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SOTA News April 2021

From Russ & Lesley

Russ & Lesley

When we discovered in 1996 that gentle electrical currents worked to better our health, it gave us the opportunity to found SOTA and bring that discovery to others. This was at a time when our products were considered utter quackery – it took an open minded person to be willing to try the products and see for themselves. We believed in the freedom to choose what we use for health, despite a climate in which established medical practices were considered the only choice (and were forced on the population through the regulatory process).

Several years ago we stopped sharing insights into world events and how our freedoms were being eroded. With what is going on in the world, we've decided it is time for us to dust off this part of us and start sharing insights again. Sharing & listening to each other is so important – now more than ever.

Child with plant

Freedom is a very precious experience, so easily lost if not defended. Together, people have fought for freedom – abolishing slavery; woman's suffrage; better employment conditions and when countries invade other countries to name a few. What we are rarely taught about freedom, is that our freedom ends where another's begins—and so history keeps repeating itself as those who love power work to restrict our freedoms. Sometimes it is through sheer force and other times it is through fear that we voluntarily give up our freedoms.

Our world is at a turning point and collectively & individually we have the power to choose which direction we want to go. Part of this process will be choosing what we want from our leadership. Sometimes how we learn what we want is to experience what we don't want. And this time is giving us this opportunity.

Over the next several years events may present opportunities for us to reflect – do we consent to what our leaders are imposing on us? Do we agree with mandating medical treatments? Do we believe in freedom? Are we willing to stand for another's freedom, even when we do not agree with them, so that we retain our freedom?

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We are truly living in unprecedented times. Unbeknownst to most – the media, the social media and government are in collusion with a plan unfolding. Anyone disagreeing with this plan is being fired, discredited and censored. For many, accepting the idea that our leadership is not doing what is best for the people is too overwhelming for their belief systems. The term 'conspiracy theory' is used to act as a protective shield, knowing little of how the term came to be. The term was coined by the CIA to discredit those trying to get the truth out to people when the truth would undermine the CIA's plans.

It is a time for practicing compassion & love for each other. For those who see what is going on – it is an opportunity to be gentle, to be kind – to allow each person to awaken to a greater truth in their own time, or if they choose, to not awaken. For those who only see the narrative the media & political machinery want us to see – it is an opportunity for courage, to have the courage to stand for other's freedom. If you believe in wearing masks, give those who believe otherwise the freedom to not wear masks; if you believe we should be social distancing, give others the freedom to gather; if you believe in the vaccine, give others the freedom to choose for themselves. This truly is the only way freedom exists.

When we stand together with compassion for each other, for freedom, the bond we form is strong – and no media, no governmental system can break that bond. As someone we greatly admire often said 'Take Back Your Power'. This is as true today, as it was 25 years ago.
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Health & Politics

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World Doctors Alliance share a message of Hope

World Doctors Alliance
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Creating Fear to Push COVID ... what does the Science Say?

The false narrative behind the fear
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Planet Lockdown Documentary

Planet Lockdown
We are passing along a gift from Planet Lockdown. Since their documentary is not yet ready, they are freely sharing interviews with "some of the brightest and bravest minds in the world". Scientists, doctors, lawyers, epidemiologists, a statesman and a prince have the courage to reveal what is happening behind the scenes.

These men and women share the type of government that could protect our economic, political and spiritual freedoms—the interviews are "the equivalent of a masters degree on current events." They speak out to empower us.

Dr Sucharit Bhakdi
Sucharit Bhakdi MD
Most cited microbiologist in German academic history.
Video - Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi
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The World Needs You to be You ... Finding Your True Purpose in Life

Video - The world needs you to be you
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