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Dianne Bickel from Kentucky, USA owns a SOTA Silver Pulser

"Your products have been a life and mind saver! After years, and I mean yyyyyyears, the future is so bright. Needless to say, I am one happy camper and have told umpteen people about my results and your product. Thanks for my "Electric Miracle!"
Dianne Bickel, Kentucky, USA

In the year 2000 I purchased my first unit, the Silver Pulser with the Belt Clip. Over the years I continued to purchase all the products and update them as new versions are released. The results from using these products have been amazing. My love and gratitude goes out to all you wonderful people on the SOTA Team.

REG, British Columbia, Canada
Steve D. from California owns a SOTA Silver Pulser

"Love love love mine, I have two of them and may get another one. Helps so much with energy and well, other things."
Steve D., California, USA

Peter Glaeser from California, USA owns a SOTA Silver Pulser

"I noticed I had a lot more energy immediately. I used to have my morning cup of coffee then another around 10:00 o'clock then again around 3:00 o'clock. Very quickly I went down to one cup. I had no need for it, didn't crave it and I had energy all day long…"
Peter Glaeser, California, USA

"Thanks SOTA for being there for me in my time of need. I feel lucky to have found your products. A friend told me I just had to try the technology for myself. What did I have to lose but a few hundred bucks? I had already spent a lot more than that on other things that didn’t really work. Now, I tell everyone about my Silver Pulser. I never want to be without it! I am sincerely thankful for your remarkable products. Without them I truly would be at a loss."
J. Blais, Quebec, Canada

Anita A. from British Columbia, Canada owns a SOTA Silver Pulser

"Thank you so much for this great newsletter. I always enjoy reading your news, and telling others about your amazing work, and how valuable I find it to be. I still have my Silver Pulser unit that I purchased from you back in 1996. Works like a charm! Bless you for being so consistent with fantastic products to embellish our lives."
Anita A., British Columbia, Canada

My parents say how much better they feel with the Silver Pulser I bought for them. You guys have outstanding products.

A.K., Saskatchewan, Canada
Richard T. from Minnesota, USA owns a SOTA Silver Pulser

"I make the Silver on a regular basis for family and friends ... I enjoy the sharing of good health immensely. My gratefulness to all of you at SOTA is beyond words except to say keep up the good work and thanks so much."
Richard T., Minnesota, USA

When SOTA innovates their existing products, they are great and simplified in design, and my family and I get excited to get the new versions [through the Upgrade program]. Hope to see more products in the future.

Tommy H., Virginia, USA
Dean Bodrug from British Columbia, Canada owns a SOTA Silver Pulser

"After watching me … a lot of the guys I work with have invested in a Silver Pulser … and most have noticed more energy too."
Dean Bodrug, British Columbia, Canada

Third purchase of the Silver Pulser for family and friends. People love it.

Steve S., California, USA

It is the most wonderful thing, the Silver Pulser! I have had very good results. I am 91 years old and bought the Silver Pulser almost twenty years ago… the SOTA machine is on my list of natural things I recommend.

G. H., California, USA
E.G. from Australia owns a SOTA Silver Pulser

"I have used my new Velcro Sleeves which I find quite successful. It is good to have them stay in place for a longer period of time. I do appreciate your wonderful products and find them very, very beneficial."
E.G., Australia

I took Ionic~Colloidal Silver twice a day, once when I woke up in the morning and once before I went to sleep. After seven days, I began noticing a major difference. I don't know how it works but it does and that's why I will continue to drink Colloidal Silver. Thank you for providing a product that works!

M. Brown, Ontario, Canada
Dee S. from Arizona, USA owns a SOTA Silver Pulser

"I just made another golden batch of colloidal silver last night…put some in my pooch’s water too…don’t know what I did before you; wait yes I searched and looked for answers..I just used my Magnetic Pulser for 5 hours and my Silver Pulser for 3 hours…I love that I can do it at work and no-body even realizes I’m using them…every time I open my cases I think of you and say, God bless Sota for what they made…"
Dee S., Arizona, USA

Tricia Mitchell from Ontario, Canada owns a SOTA Silver Pulser

"About a year ago, I purchased another Silver Pulser just in case something happened to my first one. This way I can continue to use Ionic-Colloidal Silver for all the jobs around my home. You can see why I needed a machine to make my own as I use a lot! I Thank you SOTA!"
Tricia Mitchell, Ontario, Canada

"Your Customer Service has always been there when I needed them - you are the tops! I tell everyone about the unit I have (Silver Pulser), how great it is, what all we use it for as a family and how much money it has saved us."
Carol Pokorny, Florida, USA

The Ionic Colloidal Silver is unbelievable. I drink it every day and have done so for the past two years. I even use it on my scalp after a final rinse and find that I don't have a dandruff problem anymore. I also use it as a disinfectant and a mouthwash.

