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SOTA News January 2021

What's Happening at SOTA?

We begin 2021 with a birthday — SOTA is 25!

25 years ago, as the founders of SOTA, we recognized the potential of these products to be of great service in the world. It has not been an easy journey, but it has been an immensely rewarding one. Always what keeps us going – is you. As long as there are others who recognize the need & value of the SOTA products, we will do our best to make them available. And we will always put our hearts into the SOTA products, so that they may be of the highest service to you.

At SOTA, 2020 was a year where government played a pivotal role. When our ability to bring our products into Canada was blocked, we had to step back and employ creativity so that SOTA could keep making its products available to all who want them. The solution, as many of you know, was to engage with a warehouse in Hong Kong, so that our products can be shipped from our manufacturer in China directly to a warehouse in Hong Kong and shipped from there.

During 2020, we attempted in so many ways to work with the government of Canada. Unfortunately we did not find that spirit reciprocated. And we experienced other changes in 2019 & 2020. Several long-term staff left SOTA – either to retire or move on to other adventures. It was also a time when we moved into beautiful new facilities from which we now serve. So 2020 was a year of letting go with a lot of upheaval – using creativity to find solutions to all the change.

We live in this amazing time that allows a myriad of different experiences – and 2020 has been no exception! Whether you are living a pandemic reality, a Great Reset, a Great Awakening or a Q reality – may 2021 shine much light & love in your life.
Lesley & Russ
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A Special Offer for January!

We are offering a special opportunity to acquire the YumaLite Classic at a substantial discount. Simply purchase any SOTA Unit – ANY Unit – New, Gently Used or Used – during the month of January and qualify to add a YumaLite Classic to your order at the special price of just $15 USD. This is a price reduction of 75% from the original price.

AND THERE'S NO LIMIT! For each SOTA Unit you order you can add a YumaLite Classic.

To order – Just give our Customer Care Team a call at 1.250.770.2023 or 1.800.224.0242 (toll-free in Canada & USA). We're open Monday-Friday, 8AM-4PM Pacific time. You can also email us at [email protected].

Please note – this promotion is not available online. Please contact us directly to take advantage of this opportunity.
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SOTA Product Tips

The SOTA Products User Guide

Looking for more information on integrating the SOTA Units into your Wellness Program?

The SOTA Products User Guide is the place to look:
View SOTA Products User Guide

Chock full of tips and recommendations for getting started, the Guide also has suggestions for each unit in terms of usage during a:
•  Basic Wellness Program;
•  Focused Wellness Program; and
•  Ongoing Wellness Program.

Use of the SOTA Products is not a one–size, fits–all approach. With that in mind, the Guide offers a framework you can personalize and tweak to meet your needs.
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How to Properly Store Your SOTA Products

Our units are designed to last years and years, and with proper care you can extend the life of your SOTA units even further.

Storing your SOTA products:
•  Wrap hand paddles in a soft cloth, or give them a sock to wear to protect from scratches.
•  Disconnect any cords; store them loosely coiled to avoid causing shorts or damage. When the units are stored with the cords plugged in, it can create a strain on the cord, eventually resulting in a weak point that is prone to breakage.
•  Have a saucer or jar set up near your Water Ozonator to set your airstone in after ozonating water. Allowing the airstone to dry out between uses will extend its life.
•  The best place to store your SOTA unit is in its carrying case, placed where it will be safe from falls. Be sure not to store it in an area subject to humidity or extreme temperatures.
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Customer Comment
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What tips will help me get the most benefit from my Water Ozonator?

SOTA Water Ozonator FAQ
Create a Routine

To maximize the benefits offered by your Water Ozonator, incorporate drinking freshly ozonated water into your existing daily routines. First thing in the morning before you get ready for your day, when returning home from your daily walk, during your commute to work—each is a great opportunity to add ozonated water to your day. Choose a time and place that fits your lifestyle to make it a regular part of your day.

Keep in mind it is best to drink ozonated water on an empty stomach, which is typically one hour before or two hours after a meal.

One frequent user says: "I start my day with a glass of ozonated water first thing. Occasionally I drink another glass just before my daily walk."

Keep it Handy

Keep your Water Ozonator set up and ready to go in an easily accessible spot. Usually that means on the kitchen counter or where you see it so you will be reminded to use it. And remember, it is best to be near ventilation as well—near a window or exhaust fan.

One user reports: "I have my SOTA Water Ozonator on an open shelf above my kitchen sink so it is always ready to use when I need it."

Be Prepared

While the Airstone and Tubing last a very long time, you might want to keep an extra Airstone and Tubing available for when needed. And you can also use your Water Ozonator to ozonate water to wash your fruits and vegetables. We recommend a separate Airstone and Tubing for each purpose.


As you experience the benefits of drinking freshly ozonated water, you might want to record your progress in a journal. That way you can look back to see what benefits you've experienced as part of your wellness journey.

For additional tips, see the...
Water Ozonator FAQs
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Do I have to use Distilled Water when making Ionic~Colloidal Silver?

Distilled water is the best choice to produce your Ionic~Colloidal Silver. If you're unable to find distilled water, here are some alternatives in order of suggestion:

Water processed using a Hand Distiller

There are several makes and models available online.

Reverse Osmosis Filtration System

These systems are generally installed right to your home water supply.

Drinking Water run through a Charcoal Filter

The filtration process will remove much of the minerals and chemicals.

Bottled Drinking Water

If you only have access to bottled drinking water – then look for one with a low to no sodium content.

Hopefully, one of the above alternatives will work for you or you will be able to locate a reliable source of distilled water.
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Silver Pulser Model SP7 Micropulsing Video Demonstration

Russ Torlage of SOTA Instruments demonstrates how to use the micropulsing feature of the SOTA Silver Pulser, model SP7.

Micropulsing offers gentle microcurrents that work with the body's natural electricity for more energy, general health and well-being. Micropulse while at home, at work or at play.
Watch Video

Learn more about the SOTA Silver Pulser at
Silver Pulser
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Good for the Heart

Take three minutes to see expressions of unconditional love by dogs, cats, kangaroos, birds and more — to their special human.
Watch Video
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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about a SOTA product? Find the answers to the most commonly asked questions!
Please Visit Our FAQS
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