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The SOTA Team

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Discover how team members feel about serving you, working as a team and the company we call SOTA. Here are the spontaneous responses from the members of the SOTA Team when asked about working at SOTA. The comments touch on our commitment to our mission of sharing, caring and learning, together.

What we appreciate about working for SOTA

"The opportunity to serve humanity on an important level."

"I especially appreciate that employees are encouraged to think and dream and put forward suggestions and ideas. It’s not just a suggestion box stuck in a corner that gathers dust. It’s all part of the caring and respect that SOTA shows its customers AND employees … part of our values as a company."

"I really appreciate the level of integrity the company exhibits in all areas of business."

SOTA employee

"Being involved in something that is contributing to and having a positive impact on people and society."

"Not selling but making sure customers are informed so they only buy if they really want our products."

"The flexibility to give attention to personal and family concerns. I've never felt so conscientious before as I now want to make sure I give back."

"I love how SOTA makes a positive difference in the world through both products and donations."

"The open and friendly atmosphere that encourages me to be myself. I truly value the family-oriented nature of the company. It feels like Lesley and Russ really care about us as individuals."

"The owners are always thinking of us. We have a wellness plan, bonuses, better work hours. I'm thankful for all the generosity."

"I appreciate that we recycle, we donate monthly to the community, we have a wellness plan."

"I appreciate that pets are viewed as family members."

"I really enjoy what I do here - I especially like the freedom to express myself in different ways. Whenever I talk to friends or family who work in more corporate environments, I realize how truly lucky we are here."

What we appreciate about working together as a team
SOTA employee "I really value the fact things are done in teams. As teams we produce a better result."

"I feel I contribute. This is not just top down management. Ideas are heard and valued ... everyone makes a contribution."

"The best is produced from our refinement process."

"I see how each person striving to do their best contributes the best for SOTA."

"It's a gift to work in an environment where I can be honest and feel free to be myself ... lots of love, laughter and energy."

SOTA staff

"To check my ego at the door. I'm learning not to be personally attached to what I do ... to contribute to the best of my ability and allow the team to contribute and refine my work."

"How helpful everyone is."

What we are learning
"I'm learning to follow my heart."

"Lessons abound!"

"To trust my own abilities and to challenge my abilities rather than accept the status quo."

"I'm learning patience to enjoy the process. That life is more about the process or journey rather than the result or destination. This is teaching me humility."

"The camaraderie, friendship and caring ... always learning from each other and growing."

"I'm open to learning ... it's a gift. I'm learning patience and an understanding of what some customers are going through."