The SOTA Values The SOTA Values

The SOTA Values

What guides our quality standards? What guides our donation policy? What guides us as we strive to better serve you?

On Manufacturing
Production LineThe manufacturing of the SOTA Products is a global collaboration. The following countries participate in the making of our products (listed in alphabetical order): Canada, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and the USA. Our units say Made in China because China is the last step in the assembly of the units. We are grateful that the people in all of these countries help us to produce quality products at reasonable prices for our customers.

We are aware of the responsibility to ensure all our products are made in an ethical manner, with respect to both the environment and the people manufacturing our units. We recognize that some labor practices are an offensive reality. We strive to ensure that the companies we deal with are not involved in these questionable practices.

We believe it is important to take care of our environment so we strive to implement the 3 R's: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Our office recycling program includes: recycling our cardboard, plastics and other paper and using recycled materials when possible. We participate in a renewable natural gas program that uses methane gas from organic wastes found at local landfills and farms. We continue to strive to be environmentally friendly.

On Donating
We believe it is important to serve life … to think beyond ourselves. As a company, we donate as part of our service commitment. The SOTA Team chooses from both local community organizations and international groups for our donations.

Currently we are supporting the following organizations:

Scott Tips The National Health Federation (NHF) plays an important role on the international scene, as they are the only consumer organization represented on the Codex Committee—a group comprised mostly of country representatives from around the world that create international regulations governing Foods & Supplements and the chemicals used in the processing them. This committee is jointly run by the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) of the United Nations. Many times the NHF is the only voice of reason at these meetings—fighting to lower the poisons in our foods and increase the availability of nutrients. The NHF offers an E-news.
Other Organizations We Support
A near-death experience inspired a personal quest to propagate, reforest and archive the genetics of the world's largest trees before they're gone.

Supporting low income families around the world,
empowering them to improve their lives.

Ryan's Well Foundation
Improving the lives of vulnerable people through access to safe water and improved sanitation in developing countries.

On Working Together
As a team, we are guided by the following eight values:

Always give our best
Give our best in each moment. Keep our attention on helping SOTA and each other. By giving our best, we create what is best for ourselves.

The process is all important
How we arrive at a decision is more important than the decision. Are we listening to others? Are we respecting each other's ideas? Are we bringing harmony to the process?

Be willing to share honestly
Words can heal, uplift and inspire us. Be willing to be a healer with "I apologize", an uplifter with "Thank you", and an inspirer with "Great Idea".

Give each other freedom
In order to have freedom, we must be willing to give freedom. The process of working in a team allows for disagreement. Disagreement paves the way for communication and better decisions. Disagreement provides an opportunity to accept others for who they are.

Together, we learn and grow as individuals
The process of working together often creates situations that bring out both our worst and our best. In both situations we provide learning experiences for each other. When at our worst we are given an opportunity to learn. When at our best we are given an opportunity to be an example. Practice compassion, forgiveness and understanding for yourself and others.

Together we are more
Individually, we each have skills that allow us to do our work well. As a team, we bring together a complement of skills that allows us to achieve more then we would individually. Celebrate that working together makes each of us more.

Allow our mind to serve ... and our heart to guide
Learn to balance the mind and the heart. The mind is a tool for identifying options, calculations and scenarios. The heart guides us to the answers that are best for the good of all. The mind provides the choices. The heart whispers which are best.

Listen to the quiet voice within
Learn to listen and follow the gentle wisdom of the heart.