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From Our Hearts to Yours

Hey Everyone ...

We send our love out to everyone right now — so very many people are being displaced with all the government restrictions & mandates.

Like so many, are you starting to wonder when, or even if, the restrictions will end? Many have done everything asked of them to prevent the spread with the promise of regaining freedom, only to have more demanded of them.

We have now reached the point where the government & media narrative has shifted from, 'take the shot(s) to protect yourself and others by preventing the spread of the virus' to 'the shot will prevent severe illness when you get the virus'.

Despite acknowledging that the shots do not prevent infection nor prevent the spread of the virus the restrictions continue and are blamed on the unvaccinated in many countries. Many have thought our governments are acting in our best interests and are starting to wonder if that is true.

Friends holding signs
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It is with this in mind that we welcome The Canadian Truckers Freedom Convoy 2022 to the nation's capital, Ottawa.

It is a wonderful light shining in the darkness of what is happening in our world, reminding us of what it is to be Human.

The love, the unity, the sharing, the caring that has been created across our country is a beautiful thing to witness and support. As some of the speakers in Ottawa have mentioned it is more like a massive block party than a protest — as all walks of life are coming together in a common cause — regaining our innate human freedoms.

In addition we thought you might enjoy a short video of Dr. Tess Lawrie on remembering what it is to be a human being and what we need to thrive. And we have a wonderful video to take you on a 3000 year historical journey of Human Rights.

This is a beautiful time to be alive on this planet. Perhaps what we have all witnessed and experienced these past couple years we'll see in hindsight as a time that moved us into creating a better world for all.
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We Don't Talk About COVID Any More!

Video - Holderness
It's the elephant in the room... and it's weird, right?

•  Too funny. Too true. Nothing makes sense anymore. So just be kind to everyone. ... Lisa Heal Yourself
•  I honestly believe you guys are helping us fight the depression and helplessness we are facing right now. Thank you so much. More than any of us can adequately express. ... TheInvisibleSwordsman 1

Views: 1,948,223 | Comments: 2789
Watch Video (4:04)
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Dr Tess Lawrie — Let's Remember Who We Are and How We Thrive

Video - Tess Lawrie
Defeat the Mandates Rally in D.C.

More Defeat the Mandate Videos

•  Speakers at the rally: Robert Kennedy Jr, Del Bigtree, Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Peter McCullough and many more...
Watch Video (4:07)
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Canada United — Truckers Convoy to End Covid Restrictions

Video - Canada United
Jacquelyn Rose performs a Parody of the Jerry Reid song "East Bound and Down" in support of the Freedom Convoy 2022

Watch Video (3:07)

More Convoy Videos

•  Enough is Enough | Dr. Julie Ponesse Speaks to Ottawa Trucker Convoy (11:03)
    Dr. Ponesse was a professor of ethics who taught at Ontario's Huron University College for 20 years. She was placed on leave and banned from accessing her campus due to the vaccine mandate.
•  Canada Saskatchewan & Manitoba Jan 24th Freedom Convoy 2022 Thousands Protesting (9:27) Caution: Swearing
    This is a long video showing all the speakers after the convoy reached Ottawa. It also shows the friendly atmosphere of the gathering.
•  Article: The Reformed Physicist — A Night With The Untouchables (4 min read)
    "I live in downtown Ottawa, right in the middle of the trucker convoy protest. They are literally camped out below my bedroom window ... At 10pm I started my walk along – and in – Kent Street. I felt nervous ... All the trucks were aglow in the late evening mist, idling to maintain warmth ... The next man I ran into was standing in front of the big trucks at the head of the intersection ... I realized that I was witnessing something profound; I don't know how to fully express it ...
•  Donations to the Freedom Convoy have exceeded $10,092,800.

To support the truckers or donate please try their
Facebook page: OR their
Telegram page:
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Customer Comment on SOTA
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Are We in Danger of Losing the Human Rights it Took 3000 Years to Secure?

Video - Human Rights
The Story of Human Rights

•  I was here just for my history homework but this video is so emotional i couldnt hold back my tear thank you ... Valle Freya
•  Gave me the chills this is absolutely the most amazing, interesting and fundamentaly important videos i have ever seen! ... Nikolaos Galanis

Views: 1,745,414 | Comments: 1,818
Watch Video (9:51)
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"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." Winston Churchill

Kiva Donations
Kiva is an international nonprofit organization that specializes in micro-loans.

Oyoko (pictured above), is 68 years old and represents her group of 10 farmers in Lugari District, Kenya. The group will use this loan of $275 to purchase seeds and fertilizer to plant a total of 7.5 acres.

Oyoko will use the profits from this season to send her children to school.

"Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened." Buddha
Visit SOTA's Kiva Page
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Customer Comments...


"Thank You for your humanist, authentic compassionate messages. This truth and guidance helps us build our energetic solidarity. The videos are right on track. A grateful friend,... John. L, NY, USA
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"Thank-you so much for including those protest vids!
ps. My colloidal has been turning out perfectly after your advice :) ... Wade G., Alberta, Canada
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"Glad they are available [Magnetic Pulsers] ... I'm beginning to refer to it as my "magic wand" ... Dr. Robert O., PA, USA
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"This is beautiful brought tears to me [Christmas message]. God bless you and yours and Sota ... Harry B., PA, USA
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"Thank You Russ and Lesley, I copied and sent out some of the videos that accompanied your note to all of us. That 'World War One' story was so powerful [Christmas message]. Stay well folks and continued success and continued sharing of your positive, compassionate energy. with Love and Gratitude ... Johnny. L, NY, USA

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Wearing Yumalite
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