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Colloidal Silver FAQ

Note: All the following FAQs also apply to the Silver Pulser Lite. Ionic~Colloidal Silver accessories for the Silver Pulser Lite are sold separately.
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1. What tips will help me get the most benefit from my Silver Pulser?
2. How much Ionic~Colloidal Silver should or can be taken daily?
3. Does Ionic~Colloidal Silver affect the friendly bacteria in the gut?
4. Will Ionic~Colloidal Silver purify water?
5. What is argyria?
6. What is the difference between Ionic~Colloidal Silver, Ionic Silver, Colloidal Silver and Nano Silver?
7. What is Constant Current?
8. Do I have to use Distilled Water?
9. How do I know I have made the Ionic~Colloidal Silver correctly?
10. How do I know when my Silver Wires for making Ionic~Colloidal Silver need to be replaced?
11. Can I make colloidal gold or copper, with the Silver Pulser?
12. Is it okay to give Ionic~Colloidal Silver to animals?

1. What tips will help me get the most benefit from my Silver Pulser?

Create a Routine

To ensure consistent use, integrate when to drink Ionic~Colloidal Silver into your existing daily routines. What is the best time for you? After brushing your teeth? In the kitchen? At work?

And there are a wide variety of ways to use it, so there are several opportunities to incorporate Ionic~Colloidal Silver into your daily routines. Choose a method, time and place that works for you.

Since it is wise to take breaks after drinking Ionic~Colloidal Silver consistently for a few months, develop a system to remind yourself when to take a break and when to resume drinking it. Setting dates on your cell phone, email calendar, or on a printed calendar.

Keep it Handy

To benefit from Ionic~Colloidal Silver we have to use it! It's easy to make it, store it and then forget about it. That is the biggest stumbling block for most people—the solution gets made and then set in a cupboard where it sits. Out–of–sight often means out–of–mind. The solution does need to be stored in the cupboard, so use something that will remind you to take the Ionic~Colloidal Silver—a Post–it note, cell phone reminder or a shooter glass.

If the kitchen is a convenient spot for you, set your "reminder" by your blender or juicer so you can have some in the morning before you get on with your day. If cleaning your teeth is a better time for you, keep your silver solution in the bathroom cupboard and your "reminder" by the toothbrush.

Here's what works for others:

"I keep a Post–it note on my counter, so that I can walk by it in my kitchen and be reminded to take a swig."

"I keep a shot glass on the bathroom counter so I remember to take the Ionic~Colloidal Silver after brushing my teeth in the morning and again at night."

Be Prepared

In addition to having Ionic~Colloidal Silver made and ready to use, make sure you have distilled water on hand so you can make more right away. If you use a Wall Adaptor for power, mark it "SOTA" so you won't have to search for it each time you use your SOTA Silver Pulser (as a reminder all SOTA Wall Adaptors meet the same specifications, so they are interchangeable). If you use a battery to make your Ionic~Colloidal Silver, be sure to have extra batteries on hand so you can replace a drained battery right away, or have a rechargeable battery ready to go. And don't forget to keep an eye on your Silver Wires—they last a very long time, yet they will need to be replaced when both wires get very thin. Always make sure when you run low on any supplies, that you replenish them right away.

Making a larger batch is also an option. In this case, you would need to have a large glass container—one liter (pint) or four liters (one gallon)—as well as more dark glass bottles for storage.

Really, the idea is to eliminate or at the very least, minimize any disruptions to your Ionic~Colloidal Silver routine. By having the necessary supplies on hand, you are helping to ensure you can stay with your routine to drink Ionic~Colloidal Silver.

Listen to Your Body

A helpful part of the process of a wellness journey is acknowledging the triumphs as well as the bumps in the road. Keeping a journal of your experiences is a great way to track the overall benefits on your wellness journey. Looking back can be a great motivator when you see the changes that have come over time.

For additional tips, please refer to Ways to Use Ionic~Colloidal Silver and the SOTA Products User Guide.

Ways to Use Ionic~Colloidal Silver
The SOTA Products User Guide

2. How much Ionic~Colloidal Silver should or can be taken daily?

Ionic~Colloidal Silver is meant to be used when needed rather than consuming continuously.

If taking Ionic~Colloidal Silver on a regular basis, up to 1 ounce (30 ml) per day is sufficient. Some choose to take several ounces, several times per day for several weeks. When drinking a larger quantity of Ionic~Colloidal Silver, it is best to sip in smaller amounts throughout the day, rather than one large dose. This will aid the body to more efficiently use the Ionic~Colloidal Silver.

If using for an extended period of time it is wise to take breaks. Two authors offer more precise suggestions based on their research: In 1940 and 1966, respectively, R.A. Kehoe and I.H. Tipton reported that under normal circumstances the average daily diet will yield approximately 50 mcg to 100 mcg of silver.

One teaspoon (5 ml) of 5 ppm contains about 25 mcg of silver. That means about 1 ounce or 30 ml (6 teaspoons) contains about 150 mcg of silver. This is ample considering the amounts suggested by Kehoe and Tipton.

