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A warm hello to all and happy thanksgiving to our American subscribers. Some of us are busy enjoying fall and preparing for winter while others are enjoying spring with summer ahead – there is a beauty in the balance of this world isn't there?

In talking with neighbors, friends and family, a gift the intensity of the last few years has brought to many, is an opportunity to step back and discover what the meaning of life is for each of us. In doing so we often bring our heart into the discussion – what is a meaningful life, what makes us happy?

Friends Talking

The beauty is that each of us has a different answer. For one friend it is living on an acreage; growing organic hay; allowing her horses to roam freely and earning her income through her talent as an artist. For a neighbor who is a truck driver he awakened to realize that 14-hour days, five days a week was not creating a life of happiness for him. He decided to change it to three days a week, allowing him more time for his family. Yes they may be impacted financially, but quality of life trumped having more 'things' in their life.

We are living in a time where more and more people sense that things aren't quite right in our world. Some can readily 'see' that our governmental systems; our media; our education system; our medical systems are not necessarily functioning in a way that builds a healthy, strong, free society where each of us has the opportunity to thrive. We play a role in changing what is going on, by the decisions we make in our own lives.

Do we act with integrity, truth and honor in all that we do? Do we live our lives with the understanding that our freedom ends where another person's begins? And vice versa – other people's freedom ends where ours begins. This time seems to be about seeing the truth of ourselves and our world more clearly. It is a beautiful time as many people are making course corrections in their life to create a happier, more rewarding life.

Several years ago my mother and I were travelling in Germany and we wanted to purchase some Vitamin C. We noticed that the health food stores in Germany stocked healthier beauty products and food, but not supplements. For those of us living in North America we have the freedom to purchase vitamins, minerals and herbs at many different stores – health food stores, big box stores, pharmacies and online. We asked at the health food store where could we purchase Vitamin C? The answer was at a pharmacy.

We noticed the pharmacies were more like an office than a store – there was very little in the way of product for sale – there was a reception area. So we went up to the counter and explained we would like to purchase some Vitamin C. The person asked us for our prescription from the doctor. We said we were tourists and did not have a prescription. We were told we could not purchase Vitamin C without a doctor's permission. My Mom and I looked at each other surprised that something as basic as Vitamin C was not freely available for people to purchase.

Let's go back further, over thirty years ago, a dear friend told us a story about her neighbor, a pharmacist here in Canada. He told her that the government's plan was to remove all the natural health products from stores and move them into pharmacies making them only available by prescription. At the time we laughed thinking that would never fly in our lifetime. And here in Germany we experienced what it is like to not have the freedom to purchase something as simple as Vitamin C.

Canada is much further ahead in implementing the international agenda to eliminate health freedom than our dear neighbors to the south – the USA. Several years ago tens of thousands of products were removed from Canadian shelves as the government moved to regulate them all. More recently they are attempting to take another step towards removing our freedoms and implementing that plan shared by the pharmacist to our friend and move closer to what people in Germany experience.

Rubber Stamp - Regulations

This month in our, 'The Path Less Traveled' section we share something that is currently happening in Canada with regards to natural health – something dear to our hearts. Shawn Buckley, President of the Natural Health Products Protection Association and Health Freedom Lawyer, details the government's proposed legislation. He also shares how Canadians can give themselves a voice which will empower their elected representatives. In Canada, we witnessed first-hand how the power of we the people can disrupt a government agenda. Many thanks to the trucker's freedom convoy.

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Magnetic Pulser Tips

We Know Pets Are Family Too


Do you ever sign your pet's name to a card? Has your dog ever been to Doggie Daycare? When that new toy catches your eye do you think "Whiskers would love that"?

Already a pet friendly world, over the last few years more and more families have joined the large club of pet owners devoted to their dogs, cats, hamsters, horses, birds, lizards and more. The majority consider their pets members of the family.

A question we often get "Is it okay to use the Magnetic Pulser on animals?"

Quite simply, the answer is yes!

The Magnetic Pulser is a popular unit for use on pets because the easy-to-use Hand Paddle allows you to reach almost any area. Bellies, backs, butts, any place that might require attention, you can apply the Magnetic Pulser. That said, the SOTA Magnetic Pulser was designed to be used by humans who are usually much larger than animals. Adjust usage for small sized animals – start slow and gradually increase the time you are using the unit on your pet.

