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From Our Hearts to Yours

Free Speech.

We're old enough to remember when everyone regardless of age, race or economic status would defend free speech as the corner-stone of democracy.

We're also old enough to remember when corporate media, via magazines, newspapers and TV were the only means of sharing ideas.

Then along came the Internet. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube gave a voice to everyone and all points of view.

We're now told free speech is dangerous. Free speech can hurt people. Free speech needs to be restricted.

Apparently, free speech can only be free when as few people as possible can express it.

The rules and restrictions surrounding free speech on social media imply we're not intelligent or mature enough to handle free speech. Yet we're intelligent and mature enough to get jobs, pay bills, build relationships, better ourselves, handle the emotional trauma of death, disease and all the other disappointments and struggles we all face.

But free speech? Let us relieve you of that burden, our caring governments and social media corporations whisper in our ears. Let us do the thinking, you have enough to worry about.

Will enough of us value free speech? Will enough of us reply, your role is to protect free speech, not restrict it!

We Invite you to watch actor Rowan Atkinson in the video below. He shares his views on free speech, highlighting the absurdities that occur when politicians & police make the rules on what we are allowed to say.

Free speech is when, "someone you don't like is allowed to say something you don't like." – Elon Musk
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The SOTA Water Ozonator
Amazon Review
" I bought this on Ebay a few years ago and recently it stopped working. When I contacted SOTA they offered to cover it under warranty even though it's been a little over two years since I got it. They also sent me detailed instructions on how to check to see exactly what was wrong with it, and in the process I was able to fix it myself ^_^ An excellent experience! HIghly recommend SOTA water ozonator as well as the company.
~ Amazon Reviews
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How Important Is Free Speech?

Video - Rowan Atkinson
Actor Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean, Johnny English) shares his views on free speech, highlighting the absurdities that occur when politicians & police make the rules on what we are allowed to say.

I see again that we learn more from comedians these days and laugh at the politicians. ... Delfin Sumcad

That was a great speech. I loved the self aware part about him knowing that because he is a celebrity he isn't going to have to deal with legal issues the same as other people. ... John A.

Rowan Atkinson could read the user manual for a toaster-oven and it would still be a privilege and a joy to listen to him. ... J. Barr

Views: 5.7 million | Comments: 19,977
Watch Video (9:05)

•  Video: Elon Musk - Free speech is... (23 seconds)

"If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear." – George Orwell
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Updated Cautions & Best Uses for SOTA Units

SOTA Units
Bio Tuner
We are removing suggested restrictions on the number of daily sessions for the Bio Tuner: All references to frequency of use now indicate, "the unit can be used daily or as often as needed spaced throughout the day.".

We are also updating the cautions that apply to the Bio Tuner as follows: "If you experience headaches or nerve pain when using the unit please try Modes 4, 5 & 6 as they have a gentler output. If headaches or nerve pain persist, please discontinue use."
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Water Ozonator
As with the Bio Tuner we are removing all limitations on the daily amount of Ozonated Water that may be consumed. As always, listen to your body to determine what is appropriate for you.
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We are also removing the following caution for the LightWorks products: "Caution is advised if using the LightWorks Pad on the face – please use protective eyewear, such as tanning goggles."

Recent research has shown red and near infra-red light applied to the eyes is beneficial for a few minutes per day.
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A Member of the SOTA Family is Retiring

The SOTA YumaLite
We have sold all our YumaLites. Unfortunately, it's not cost-effective to manufacture more units so we have decided to retire this product.

The product information page and the Manuals & Troubleshooting pages will continue to be available for those of you who possess a YumaLite.
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Can We Be Happy Without Gratitude?

Video - Gratitude - Oprah
Gratitude is such a positive state of being — the heart is open and the world around us is friendly and nurturing.

But, when life is difficult, finding anything to be grateful for can be a struggle. These videos offer the experiences of those whose lives have been profoundly uplifted by gratitude.

Gratitude - changed my entire life and perspective. ... Ivory

"Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you." - Walt Whitman ... Demetri Panici

To all the dreamers out there, don't ever let the world's negativity disenchant you or your spirit. If you surround yourself with love and right people, ANYTHING is possible. ... Ahmet Kaan

Views: 880,639 | Comments: 709
Watch Video (12:41)

More Gratitude Videos

•  Tania Luna: My story of gratitude (5:20)
    Born into poverty in the Ukraine, Tania's family moved to the USA and stayed in a hotel upon arrival, not realizing it was a homeless shelter.
•  The Amazing True Story of How Practicing Gratitude Changed My Life! (6:43)
    This is the story of Jose's journey from despair & depression to discovering joy and emotional freedom through the simple practice of gratitude.

"Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others." – Cicero
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"No one is unimportant in this world who lightens the burdens of another." – Charles Dickens

Kiva Donations
At SOTA, we believe it is important to serve life ... to think beyond ourselves. As a company, we donate as part of our service commitment. As a customer, you share in this service to others. One of the organizations we love supporting is Kiva – an international nonprofit organization that specializes in micro-loans.

Leilani joins a group of women in their village, and together they perform the making of tapas.

It was all well until the January event when Tonga faced two natural hazards at once, causing much damage to most of the island of Tonga. Ashes from the volcanic eruption caused damage to plants for rain was not poured until two weeks time, and the sun burned the land surface. Tsunami hits coastal areas and some were forcing their way inland. After a month, COVID-19 hits the shore of Tonga, causing many weeks of lock-down.

A loan of $1,100 helped revive her business.
Visit SOTA's Kiva Page
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Don't Take the Good Times for Granted – Daniel O'Donnell & David James

Video - Rowan Atkinson
A little Irish country music for you.

A beautiful duet and words that are so true to life hope to hear more from you both. ... Calama Salt

Views: 76,178 | Comments: 40
Watch Video (4:24)
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Customer Comments...


"SOTA has been a God send for me and my family! Especially with what's going on globally.

SOTA will always be an important addition to our well being protocols. One of my Hero's.

Thank you SOTA for keeping this technology accessible God Bless
... Ed
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"My son started using the silver pulser out of desperation ... he had no energy, lost his spark, couldn't work long without exhaustion, never feeling he got enough sleep even though he slept from 5pm to 7am trying to catch up. I asked him what he'd rate his level of wellbeing from 1-10 ten being fantastic, he said 3.

He immediately responded to the short intro sessions with the pulser, feeling energy upon waking so he's now begun 2 hour sessions, just finished his 3rd today... I asked his wellbeing rating again and he said a solid 7. I'm so grateful for this technology ...

Blessings on your house and much respect for carrying the torch as you have all these years.
... Val H, CA, USA
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"Glad to see you are still in business after all these years. I bought a Silver Pulser from you back in 2009 ... The only time I ever use the unit is to make colloidal silver water. I use it with baking soda each night to brush my teeth and dental orthotic.

... thank you for supporting health freedom and the truckers convoy
... Bill S, FL, USA
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"Your products make a real difference in my life a 74 yr old Vietnam veteran living with some challenging issues.

I own three mag pulsers and use them for HOURS each day ... I also use two light paddles for approx two hours a day. I wish your light panel was more affordable but I understand that quality cost. One suggestion is that sometimes the paddle arms get in the way especially if using the paddles while lying down ... How about designing unit with removal paddle arms? Keep up the great work that you do.
... Joseph S, PA, USA
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"Bonjour à vous tous de SOTA,It is always a pleasure to read your story, your passionate way to see life unfolding.

I admire you for your honesty to show your defector [critical comment in last month's newsletter]. He is on his own right to do so anyway.
... Patrick L, Quebec, Canada
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"Thank you for sharing the video - I'm confident the Trucker's Convoy is going to be a part of history in ways we currently cannot imagine.

Whoa ... some of the comments you received about it! As info and truth unfolds, I wonder how those who have flung the critic's bane at the rest of us will feel about their wrath towards us. Will they acknowledge their propensity for polishing their glasses with vitriol?

One thing for certain, most of us who have stayed standing in the midst of pandemic mania will require no apology or amends. Our good health will hold our gratitude wrapped in genuine compassion as the consequences of compliance unfold ...

Thank you, my much appreciated fellow Canadians. You and your services make me very proud!
... Amy M, BC, Canada
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"Thanks so much for sharing the YouTube video of what really happened in Ottawa! WOW!
... Deana N, TX, USA
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"You guys have been great at explaining how to use the units. Very Professional!
... Donna B, GA, USA
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" I read the newsletter you sent out yesterday / day before. I'm shocked by the negative comments you received. I feel for you ...

Regardless of how the Ottawa Truckers protests culminated, Canada sent shock waves around the world. You should be very proud of your amazing countrymen. That protest was a complete victory in our eyes.
... Ellie S, PA, USA

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"Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see." Mark Twain — SOTA Kiva Donations
Tell us what you think... [email protected]
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Customer Comment on Water Ozonator
Water Ozonator Reviews
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The SOTA Water Ozonator
The Water Ozonator produces freshly-ozonated water providing drinkable oxygen to the body's energy systems.
Magnetic Pulser on the shoulder
More About the Water Ozonator
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