator Lite, as the parts required are still very expensive to maintain the quality we want with the ozonated water.

Buy Now Pay Later

For customers in the USA there is the option of purchasing on credit through Amazon. has partnered with to offer monthly payments for purchases made through Amazon - including the SOTA units. On each of our product pages you will find links & examples of payment plans found on Amazon. Unfortunately due to the regulations surrounding 'Buy Now Pay Later' programs this is only available to U.S. residents.

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We Hear You Loud and Clear

Owners of Water O3zonators — thank you for your awesome responses.

Last newsletter we asked for the details of your relationship with your Water O3zonator! How do you use it; how often; where do you store it; does it make you happy?

SOTA Water Ozonator

Here is what you shared...

  1. 48% purchased their Water O3zonator before 2021
  2. 95% have used it in 2023
  3. 100% use it several times a week or more
  4. 95% use the Water O3zonator to get the benefits of ozone
  5. 81% also use it for pets, vegetables, & plants
  6. 52% store their unit in the kitchen
  7. 14% left comments
    • "I use it to clean my face and neck and for teas I forage on my land- Birch, dandelion, pine needle and mix it to my Spruce resin (anti bacterial/anti fungal) to shield my mercury fillings---I never have bad breath!"
    • "Instead of shampoo sometimes"
    • "I love my ozonator! I wake up and the first thing I do is drink a liter of ozonated H2O with added minerals. I also use it to clean fruits and veggies several times a day with a separate tube/stone.
    • "Yes I'm happy with it though i have no clue how to measure results/ if there are results"
    • "I wish we had 2!"

To learn more about the SOTA Water Ozonator please visit: You'll find videos, FAQ's, manuals, and so much more.

In addition, we regularly post helpful information to our Facebook page and people often offer creative suggestions of their own.

Hearing from our customers is always a win. We truly value your feedback, opinions, comments and suggestions. If you own a Water O3zonator and haven't taken the survey, we would love to hear from you. Click on the button below to give us your feedback on the Survey Planet website.

Water O3zonator Survey
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The New SOTA Quick Start Videos For The Silver Pulser

SOTA's Silver Pulser Quick Start Video on Micropulsing

In a few short minutes (4:04), learn how to use and incorporate the Micropulsing function of the Silver Pulser into your life.

Watch Quick Start Video (4:04)

SOTA's Silver Pulser Quick Start Video on Ionic~Colloidal Silver

Quickly Learn how to use and incorporate the Ionic~Colloidal Silver function of the Silver Pulser into your life.

Watch Quick Start Video (4:47)
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The Path Less Traveled

"Be Kind to Every Kind. Not Just Mankind"
Anthony Douglas Williams

Humans Helping Animals

Wild Animals That Asked People for Help & Kindness

The people in this video inspired us in their service and kindness to animals. We enjoyed reading the comments and included a few below.

Every time a wild animal went against its own instinct to run away from humans and instead asked for help, and it was answered by kindness from someone, it brought tears to my eyes. ... @bobbisheaffer67

I really love humans sometimes. I wish we could all care for each other and all living things all the time. When you see teams of people working together for a life no matter how big or small, gentle or potential dangerous it really says we're completely capable of making the world a better place. ... @MsDanidot

Imagine if the news would share this kind of stuff. I saw people of all walks of life helping these animals. This stuff happens every day. It’s where you place the spotlight that shows everyone what’s going on. ... @OurSoulsChapter

Views: 30M | Comments: 10,514 | Subscribers: 4.1M
Watch Video (38:44)
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Brought to you by the SOTA Silver Pulser Lite

SOTA's economy version of the Silver Pulser.

Customer Comment on Silver Pulser
Silver Pulser Reviews
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Facebook comments:

I love Sota products. They are the best health devices other than infrared saunas. I use my pemf and ozone machine daily!

And their customer service is unparalleled. They always go above and beyond. You can tell they truly care about their customers!
... Daniel B.

I love these people and company.
... Kathy J.

We love this product! Thanks Bob for leaving an amazing tool that Sota made it so beautiful and useful!
... My Road to Wellness, USA

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