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What the YumaLite is
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  YumaLite Model YL2
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The SOTA YumaLite is an easy-to-use visor offering White and Red LED light.

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What the YumaLite does
As we understand it, here is how it works: The YumaLite uses LED light offering a choice of White or Red light. The light is applied gently to the eyes by wearing an easy-to-use visor.

Our body cells rely on light. We absorb light through the sun and our food. Light is a source of energy that works with the natural flow of electricity within. Our electrical system produces energy for our bodies.

The YumaLite can be used when there is decreased exposure to natural sunlight. Whether it's a change of time zones, short daylight hours in winter, working indoors, or working night shifts ... lack of exposure to natural light can impact our well-being and energy levels.

In addition, the Red LED light helps to balance the constant blue light we are exposed to from long hours of staring at computer and cell phone screens as well as flat screen TVs. Many forms of artificial white light contain more light in the blue spectrum than the red which can cause over-stimulation affecting circadian rhythms and sleep patterns. YumaLite works with your body's rhythms, for greater energy, general health and well-being.

A Wellness Lifestyle incorporates a holistic approach to living life in a way that supports abundant health. A holistic or wellness approach views our bodies on many levels which may include: mechanical, chemical, mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual, as well as electrical.

All living things are electrical in nature. We view the SOTA Products as a way of working with the body's natural electricity or energy, contributing to Wellness. This is similar to how exercise, eating good nutritious foods, juicing and meditating all help nourish the body and contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

YumaLite is a simple and convenient way to bring light into your life – Your Very Own Personal Sunshine!

YumaLite Model YL2 features a built-in 20-minute timer and an improved design for simpler battery replacement, and a sturdier headband.

How to use the YumaLite back to top
The YumaLite is an easy–to–use portable visor giving you the choice of White or Red light. The adjustable strap and tilting action of the visor allows the YumaLite to be customized to fit you.

The YumaLite is timed for 20 minutes. It often takes a minimum of 7 days to experience the benefits. Using it in the morning allows you to reap the benefits all day long. For mornings, you may want to use the White light, and for later in the day, the Red light. By using the Red light later in the day, you help to balance the abundance of blue light from computer and cell phone use.

Accessories Included back to top
Picture of Accessories
One (1) Carrying Bag
One (1) Product Manual
Three (3) AAA Alkaline Batteries
Natural Lightback to top
Enjoying fresh air and sunlight has been recognized for health benefits over the centuries. An important part of treatment at early health spas was exposure to natural sunlight for a period of time each day. If it was cold, patients would be bundled in blankets to sit in the sun, or dressed warmly to walk about, while they exposed their faces to the sun.

Light, especially natural light, is important for our health. When we don’t get enough natural light, the natural cadence of our body clock is interrupted. When our body clock is interrupted, it can affect our energy levels, mood, our concentration and can lead to sleep disruption, over-eating and weight gain. The effects of reduced natural light can range from mild to severe.

There are many reasons we might not receive adequate light – too much time indoors, shift work, or traveling to other time zones, can deprive us of the light we need in our life. The winter months can also contribute to a lack of natural light – the days are shorter and often darker.

When natural light isn’t available, light from a light source like the YumaLite can help bring the sunshine in. Using the YumaLite to replace the lost light in our life can help keep our body clock working as it should, so that we feel more like we do during the spring and summer seasons.

Red Lightback to top
Many of the electronic devices that we all enjoy using, like computers, cell phones and flat screen TVs, tend to emit light more in the blue spectrum. Over time, overexposure to blue light may cause an imbalance. The good news is that by introducing Red light we can bring balance to the color spectrum.

Knowing when to expose yourself to the different colors of light can be helpful. For example, exposure to blue light in the morning is considered beneficial as it helps to wake us up and feel energized. However, if that continues into the evening, our natural body cycles may get interrupted. Red light provides balance to the blue light, as it is almost at the opposite end of the light spectrum. It may be beneficial to apply Red light in the evening, to balance the effects of excessive blue light.

Share Your Experience back to top
Sharing your Experience with the SOTA Products helps others.
Features back to top
The YumaLite offers White or Red LED Light.
The unit has a built–in digital timer for 20–minute sessions.
The visor can be tilted for optimal light placement and has an adjustable head strap for a comfortable fit.
Powered by 3–AAA batteries, the YumaLite is completely portable.
The unit can be comfortably worn while wearing eyeglasses or contacts.
The SOTA Upgrade Program: Purchasing a SOTA product entitles you to upgrade your original model to the newest model – at any time – at a discount of up to 50%.
The YumaLite Model YL2 is covered by a one–year warranty.

Do Not Use back to top
Do not use while performing high–impact activities.
As with all electrical products, do not use near water, when driving a car or when operating heavy equipment.

Cautions back to top
If you experience any headaches, irritability or discomfort in your eyes while using the unit, decrease your treatment time and frequency. If this doesn’t help, try the Red light. If the headaches, irritability or discomfort in your eyes continues, discontinue use.
Consult your health care practitioner prior to using if you:
Are pregnant.
Suffer from headaches.
Have any eye condition or eye strain.
Are on light–sensitive medications.
When using heat–producing or heat–sensitive ointments, lotions or medications near the eyes.
While this technology is generally considered safe, there exists potential for rare individual reactions that cannot reasonably be foreseen. Therefore, your use of the SOTA Products constitutes your agreement that you are responsible for your decision to use the technology.

Product Manual
Each unit comes with a manual that explains how to use the unit. A selection of translated manuals as well as manuals for Earlier Models are available for download on the Manuals & Troubleshooting page.
Electrical Specifications back to top
Power Requirements
Three AAA Batteries.
Note: Alkaline batteries are recommended for best operation.
Other Power Sources
The YumaLite can also be operated using rechargeable batteries.
Output Specifications
WHITE LEDs: The White LEDs emit a light intensity of 800 lux* per LED. In addition, each White LED has a light output of 10 milliwatts (mW),** for a total output of 30 mW.
RED LEDS: The Red LEDs emit a light intensity of 194 lux* per LED. In addition, each Red LED has a light output of 3 milliwatts (mW),** for a total output of 9 mW.
  * Lux measured using an EXTECH 40127.
** Light output measured using a Newport Optical 1830-C Light Meter.

Troubleshooting back to top
If you experience a problem with the YumaLite, please check our troubleshooting guide. Most problems can be cleared using this guide.
Countries that Participate in Manufacturing
The manufacturing of the YumaLite is a global collaboration. We do not know all the countries that participated in the making of the YumaLite, as SOTA purchased the assets of the original YumaLite Company including their remaining inventory. We do know the following two countries participated in the making of the YumaLite (listed in alphabetical order): Canada and China. Our units say Made in China because China is the last step in the assembly of the units.

We are grateful that the people in these countries help us to produce quality products at reasonable prices for our customers.
Warranty back to top
The YumaLite Model YL2 is covered by a one (1) year parts and labor warranty on all internally mounted components.