Based on the Kehoe and Tipton research, another author suggests drinking a cautious amount daily. He suggests, at 5 ppm, ~50 mcg (2 teaspoons or 10 ml) to 100 mcg (4 teaspoons or 20 ml) daily.

3. Does Ionic~Colloidal Silver affect the friendly bacteria in the gut?

To date, we are not aware of any evidence that Ionic~Colloidal Silver harms the friendly bacteria in the gut.

4. Will Ionic~Colloidal Silver purify water?

Ionic~Colloidal Silver can be used to sterilize water but not purify it. To purify water, a filtration system is required in order to remove dissolved solids, heavy metals and particulate matter. Ionic~Colloidal Silver can sterilize water as it kills bacteria and other pathogens.

As a guide, it is suggested to add 3 tablespoons (45 ml) of Ionic~Colloidal Silver to one gallon (4 liters) of water for at least 6 minutes to cleanse mildly contaminated water. This is a highly subjective ratio, however, as the ratio of Ionic~Colloidal Silver and how long it needs to cleanse the water will depend on the degree of contamination. More virulent pathogens would take a stronger ratio for a longer time.

Laboratory tests show Ionic~Colloidal Silver made with the Silver Pulser effectively kills pathogens.

Laboratory Tests 2023
Laboratory Tests 2020
Laboratory Tests 2005

5. What is argyria?

Argyria is a darkening of the skin, a bluish tinge, which occurs when silver molecules are pushed out to the skin and exposed to light. Darkening of the moons of the fingernails is often an early sign of argyria. The bluish tinge becomes especially noticeable around the eyes and nose. Ingesting very large quantities of Ionic~Colloidal Silver over a longer period of time could possibly result in argyria.

It is important when making your own Ionic~Colloidal Silver to use distilled water rather than water with added salt or water that is rich in minerals. The silver will react with the chloride in salt or with the minerals to form compounds. Over time, argyria is more likely to occur, as these larger molecules are not as readily used by the body and are more likely to be pushed out through the skin. Such compounds could also form using silver that is less than 99.9% pure.

The risk of argyria is considered greater with larger particle sizes. When made with a constant current unit using distilled water, the particle size remains small so the risk of argyria is considered less.

Reports of argyria are rare ... especially considering the thousands of people who are drinking Ionic~Colloidal Silver today. We have had only three reports:

In one case, a large quantity made with tap water was being consumed on a daily basis over several years. The tap water was high in minerals producing silver compounds with larger particles.
In another case, a large quantity was consumed over several years that was made by adding salt to the water and later by adding baking soda. The result is larger particles than Ionic~Colloidal Silver that is made using distilled water. In addition, the silver was applied topically to the face for a period of time.
In the third case, the Ionic~Colloidal Silver was properly made. The individual had been consuming 8 ounces (250 ml) a day for 4 years. Darkening of the moons of the fingernails had started.
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6. What is the difference between Ionic~Colloidal Silver, Ionic Silver, Colloidal Silver and Nano Silver?

The terms Ionic~Colloidal Silver, Ionic Silver, Colloidal Silver and Nano Silver are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same.

Ionic Silver
  Ionic Silver is charged atoms (ions) of silver, which are created using a low level of electricity to move atoms of silver from silver wires into water, making what is known as a silver electrolyte. This is a simple electrolysis process. This method of making a silver electrolyte was pioneered by a physicist. The SOTA Silver Pulser produces a silver electrolyte using this method.
Colloidal Silver
  Colloidal Silver is a grouping of elemental metallic silver atoms, which can vary in size from 1 to 1000 nanometers, depending on how it is made.

Imagine taking silver and using very high voltage electricity—blowing the silver up into extremely tiny pieces. As a result, you end up with atoms of silver grouped together into particles of varying sizes. These elemental silver particles are held in suspension in water. The process to make Colloidal Silver is often expensive and complex.

Ionic Silver (ions of silver) can also cluster together to form colloids. We estimate the silver electrolyte produced by the SOTA Silver Pulser has 5–10% colloidal properties.

Ionic~Colloidal Silver
  Ionic~Colloidal Silver means some of the ions form micro-clusters of silver which are more colloidal in nature. With the SOTA Ionic~Colloidal Silver electrolyte, you have largely Ionic Silver (90–95%) with some of the silver displaying colloidal properties (5–10%). The SOTA Silver Pulser actually makes Ionic~Colloidal Silver because the ions in Ionic Silver have a tendency to group together forming some colloids.

Although the properties of Colloidal Silver and Ionic Silver are different, given the nature of silver, both are beneficial. The SOTA Silver Pulser is designed to be an easy and inexpensive way to make your own Ionic~Colloidal Silver electrolyte.