And remember, the paddle will naturally heat up as you continue pulsing. While pets often like the warmth, just be mindful not to let the "warm" turn to "hot".

Holding the Hand Paddle in Place

We've received some suggestions from Magnetic Pulser users on ways to hold the paddle in a single position while pulsing. Popular strategies include using a pillow or blanket to prop it in place. Just make sure to allow for enough air circulation around the Hand Paddle. Others tell us they use athletic wrap or elastic bandages to secure the paddle in place.

Magnetic Pulser Hand Paddle Demo

A reminder that the depth of the magnetic field generated by the SOTA Magnetic Pulser Model MP7 measures up to 7-14 inches, depending on which mode you are using - Fast or Regular, and the magnetic pulse will go right through clothing, blankets, towels, etc.

Check out our website for product information including features, what's included, videos, the product manual and a whole lot more!

More Magnetic Pulser
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You Did WHAT?

Now that we know the Magnetic Pulser can be used on ourselves or our pet, we want to know the who, what, where and why's of your Magnetic Pulser experience? Do you have a unique use to share?

Magnetic Pulser

Maybe you pulled it out in the middle of a party to share with a friend?

Perhaps your feisty cat is a frequent user?

Maybe you pulsed while on vacation or while camping?

Share your story with us, they always put a smile in our hearts. We'd love to see a picture too!

Submit your story to us at: [email protected]

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New Product Alert

Ahhhh. Relaxation, clarity, balance. The SOTA Bio Tuner delivers a broad range of harmonic frequencies to support physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Exposing yourself to these harmonics can help foster calm, creativity and concentration.

Woman Running

If you're a Bio Tuner user, over time the conductive Rubber Electrodes used with the Ear Clips, might need replacing. Instead of purchasing a new set of Ear Clips, you can simply replace the Rubber Electrodes, saving you money and replacing only what's required.

How do you know if they need changing?

Your first clue may be the "feel" of the pulse. It might seem a bit prickly, or you may notice a stinging sensation. Or you may no longer feel the pulse at all. Remember to clean the electrodes with soap and water, often that is all that is needed in order to help them work for you. If after cleaning you still find you are not getting the same experience – it's probably time to replace them.

The Rubber Electrodes are sold as a set of 3 pairs.

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The Path Less Traveled

Woman Running

If anything, the last few years has illuminated the need to guard the right for medical freedom, for personal choice, autonomy to exercise that choice and access to explore our own research and make decisions based from our own unique lens.

When was the last time you grabbed a bottle of supplements or vitamins off the store shelf, not giving it a second thought? What if we told you there could be a time – really, really soon – for those living in Canada, when access to natural health supplements will be severely impacted and our natural health community could potentially be crushed.

Health Canada has proposed a plan which will severely limit or entirely eliminate access to natural health products, supplements and even to Natural Health Practitioners.


Tomorrows Canada - A Country Without Natural Health??

In the video below, Shawn Buckley, NHPPA President and Health Freedom Lawyer, shares what he sees happening.

Shawn Buckley Video
Watch Video (9:37)

What does this mean for you?

For us everyday folk, this equates to limited access to our favorite products, massive price increases when it is available, restrictions on product information and a dwindling field of natural health practitioners offering their services. Homeopaths, Naturopaths, Functional Practitioners, any and all natural health focused businesses are at risk of losing their profession and their ability to serve the public.

What can we do?

Our Members of Parliament (MP) play a crucial role in shaping legislation by representing their constituents. Alone they don't hold power BUT when we the people voice our concerns, this changes. Receiving letters and postcards empowers our MP's to stand up and have a voice. If you are interested in adding your voice, the NHPPA has provided several resources including a postcard campaign, pre-drafted letters and strategy tips for writing your own letter.

Click Here To Get Started

Can Our Efforts Make a Difference?

YES! In the videos below, Shawn Buckley, shares how the power of the people CAN make a difference.

Shawn Buckley Video
Watch Video (2:21)

We are making noise. There's chatter on the inside. It's been noted there hasn't been this much interaction on any issue within The Standing Committee on Health in over a decade.

Shawn Buckley Video
Watch Video (1:31)

Letters are being received.
Postcards are landing on desks.
Our voices are being heard.

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