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From Our Hearts to Yours

We have a couple of questions for you this month ...

1. How successful has SOTA been in helping you to incorporate the units into your life?
2. What could we do to help you feel more confident about all the ways you can use our units?

We are starting to look at updating our website and videos (yes, we know they are dated :) and your feedback & suggestions along the way would mean a lot to us – please, just reply to this email.

We have a short SOTA news this month, sharing some news about SOTA and a video that sums up the Trucker protest in Canada. As with so many things today, views on the truckers are divided – some love them; some hate them. Unfortunately with mainstream media no longer sharing both sides to a story this is polarizing us even more (more on that in a future SOTA News). You can see by the comments we received from our last SOTA News the love and the intolerance shared with us. Today, it is so important that we keep communicating with each other ... when we do our best to try & understand each other we forge a path forward that is inclusive of all views encouraging each other to be the best version of ourselves.
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The SOTA Magnetic Pulser
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What Really Happened in Ottawa & the Trucker Freedom Convoy?

Video - Tess Lawrie
A Short Documentary. Be ready for an emotional roller-coaster as this video takes us through surprise ... friendship & love ... anger & outrage and back again. A special ending has a holocaust survivor sharing her thoughts on the truckers.

•  Was there for 12 days on and off, it was the greatest thing I've ever seen. The energy, the love. I took my 9 year old weekend 2. She had the greatest time of her life. ... Baaliwood
•  Thank you so much for putting this all together, this was very well done. Thank you to the truckers, protesters and well everyone involved! Absolutely beautiful seeing the love between everyone, it definitely made me once again feel proud to be Canadian ... Christine

Views: 53,253 | Comments: 155
Watch Video (42:31)
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When Was The last Time You Took Your Old TV into the Store and Received 50% Off a New TV?

SOTA upgrade program
We're going to go out on a limb here and guess... Never!

But this is exactly what you get at SOTA!

We won't give you a new TV but, do you have an older model unit? Upgrade to the latest model at up to 50% off. This is true of all the SOTA Products.

So, why did we do this?

First, we make our products to last years and years. When customers buy the latest version we don't want their old unit to lay unused or forgotten. They still work! In fact, we regularly receive working units for upgrade that are over 10 years old.

Second, we do our best to keep the cost of our units down. But, we recognize some people can't afford a new unit and so we created a Used Unit Program for your older products.

The SOTA Upgrade program creates a virtuous circle. Older units remain in use and customers receive what were once State-Of-The-Art (SOTA ;) units at a price they can manage.

Also, if you own a unit produced by another company – no worries – you're not left out! You may still qualify to upgrade to a SOTA unit at a smaller discount.

We email a used unit list every two weeks. To be added to this list email us or call us at the number below.
Email: [email protected] — Used List
Toll Free: 1.800.224.0242 or 1.250.770.2023
Monday to Friday, 8AM to 4PM Pacific time
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Our Time Capsule Needs You!

Clock Tower
We have some gaps in our SOTA History of our products & accessories.

It's our own fault. We get a pristine used unit in and think, "let's add this one to our time capsule"! Then someone comes along and needs a used unit.

What's more important? Obviously, not the time capsule!

So, we thought we'd try a direct appeal to our customers in the hope we get enough response to meet the needs of our time capsule and our customer's needs for used units.

Following is a list of our requirements. If you have any of these please contact customer care by clicking the button below or calling us.

Complete units we are looking for, including accessories:
•  ZHC1 Zapper •  ZBB3 Silver Pulser
•  CSG1 Silver Maker •  MPG3 Magnetic Pulser
•  CSG2 Silver Maker •  WOZ1 Water Ozonator
•  BT6 Pro Bio Tuner •  WOZ2 Water Ozonator

Accessories only:
•  Mono Cord with Alligator Clips for ZHC2 Zapper
•  Dome cord, Black Headset for BT5Pro Bio Tuner
•  Wall Adapter for MPG1 Magnetic Pulser
•  Product Manual for WOZ3 Water Ozonator
•  Product Manual for WOZ4 Water Ozonator
•  Product Manual for MPG4 Magnetic Pulser
•  Product Manual for ZBB2 Silver Pulser
•  Product Manual for ZBB4 Silver Pulser
•  Product Manual for LW1 LightWorks (not Home & Garden)
Email: [email protected] — Time Capsule
Or call Toll Free: 1.800.224.0242 or 1.250.770.2023
Monday to Friday, 8AM to 4PM Pacific time
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Do You Know About Our Retro Micropulsing Cords?