Nano Silver
  Technically, this is not a form of silver. Nano is a unit of measurement, like milli, kilo, inch or mile. The prefix nano means one-billionth, so a nanometer is one billionth of a meter. As a frame of reference, a single sheet of paper is about 100,000 nanometers thick. The size of a silver atom (ion) is about 0.25 nanometers (nm) in diameter. The size of a colloid is 1–1000 nanometers.

Does the SOTA Silver Pulser produce nano silver? Although we don’t label the Ionic~Colloidal Silver electrolyte produced by our SOTA Silver Pulser as ‘nano silver’, the particles by definition of size do qualify as nano-particles.

What makes this even more confusing are manufacturers who are trying to market their products by interchanging and/or using these words with their own definitions.

For example, there is a company calling their silver Nano Silver but by definition it is not. They are producing a Colloidal Silver and have ensured through their manufacturing process that the size of the particles is at the lower end of the colloid definition of 1–1000 nanometers.

Other examples are companies that produce a silver electrolyte using electrolysis and name it Colloidal Silver – when in fact it is a mix of Ionic and Colloidal Silver.

Technically what the SOTA Silver Pulser produces is an Ionic~Colloidal Silver electrolyte. The term electrolyte means there are ions created in the water that conduct electricity. (Special thanks to G.F. for helping us with the science.)

7. What is Constant Current?

Several methods of creating Ionic~Colloidal Silver have evolved over the years since it first became possible to make your own Ionic~Colloidal Silver at home. Of all the methods available, we believe the Constant Current Method is far superior, and is the standard for home–created Ionic~Colloidal Silver.

Constant Current is a process that removes silver ions off the silver wires at a slow and controlled rate. This means the electrical current supplied to the silver wires never varies; it is held constant during the electrolysis process.

This results in a high–quality silver solution with several advantages:

Silver is drawn off the wires at a very consistent rate, which avoids clumping and micro-clustering into larger particles.
Particle size is largely Ionic with a very tiny particle size — a form the body seems to readily absorb.
The temperature of the water does not influence the Constant Current process. Hot, cold or in-between — all work well.
TECH TIP: Boil the distilled water first, and then brew the silver solution as the water cools down. This creates "microcirculation" – a natural convection in the water – which effectively keeps it stirred during the brewing process.

The only downside is that Constant Current is a slower, more deliberate process, taking one hour per cup (8 oz or 236 ml) versus 15-20 minutes per cup for other methods.

8. Do I have to use distilled water?

Distilled water is the best choice to produce your Ionic~Colloidal Silver. If you’re unable to find distilled water, here are some alternatives in order of suggestion:

Water processed using a Hand Distiller
  There are several makes and models available online.
Reverse Osmosis Filtration System
  These systems are generally installed right to your home water supply.
Drinking Water run through a Charcoal Filter
  The filtration process will remove much of the minerals and chemicals.
Bottled Drinking Water
  If you only have access to bottled drinking water - then look for one with a low to no sodium content.

Hopefully, one of the above alternatives will work for you or you will be able to locate a reliable source of distilled water.

9. How do I know I have made the Ionic~Colloidal Silver correctly?

When it comes to making Ionic~Colloidal Silver, you need to be aware of the color, clarity and taste.

The color of properly made Ionic~Colloidal Silver is colorless to a pale golden yellow. The clarity of the electrolyte is clear – you should be able to see through it. The taste is slightly metallic.

Ionic~Colloidal Silver that is dark gold/yellow, white, gray and/or cloudy is not recommended for drinking.

The best choice for drinking is a clear, colorless to pale gold electrolyte that has a slight metallic taste.

If your Ionic~Colloidal Silver is dark gold/yellow, white, gray and/or cloudy, it’s typically due to the water you’re using. Try a different bottle of your regular brand, as it could be that one batch is affecting the solution, or if that doesn’t help, a different brand of distilled water.

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10. How do I know when my Silver Wires for making Ionic~Colloidal Silver need to be replaced?

The SOTA Silver Wires are 99.99% pure fine silver. The wires can be used until they wear away to nothing or become so thin they break.

Remember, silver only comes off one wire when making Ionic~Colloidal Silver so periodically rotating the Silver Wires will help make them last longer. There are two ways to rotate them – lengthwise & location. For lengthwise take them out of the Silver Wire Holder and flip them so what was at the top is now at the bottom. For location, switch the wires so what was on the left is now on the right. This will allow the wires to wear more evenly.

11. Can I make colloidal gold or copper, with the Silver Pulser?

While we have never tried to make anything other than Ionic~Colloidal Silver with the Silver Pulser, technically it should be possible, however we do not recommend it. We are not aware of the parameters involved in making, nor the safety of ingesting, other colloidal solutions made using the Silver Pulser.

12. Is it okay to give Ionic~Colloidal Silver to animals?

Yes. Many people report giving pets Ionic~Colloidal Silver. Some add it to their pet’s drinking water, others place a small amount in a separate bowl entirely, and others use a dropper or oral syringe to place it directly into the mouth of a pet.

Ionic~Colloidal Silver is frequently used topically on animals as needed.

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