Rick Gillespie, Ontario, Canada
Wayne LeBlanc from Washington, USA owns a SOTA Silver Pulser

"I wear the Silver Pulser every day for a couple of hours, drink a small amount of Ionic~Colloidal Silver, and drink scads of water. It’s making me feel so much better. I have a new life today because I found a way to help my own body. There’s been nothing for over 30 years that’s made me feel like I’m taking back my life until I started using this. I feel clearer, more energetic because of the Silver Pulser and Magnetic Pulser."
Wayne LeBlanc, Washington, USA

Deirdre West from India owns a SOTA Silver Pulser

"I loved the opportunity to help less privileged people in such a practical way … with Colloidal Silver."
Deirdre West, India

J.S. from California, USA owns a SOTA Silver Pulser

"Bhakti, my canary, developed bumpy skin around his eyes and also had brittle nails and scaly legs. So, I started putting Ionic Colloidal Silver in both his drinking and bath water. It worked great! In about 2 months, Bhakti's nails were no longer brittle, his legs were less scaly and the bumpy skin around his eyes was smooth."
J.S., California, USA

J.B. from Ohio, USA owns a SOTA Silver Pulser

"My body felt so alive and strong I wanted to keep running. This good energy has continued over a period of months."
J.B., Ohio, USA

I have been using my Silver Pulser … what a difference it made in my energy. Appreciate the wonderful service you people give. These machines are wonderful.

Shirley Gough, Saskatchewan, Canada
T.N. from Alberta, Canada owns a SOTA Silver Pulser

"My energy is renewed since I started using the Silver Pulser. I now feel excellent and am not tired like I used to be."
T.N., Alberta, Canada

Every time I am on a pulsing program, I feel less tired and notice how much energy I have. I am 63 years old and feel like I am 20 again! Thank you SOTA. The Silver Pulser will continue to be a part of my wellness plan!

A.G., Florida, USA
Patty Trigg from Tennessee, USA owns a SOTA Silver Pulser

"I was amazed at the remarkable response I had with this little unit. If I was on Survivor and could take only one thing with me, I'd take my Silver Pulser!"
Patty Trigg, Tennessee, USA

I have been so impressed with my results that I purchased another Silver Pulser last year and gave it to my son.

James Prentice, Colorado, USA
Marilynn Greene from Tennessee, USA owns a SOTA Silver Pulser

"Thank you SOTA Company for making it possible for people to be able to make their own Colloidal Silver. It really works!"
Marilynn Greene, Tennessee, USA

I love all your products. I am a truck driver and I always take a six week supply of Ionic Colloidal Silver in my truck. I recommend these products on a regular basis and I say thank you for your services.

Ron Philips, California, USA
Rachel Zorros from Florida, USA owns a SOTA Silver Pulser

"For me, the Silver Pulser has been a miracle and I would recommend anyone to use it. Thank you SOTA!"
Rachel Zorros, Florida, USA

The Colloidal Silver has done miracles for us. I cannot say enough about SOTA's Magnetic Pulser and Silver Pulser and I tell everyone I can because I know they work.

J.S., Illinois, USA

I am 83 years old and I know that the Silver Pulser works!

R.S., Florida, USA
Lt. Cmdr. Richard Combs from California, USA owns a SOTA Silver Pulser

"I have passed on the wonderful effects of Colloidal Silver to many of my friends and thank you SOTA for making it possible for us to make this ourselves at an affordable cost!"
Lt. Cmdr. Richard Combs, California, USA

I appreciate your products. I have been using them for a number of years now. I'm not sure how the Silver Pulser works … but I can tell you this, I feel more energy for sure.

T.T., Washington, USA
George & Anwyn Leverett from Oregon, USA own a SOTA Silver Pulser

"The Silver Pulser has been such a blessing! Thanks so much for making it available."
George & Anwyn Leverett, Oregon, USA

I've used Colloidal Silver for a lot of stuff and it works! Thank you for helping us to care for our families and ourselves.

D.L., Missouri, USA

Thanks to you people, I am enjoying life again.

Calvin Neal, Louisiana, USA