Silver Micro-pulsing cord
For those of you who have been with us a while, you may remember when the Silver Pulser Micropulsing Cords had Silver Probes. This was before the price of Silver increased drastically and we switched to Conductive Rubber Probes. These cords had a solid silver probe instead of the conductive rubber probes that we use now.

Well ... did you know that we actually have a supply of Silver Micropulsing Cords? These are the USB style cords for use with Silver Pulser Models SP6 and SP7.

The advantage to Micropulsing Cords with Silver Probes is the Silver does not wear out like the Conductive Rubber Probes do. Over time the Conductive Rubber Probes lose conductivity and need to be replaced. With the Silver, you do pay a little more, but all they require is a gentle buffing and they will continue to be highly conductive.

They are priced at $52 USD + shipping and are available for order in the Accessories section of our website.
Silver Probe Cord — Order Online
Or call Toll Free: 1.800.224.0242 or 1.250.770.2023
Monday to Friday, 8AM to 4PM Pacific time
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"Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see." Mark Twain

Kiva Donations
At SOTA, we believe it is important to serve life ... to think beyond ourselves. As a company, we donate as part of our service commitment. As a customer, you share in this service to others. One of the organizations we love supporting is Kiva – an international nonprofit organization that specializes in micro-loans.

Ruth is a forward-looking mother who never lets challenges get in the way of her ambitions and drive. She is living proof that hard work leads to success. To support her children, she practices mixed farming. She has five years of experience that has enabled her to give her family a solid reputation. Thanks to practicing animal and crop farming, Ruth hopes for a bright future.

Each morning she wakes up to milk her cows. This is what she does best. She sells milk from her cows in the local market, and the income received is what she uses to educate her children.

A loan of $225 helped to purchase modern farm inputs, such as certified seeds and organic fertilizers, in order to improve the quality of her output.
Visit SOTA's Kiva Page
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Customer Comments...


"Since you two are the only Canadians I know, I wanted to write to you about recent events but I have hesitated. One never knows, does one?

I know that you've been putting up with all sorts of bureaucratic crap even before COVID, so I can hardly imagine what it's been like for you.

Anyway, I'm ECSTATIC about these truckers. I'm addicted to them. This is doing my heart so much good. ... Eleanor S, PA, USA
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"I'm sure the Convoy of Hate really appreciate your support... Stephen W, Ontario, Canada
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Customer Comment
... Perry D, Ontario, Canada
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"I love Canada and what we stand for. Attitudes like this divide our country and our communities.

I had thought better of you. I have eschewed contact with those who equivocate the mandate of vaccination. If we had all had our shots, there would be no pandemic at this point. It happens I approve of the light system we bought from you, but I do that because of all the research I did on the SCIENCE of light therapy.

With my policy of having no contact with people I see as supportive of those who refuse to be vaccinated, please take me off your contact list and unsubscribe me, effective immediately. ... Ron & Marcia S, BC, Canada
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"I like your message and yay to supporting democracy and human rights! ... Allison B, BC, Canada
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"Thank you it was a pleasant surprise to receive your encouraging newsletter today in a time when we have no leaders who know the value of hope and love ... Joseph D, IN, USA

If you missed last month...
New Products — Sponge Sleeves for the Silver Pulser; Shorter Arm Band & Clip; Wrist Strap for the Silver Pulser — Custom Fit
We Don't Talk About COVID Any More! [music video]
Dr Tess Lawrie at the Defeat the Mandates Rally in Washington, DC — Let's Remember Who We Are and How We Thrive [video]
Canada United — Truckers Convoy to End Covid Restrictions [video]
Are We in Danger of Losing the Human Rights it Took 3000 Years to Secure? [video]
"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." Winston Churchill — SOTA Kiva Donations
Tell us what you think... [email protected]
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The SOTA Magnetic Pulser
The Magnetic Pulser generates Pulsed Magnetic Fields creating microcurrents that work with the body's natural electricity.
Magnetic Pulser on the shoulder
More About the Magnetic Pulser
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Customer Comment on Magnetic Pulser
Magnetic Pulser Reviews
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SOTA is also home to the...

The SOTA Silver Pulser

The SOTA Water Ozonator

The SOTA Bio Tuner

The SOTA LightWorks Pad

The SOTA YumaLite



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Great product [Magnetic Pulser], I use it everyday.
... Alexander White

"So grateful for the used unit program!"
... Danette Dee