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SOTA News February 2021

What's Happening at SOTA?

In honor of our Silver Anniversary this year, this month's issue focuses on another 25–year old, the SOTA Silver Pulser.


25 years ago, Russ and Lesley took SOTA from a dream to reality.

While 2020 presented some unexpected challenges, those experiences made us even more steadfast and focused on what is most important ... being of service to you, our customers.

You are the reason we are here – our inspiration – and the reason we persevere. We are truly grateful to you ?

So how about some fun SOTA Trivia to celebrate!
1.  SOTA is an acronym. What does it stand for?
2.  What year was the first Silver Pulser produced? (and what was it called?)
3.  What is the first name of our very awesome technician?
4.  How many different cities have been home to SOTA? (Bonus: name the cities)
5.  What is the motto of our current hometown?

You can find the correct answers below.

Thanks for playing ... and more importantly, for sharing our heart and soul for 25 years. Here's to the next 25!
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SOTA Product Tips

Ionic~Colloidal Silver demonstration with Russ Torlage

Russ Torlage of SOTA Instruments demonstrates how to use the Ionic~Colloidal Silver function of the SOTA Silver Pulser, Model SP7.

Make your own Ionic~Colloidal Silver. It is one of nature's gifts and can be made easily and inexpensively at home.

Learn more about the SOTA Silver Pulser ...
Silver Pulser Web Page
Watch Video
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Read all about it! Making Ionic~Colloidal Silver with the Silver Pulser

If you're someone who prefers 'reading all about it' — you'll love this 2-1/2 pager explaining all about making Ionic~Colloidal Silver with the SOTA Silver Pulser Models SP5–SP6–SP7.
Read Article
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Customer Comment
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Silver Pulser Tip — Storing Ionic~Colloidal Silver

Wondering how best to store your Ionic~Colloidal Silver? Think T-L-C.

First up: Temperature

Store your Ionic~Colloidal Silver in an area that remains at a stable room temperature. If you store your Ionic~Colloidal Silver in a cupboard ensure it's not too close to a heater or air conditioning vent.

And please, no refrigeration! Exposing Ionic~Colloidal Silver to extremes of temperatures may affect its potency.

Next up: Light

Avoid exposing your Ionic~Colloidal Silver to light. Over time, exposing your Ionic~Colloidal Silver to light will degrade it by turning the solution gray or black.

Use a storage container that's colored glass – dark green, brown or cobalt blue all work well. Some possibilities are dark glass beverage bottles with screw tops or spring tops.

TIP — If you only have a clear glass bottle available, try wrapping it in duct tape or foil to keep out the ambient light.

And finally: Container

Remember Ionic~Colloidal Silver reacts with other compounds. That's why storing it in a clean glass container is important, and also why distilled water is recommended.

Do not use plastic or metal containers to make or store Ionic~Colloidal Silver because silver will react with both, affecting its quality and potency.

Ensure the glass container you brew or store your solution in is clean and rinsed well from any detergents. Any residue in containers ... and your Ionic~Colloidal Silver may not be useable.

Following these handy tips for storing your Ionic~Colloidal Silver solution properly will prolong its shelf life to ensure you'll always have some available when you need it.

Be sure to check out our 2-minute Product Tip Video ...
3 Simple Tips for Storing ICS
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The SOTA Mission

SOTA is more than a business. It is a Community that includes the owners, the employees, and most importantly, YOU.

As a whole, we are a diverse group with a common interest in achieving and maintaining a high quality of health. We believe in providing our bodies with tools that support and enable the body to function optimally.

In this spirit, we proudly share our Mission Statement. For more than 25 years, these simple yet heartfelt words have defined the core values of SOTA.

SOTA Mission
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---------- Answers to SOTA Trivia ----------
1. State Of The Art
2. 1996 - The Silver Zapper
3. Russ
4. Three: Richmond, Revelstoke, and Penticton, all in British Columbia, Canada.
5. "A Place to Stay Forever"
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